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Chapter 20

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 20

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!” Noah was yelling as I woke up
“What is it sweetie” I mumbled
“Daddy and Papa said to wake up” he said
“Go tell Daddy and Papa I said to shove it up theirs” I said. Noah smiled and ran back to the front of the bus.
“Kathryn Nicole Ross-Urie what are you teaching our son?” Brendon said as he walked to our bunk
“Nothing he hasn’t heard before Brendon Boyd Ross-Urie” I said
“I love you” he said as he kissed me
“I love you too” I said
“So are you gonna get up today? He asked
“What time is it?”
“Its almost 1. We are getting ready to stop for Lunch.” Brendon said
“Alright I’m getting up. Have you talked to the kids today?”
“Yeah I talked to Bella and Caden. I had to make sure Zack was still alive over there since we kind of need him”
“They wouldn’t kill him. No attempt to tie him up is a different story” I said as I found clothes to wear. Once I changed I joined everyone else in the front lounge.
“AUNT TAYTEE (Katie)” little Hayley yelled as she ran to me
“Hi sweetie” I said as I picked her up and hugged her
“Come on Hayley lets put your shoes on.” Jon said
“ No” Hayley said as she gripped me harder.
“ Hayley if you go with your daddy to get your shoes on then me, uncle bear and uncle ryry will watch a movie of your choice today at nap time ok? And uncle bear will even share his candy with you” I said to her
“Ok aunt Taytee” she said and then ran to Jon. After having 5 kids your learn how to bribe then very well. The bus came to a stop and we all piled off
“Caden Alexander put Lexi down before one of you two gets hurt” I said as I got off the bus to see Caden running with Lexi thrown over his shoulder.
“Its so obvious he likes her” Ryan said as he followed me off
“Yeah I know it is. We were the same way at that age though” I said
“Yeah we were just too stubborn to realize it” Ryan said as he laced our hands together as we walked into the restaurant.
“Papa who are we touring with this time?” Bella asked Ryan once we were all seated. We were all at one huge table
“The Academy Is and Cobra Starship” Ryan said
“Are your serious!” Caden and Tyler yelled
“Yeah he is serious. We are meeting them at the venue” Brendon said. You could see Caden and Tyler mentally planning something
“Don’t even think about pulling pranks this time around” I said
“But mom we’ve got to get William and Gabe back for scaring us. As much as I love them I really didn’t need to see them screwing like bunnies.” Caden said
“You should have knocked” Brendon said
“It was my room” Caden said
“Ok can we change the subject? As hard as it is to believe there are still some innocent ears at the table” Jon said
“Like who? It sure isn’t you” Caden said with a smile. The rest of lunch went by pretty uneventful. Once we finished lunch we headed back to the busses.
“You all have got to watch these videos I found in the attic” Spencer said once we got on the bus
“What is it?” I asked
“Home videos from when we were kids up until Caden was born.” Emmi said
“Are you serious? Put them in” Brendon said while laughing. We all curled up with out spouses and watched the movies. The kids joined us for a bit before they fell asleep we stayed on the bus watching them once we got to the venue
“Gabe is in the building mother fuckers” Gabe yelled as him and William walked on our bus
“SHH” we all yelled at them and then turned our attention back to the screen, watching a scene we would never forget.


We were at the local mall. Graduation was a few days away. Me and Emmi had to find dressed to wear for the ceremony. Mom Urie also put me in charge of finding Brendon something to wear for his own graduation. We had convinced the boys (ry Spence and Brendon) to try on a dress. We in turn had to try on something for them. Anyways we had brought a video camera with us for the hell of is. I’m glad we did. Spencer was the first to come out of the dressing room. He had on a long halter top, gold sequin dress.
“I feel like a 2 cent hooker on the strip” he said.
“You look like it too” I said while I was laughing my ass off. The next to come out was Ryan. He was in a pink strapless dress that had a huge poof skirt. I immediately started cracking up even harder
“Dude I look like a fucking fairy. All I need is some wings” he said
“I am not coming out in this thing” Brendon said from the dressing room.
“Aw come on it cant be that bad Bren” Ryan said
“No way dude” Brendon said
“Come on Brenny please, for me” I said
“Fine but you so owe me for this” he said as he walked out of the dressing room.
“Holy shit Brendon! Your ass and legs look amazing in that dress” Emmi said. It was true. Brendon was wearing a mid thigh length, tight red dress.
“Funny. Now someone is gonna have to help me get out of this thing” Brendon said as he pulled me into the dressing room


The tape ended after that scene.
“Damn Brendon are you sure you aren’t a woman” Gabe said
“Nope 100% male” Brendon said
“Yeah he’s got a nice big…” I was cut off by Ryan’s hand going over my mouth
“That’s info only me and you need to know about babe” Ry whispered to me.
“Oh come on I wanna hear the horny details” William said
“Mommy what does horny mean?” Noah asked me.
“That’s something we will tell you in a few years buddy” Brendon said
“This is going to be one hell of a tour” Ryan said. The rest of us just nodded in agreement.
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