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Chapter 21

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 21

A few weeks have passes and the tour was going better than ever. We were currently in the dressing room. Panic was getting ready to go onstage.
“Mom can we got out to the pit?” Maddy asked me
“Who is we?” I asked
“Me, Caden, Ty and Lexi. Spencer and Aubrey said Ty and Lex could go” she said
“That’s fine. Just stay together and make sure to come back right after the show. And don’t forget your passes.” I said
“Thanks mom. Love you. “Maddy said as she took off running out of the room.
“Panic you are on in 5” some crew guy yelled. We all made our way to the stage.
“I love you, Good luck” I said to Brendon and Ryan then kissed them both.
“I love you too” they said. I stood on the side of the stage with Emmi, Aubrey, Noah, Anthony and Hayley. Tristan, Bella and Makenzie were on the opposite side of the stage with William and Gabe. The show went amazing. The crowd was pretty wild. It seemed to be a rougher crowd than usual. I waited in the dressing room for Brendon and Ryan to finish showering like I do every night.
“Where are the kids?” Brendon asked as he walked out of the restroom in just his jeans
“Tristan and Bella went with Kenzie and Spencer back to their bus. Aubrey took Noah back to ours. Caden and Maddy still haven’t come back and quite frankly I’m a bit worried about that.” I said
“I wonder what’s taking them so long. They know to come straight back here” Ryan said as he walked in the room. Just then Maddy and Lexi came running through the door. They were both crying
“Mom, Dads’ Caden trouble” Maddy got out before she took off running as she pulled me with her
“Shit!” I yelled when I saw what was happening. Two guys were holding Tyler back while three more were beating the life out of Caden. Luckily for us we passed Zack and Jon as we were running and they followed. The boys took off running once they saw Zack. They left Caden unconscious on the ground. I ran to him and pulled him into my lap. His eye was already swollen shut and he wasn’t breathing all that well.
“Call 911 NOW!” I yelled
“Girls what the fuck happened!!??” Ryan asked
“We were on our way back but Caden wanted to get some water first. Then these guys came up and were messing with us girls then started saying stuff about you daddy and mommy. Caden went off on them and then they jumped him. Tyler tried to help but they grabbed him too. Caden yelled for us to run so we ran to you” Maddy said as she cried. Ryan pulled her into a hug and tried to comfort her. Brendon pulled me and Caden close to him as we cried
“He is going to be ok. Help is on its way” Brendon whispered in my ear. The ambulance got there pretty quick. Once we were all at the hospital we were told we had to wait in the waiting room. We have been sitting here for the past hour with no news on Caden.
“This is all my fault. If I didn’t want to go into the crowd this would have never happened” maddy said
“Madison Rose this is in no way your fault. Its no ones fault aside from the assholes that did this. You did the right thing by coming and getting us. If you hadn’t then Caden could have been in even worse condition. Plus you girls and Tyler would have probably been hurt as well.” Brendon said as he trying to calm Maddy down. Our little family was cuddled together trying to comfort each other. Me, Brendon and Ryan were trying our hardest to be strong for the kids.
“Are you the family of Caden Ross-Urie?” a doctor asked
“Yes we are his parents” Ryan said as the three of us stood up
“Can I talk to you in private” the doctor asked. We followed him out of the room and into the hallway.
“How is he” Brendon asked.
“Honestly I’m not sure how he managed to live through what he did. He has sustained some pretty serious injuries. He has 6 broken ribs which are pushing on his lungs making it hard for him to breathe on his one. We had to intibate him. He is on a ventilator right now. He has some brain swelling do to the head trauma. His skull is fractured above his eye. He is in a coma right now. We believe that is due to the brain swelling but we are sure. He does have some internal bleeding so we are taking him to emergency surgery to stop that and repair his ribs and skull. Who ever did this to him wanted him dead I can assure that.” The doctor said. I lost it there. I was a crying mess. Brendon wasn’t in much better shape than me. You could tell Ryan was trying his hardest not to show emotion and to be strong for me and Brendon.
“We are going to do everything possible to save your son. Now I must get back. I’ll return with news once he is out of surgery.” The doctor said. We returned to the waiting room.
“Lexi, you and Tyler take the kids down to the cafeteria and get you all something while we talk to Uncle Ry, Bren and Aunt Katie” Emmi said
“But mom” Lexi protested
“Lex... Please just do it” Spencer said as he handed her some money
“Ok” she said
“Come on you guys” Tyler said as he led all the kids out of the room
“What did the doctor say?” Jon asked
“He is in a coma. He can’t breathe on his own cause his broken ribs are pressing on his lungs…” Brendon started but broke down crying. I tightened my grip on him as I cried with him
“That’s not all is it?” Spencer asked
“No. he is in surgery not to fix his ribs, his fractured skull and internal bleeding. They said he has some brain swelling which is what they think has him in a coma. And he is on a ventilator” Ryan said as he finally broke down
“Oh my god” Emmi whispered. Everyone was in shock and crying. Even Zack was crying.
“Guys I know this may not mean a lot coming from me since no one takes me seriously, but he is going to pull through. He has so much to fight for. He has 3 amazing parents who love him and he has an extended family that would fly to Timbuktu and back for him. He takes after you three is so many ways. He is strong, determined and stubborn as fuck. He is going to fight this and be an even stronger person in the end.” Gabe said
“Gabe is right. Caden will get through this. We just got to be strong for him and believe in him.” Jon said
“I can’t loose him. I cant loose our baby boy” I cried and I clung on to Brendon and Ryan. They tightened their grips on me. We cried till we had nothing left in us to cry. The kids all came back a while later.
“Mommy is Caden going to be ok?” Tristan asked me.
“I don’t know sweetie. Those boys hurt him pretty bad.” I said. We had told the kids what was going on but we didn’t give them the full details.
“When can we see him?” Tristan asked
“Prolly not till the morning sweetie. Why don’t you try and get some sleep” I said. Most of the kids were already asleep. Bella was curled up with Zack. It was a cute sight. Tristan went and laid next to Maddy who pulled him close to her. They were both asleep within minutes. Noah was asleep on Gabe.
“Why don’t you all head back to the bus and get some sleep. We can call if anything changes” Ryan said after close to another hour passed
“There is a hotel across the street. I’ll see if we can get some rooms there” Zack said
“Can you all take our 4 with you? There is no sense in them sitting here.” I said
“Me and Gabe will keep and eye on them” William said
“Thanks Bilvy” I said
“Ok rooms are booked.” Zack said
“Are you all sure you are ok here” Aubrey asked
“Can I speak to Caden parents” a nurse said. We followed her out of the room.
“Your son is out of surgery. Everything went as planned. He is now breathing on his own. The brain swelling has come down some but he is still in a coma. He is being transferred to the ICU as we speak. We will have some blankets in his room for the three of you. You guys have a little fighter. He will pull through this” she said
“Thank you so much” Brendon said
“No problem” the nurse said before she walked away
“Well that’s a weight lifted off” Brendon said
“Yeah but he is still in a coma” I said
“He is going to make it. He’ll pull through it” Ryan said. We went back into the waiting room and told the others the news.
“See I told you. He is already starting to pull through” Gabe said. Spemmi, Jobrey, William, Gabe and Zack gathered up all of the kids and headed to the hotel while Brendon, Ryan and I prepared ourselves to see Caden.
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