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Chapter 19

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 19

*16 Years Later*

The past 16 years had its share of ups and downs for all of us. Brendon, Ryan and I are still happily married and are going strong. We have a total of 5 kids now. Caden is now 16, he looks more like Ryan each day, but he acts and has the personality of Brendon. After Caden we had a girl that we named Madison Rose or Maddy for short. She is 14. She is a spitting image of me. She is her own person. Out of all the kids she is the most responsible and the one who is most willing to help me out. After Maddy I got pregnant with twins, one boy one girl. Tristan Boyd was born first. Then came Isabella (Bella) Marie. They are 10. Bella is our little diva. Tristan is our gentle heart. He is the sweetest, most caring little thing. He finds the good in everything. He looks dead on Brendon. Bella looks like a mix of all three of us. It really depends on the day who she looks the most like. The same goes for our youngest, Noah. You would think we would have stopped after 4, nope. Noah is 6. So we did wait a few years. It’s hard to describe Noah in a nutshell. He is a little ball of energy almost all the time. All of our kids grew up around music and things of that sort so they all know how to play all kinds of instruments.

With a household of 8 people, things get crazy pretty fast. It gets even worse when we all are on tour. Yes Panic at the Disco is still touring. The guys refuse to leave us wives and kids at home so we always come along. First let me give a run down of Spemmi and Jobrey’s lives. Spencer and Emmi married a few months after Me, Bren and Ryan did. They have 3 kids together. Lexi is 15, Makenzie (Kenzie) is 11, and Anthony is 6. Emmi still owns her own dance studio but she doesn’t teach anymore. At least not professionally. Instead she forces all us females to learn dances. Jon proposed to Aubrey the day after Spencer and Emmi’s wedding. They married a few months later. They also have 3 kids. Tyler is 15. Landon is 9 and little Hayley is 3.

So like I said before, life can get pretty crazy. Like now. We leave for tour in the morning. That involves making sure that all 8 of us in the Ross-Urie household has everything that we need packed and ready to go
“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy Help!” Noah said as he ran in the room and hid behind my legs.
“What are you running from?” I asked
“Daddy is gonna tickle me” Noah said
“Where is that little boy” Brendon said as he walked in the room. Noah giggled from behind me. Me and Bren both started tickling him.
“Go get papa and tickle him” Bren said. Noah took off running in search of Ryan. The kids all call Brendon daddy and Ryan papa. Its what Caden called him as a baby so it just stuck.
“Did you get all of Noah’s thinks packed?” I asked Bren
“Yep we are all set to go. Ry was helping Bella finish up. Where are the kids all at?” He asked
“Caden and Maddy went to the record store with Lexi and Tyler. And Tristan was upstairs last time I checked. I sad as I cuddled into his chest.
“Cuddling without me?” Ryan asked as he walked into the room about 20 minutes later. He sat down and snuggled up with Brendon too.
“It is quiet in here” Bren said
“That’s cause Noah is asleep, Tristan was writing, Bella was getting ready for bed, and Caden and Maddy aren’t home yet” Ryan said
“Yeah we are” Caden said as him and Maddy walked through the front door.
“What did you all buy?” Brendon asked
“Some cds, guitar strings, things like that. Oh and we got your anniversary present” Caden said
“Caden!” maddy yelled
“What?” He asked
“You weren’t supposed to say anything jackass”
“Madison language. Did you two finish packing?” Ryan said
“Yeah I did it this morning like mom asked” Maddy said
“Caden?” Brendon asked
“I am going to go do that now” he said then ran up the steps.
“I am going to go get ready for bed. What time are we leaving tomorrow?” Maddy asked
“Busses will be here are 5:30am” Ryan said
“Ok. Night mom, dad, papa. Love you” Maddy said as she went upstairs.
“Caden is just like you” I said to Brendon
“Why is that?” he said while laughing
“Waiting till the last minute to do everything” Ryan said
“I don’t… ok I do but I am all packed early this time” Brendon said
“Really now?” Ryan asked
“Yeah I told him he wouldn’t get any till he was packed. Shocking how fast he packs then. I should have thought about it years ago” I said
“Getting it on without me. Now that’s not fair” Ryan pouted
“We didn’t get it on. The kids were home and even though we have soundproof walls in our room I still cant do that. It was just some making out and a blow job” Brendon said
“Still not fair” Ryan said
“Don’t worry. Once the kids are asleep you will get yours” I whispered to Ryan. A few minutes later we headed up to check on the kids and say goodnight to them. The twins room was the last one I went to. Bella was already asleep. Tristan was just sitting at the window sill looking outside.
“What’s wrong baby boy” I asked him
“How’d you know something was wrong?” he asked
“One because you’re my son. Two because your get the same look in your eyes that your papa does when something is bothering you” I said. Tristan went and climbed in his bed as I tucked him in
“Its nothing really. Just the other kids around here were saying stuff about me. Bella stood up for me but it still hurt. They said I’m weird and not normal because I like to read and I write in my journal a lot.” Tristan said
“Baby there is nothing wrong with that. Your papa was the same way when he was your age. He is still the same way. Just be yourself. Don’t listen to what others say you should do or should be.” I said as I kissed his forehead.
“Thanks mom. I love you”
“I love you too Tristan. Now get some sleep. We have a long morning ahead of us” I said as I turned out his light before heading to my room.
“Everything ok?” Brendon asked
“Yeah Tristan is just going through a weird stage right now. I guess some of the local kids are giving him a hard time since he isn’t really outgoing and keeps to himself” I said as I climbed in bed and snuggled with Ryan and Brendon.
“Its so weird how different the twins are. Bella is opinionated and tells it how it is. Trist is the exact opposite” Ryan said
“He is our sweetheart. He is going to make someone extremely happy one day” Brendon said as he started playing with my hair. Sleep came pretty quick for me after that.

