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Chapter 22

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 22

A nurse led us down a long hallway to the room that held our son. I had my hands laced tightly with Brendon and Ryan’s.
“Here is his room. He has a call button on his bed. Don’t hesitate to push it if you need anything at all.” The nurse said. The three of us each took a deep breath before we walked in the room.
“Oh My God” I heard Ryan whisper. We walked over to Caden’s bed. Brendon was on one side while Ryan and I were on the other.
“He looks so helpless.” Brendon softly said as he pushed hair from Caden’s eyes.
“Why would someone do this to him? Why would someone want to kill him over an argument? “I said as I cried more. Ryan pulled me closer to him.
“I don’t know. What matters is that he is alive. But from now on none of the kids are going into the crowd. I don’t care how much they don’t like it” Ryan said. We spent most of the night watching over Caden. It was close to 6am before we fell asleep from exhaustion. The three of us were cuddled together in this huge oversized chair. I woke up to Brendon playing with my hair
“Morning” I said as I leaned up to kiss him.
“Ok can you two stop kissing without me already” Ryan mumbled. I pulled him into a kiss and then Brendon did the same.
“Ok I love you three and all but please stop making out in front of me” we heard Caden say. He scared the shit out of us. We all jumped so high we fell off the chair and landed in a heap on limps on the floor.
“Oh fucking shit” Brendon said
“God Damn Ry get your bony ass off me” I said
“Oh you know you love my bony ass” Ryan said. Caden cleared his throat which made the three of us jump up and run to his bedside. I immediately went into freaked out mother mode. I was checking to make sure he was ok and attempting to hug him all at once
“Mom, Mom in fine, Mom! Dad, Papa Help!” Caden said
“Katie let him breathe” Ryan said as he pulled me back some
“Are you ok? How are you feeling? Wait a minute. When the hell did you wake up and why the fuck didn’t the doctor…” I started to ramble. I was cut off by Brendon’s lips on mine
“Calm down” Brendon whispered to me after he kissed me
“Ok ok I’m calm I promise” I said
“Ok seriously now. How long have you been awake?” Ryan asked Caden
“A few hours. I figured you all were up most of the night worrying so I told the doctor to let you all sleep. He should be back soon with my test results” Caden said
“How are you feeling? Does anything hurt?” Brendon asked
“My ribs and head hurt. Did you know I have a metal plate in my head now?” Caden said a bit too excitedly.
“Yeah buddy we knew that” Ryan said while laughing. There was a knock on the door followed by the doctor walking in.
“Ah I see you three finally woke up. Your son is quite the talked here” the doctor said
“We know. He gets it from Brendon… ouch” Ryan said as Brendon hit him in the stomach
“Dad it’s true though” Caden said
“Anyways… Caden we have your test results. The brain swelling is gone. We want to monitor you for a few more hours just to make sure everything is ok. I would say you would be able to leave sometime this afternoon” the doctor said
“I am going to go call Spence and Jon and let them all know what’s going on.” Ryan said as he followed the doctor out of the room.
“I am sorry for making you all worry” Caden said to me and Brendon
“Cade there isn’t anything to be sorry about. We are your parents. It’s our job to worry” I said
“I know but if just kept my big mouth shut I wouldn’t be here. I just can’t stand when people try and talk shit about our family. I mean I know it’s not normal to have 3 parents especially biologically. But me, Maddy, the twins and Noah do. And honestly I love being how we are. It makes us all special. I just wish people understood more” Caden said. Brendon and I just looked at each other. Neither one of us were quite sure what to say.
“I know our family isn’t normal by any standard. And i'm sorry you kids have to deal with idiots. But you all have 3 parents that love you more than anything. You guys are a part of each one of us.” Brendon said
“I know dad. I love you guys” Caden said as he pulled me and Bren into a hug
“We love you too baby boy” I said as I ran my hand through his hair. Ryan came back in the room shaking his head and laughing.
“Did ya talk to them?” Brendon asked
“Yeah. Spin trine running here in just his boxers. Luckily Emmi stopped him before he got too far... he only made it half way across the parking lot first” Ryan said making us all laugh
“Only Uncle Spence… no scratch that. Gabe would willingly do it if we let him.” Caden said.
“They are on their way once everyone gets dressed.” Ryan said. A few minutes later we heard a stampede running down the hall followed by someone running right into the door. The four of us just looked at each other and started laughing. There was a lot of cussing coming from the hallways followed by the door opening. Spencer was rubbing his head as everyone walked in the room
“Uncle Spin there was a door there” Caden said
“Ha ha very funny” Spencer said
“Dudes I think I broke my assbone” William said when he walked in
“Ignore these idiots. How are you feeling Caden?” Emmi asked
“Like I’m surrounded by crazy people.” Caden joked
“I swear if you weren’t already in the hospital I would kick you ass right now. Don’t ever do that to me again. I thought I was going to loose you” Lexi said after she pushed her way through everyone to get to Caden’s bedside. I looked at Brendon and Ryan giving them a knowing look.
“Why don’t we all head to the cafeteria and get some food. And give you teens some alone time” I said
“Get her boy” I heard Brendon whisper to Caden
“But...” Spencer started to say
“Spencer Now!” Emmi said as she pulled him out of the room. We all headed down to the cafeteria to get some food.
“Mommy is Caden going to be able to come home soon?” Bella asked
“Yeah he will most likely come home with us today” I said. I noticed Tristan looked depressed.
“What’s wrong Trist?” Ryan asked
“I was so scared. I though I was going to loose my big brother. I tried my hardest to be strong. Maddy and Bella cried all night long. I think Maddy blames herself.” He said
“I’m sorry buddy. One of us should have been there with you four last night.” Ryan said as he pulled Tristan into a hug
“No. we knew you, mommy and daddy needed to be with Caden. I’m going to go play with the others now” Tristan said as he ran off with Bella and Noah to play with Kenzie, Landon and Anthony.
“You ok?” Brendon asked as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head
“Yea I’m fine” I said
“How are you three holding up?” Aubrey asked
“Better now that he is awake. I’m surprised we actually slept at all. I was so scared that I would fall asleep and wake up to find him dead.” Ryan said
“Well all that matters now is that he is awake, alive, and getting better. Now if he would just ask my daughter to be his girlfriend so she will stop whining then things would be great” Spencer said
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