“Baby come on wake up” Ryan said as he shook me awake.
“What time is it?” I asked
“Its 5:15. The busses will be here soon. We gotta wake the kids up” he said
“Where’s Bren?” I asked
“Downstairs making sure we have everything and making sure there isn’t anything in the refrigerator that will go bad while we are gone”
“Which kids do you wanna wake up?” I asked as I slipped on some sweatpants and a t-shirt.
“Noah is asleep on the couch. Bren moved his earlier. I’ll wake the twins, you get Maddy and caden” Ry said
“Ok. I’ll meet you downstairs love” I said as I kissed him then headed to maddy’s room. She was the easiest of the two to wake up.
“Maddy. Sweetie its time to get up. The bus will be here soon.” I said as I shook her awake.
“I’m up, I’m up. Daddy or papa better have made coffee” she mumbles
“Nope. But I’m just Uncle Jon has some on the bus or he did a Starbucks run before they get here.” I said. Then I headed to Caden’s room. He was not a morning person in the slightest form.
“Caden. Sweetheart time to wake up” I softly said
“No. sleep time. Night, night” he mumbled then pulled the covers over his head.
“Come on Cade. At least go down to the couch” I said
“Ugh ok” he said as he got up and went downstairs. I dragged his luggage into the hallway. Luckily Ry walked past and grabbed it for me. I walked downstairs to find Caden, Tristan, Bella and Noah all passed out together on the couch.
“Ry where’s the camera?” I asked
“In your purse. Why?” he asked. I just pointed to the kids. He chuckled at them. I got our camera out of my purse and took a picture of them.
“You realize Caden really wont wake up now” Maddy said as she leaned against me
“I know. That’s why we have zack. He use to have to carry your daddy out when we left for tours” I said
“Are you girls ready to go?” Brendon asked
“Is the bus here?” I asked as Bren wrapped his arms around me
“Yeah. Spence and Jon are helping us load up” He said as he kissed me then went to help the boys. I went around the house making sure everything was unplugged and turned off. I walked back into the living room to see Zack lifting Caden over his shoulder.
“I swear he is Brendon made over” Zack said
“Believe me I know” Ryan said as he walked in and picked up a sleeping Bella
“There isn’t anything wrong with being like me” Brendon said as he picked Tristan up. I picked up Noah and we headed to the busses. We had 2 busses. Zack was on a bus with Caden, Maddy, Lexi, Tyler, Tristan, Bella, Kenzie and Landon. The rest of us were on the other bus. The older kids wanted to be on a separate bus and Zack volunteered to be the adult on their bus. Once we got on the bus I laid Noah in his bunk.
“Mommy?” He said as he started to wake up
“Shh Baby go back to sleep” I said. Once he was asleep again I climbed in my bunk with Brendon and Ryan and fell asleep myself.
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