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Chapter 18

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Sorry this took so long to get out. The band that i am Merch Chick for was on a mini tour the past few days. so i had to attempt to type this up while we traveled. anyways here are some links as to what the dresses for the wedding look like.

Bridesmaids- "":
Katie's Dress- "":

A New Kind of Love Chapter 18

*Day Before the Wedding*

“You have got to get Emmi to talk to Spence. I don’t care if we have to lock them in a room together or something. This is killing him” Ryan said. We were in out room getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. The past couple weeks have been rough for us all. Emmi has been crashing at our place since the night that Spencer proposed. She has yet to talk to him. They both look like the walking dead.
“They won’t have much of a choice. He is your best man and she is my maid of honor” I said
“ I still don’t get why she ran” Brendon said as he walked out of the bathroom. Emmi had told me why she ran and up until now I hadn’t told Ryan or Brendon what she said. I let out a huge sigh
“She was raped while we were on tour. Then she found out she was pregnant a few weeks before he proposed. She thought that there was no way that it was Spencer’s so she got an abortion. She had a paternity test done just in case. She found out the day that he proposed that it was his. She hasn’t told anyone but me. She thinks Spence will hate her for A) getting pregnant by some other guy even though she was raped and B) getting an abortion of his kid. She won’t believe me that he wont hate her.” I said. I could tell Ryan and Brendon were both completely shocked. I cant blame them. I was the same way when Emmi actually told me.
“That’s pretty fucked up. She needs to tell Spence. He will understand. He lover her” Ryan said
“ I know hun. She loves him too. Which is why I think she will talk to him tonight. And if not then im sure we can find a broom closet to lock them in” I said. Dinner went ok. Tension was high.
“ I miss him so much” Emmi said to me. We were at rehearsal for the ceremony.
“ will you just tell him already. Im telling you Em he will understand. He loves you more than anything in this world.” I said
“ Im going to go tell him now. And then im going to tell him that I do want to marry him. That is if he will still have me” she said
“ go get him girl” I said as I pushed her towards Spencer. He was standing across the room talking to Ryan.
“Guess we don’t need the broom closet after all.” Brendon said as he wrapped his arms around me from behind
“ nope they did it themselves. And I’m glad because tomorrow is our day and I want it to be perfect” I said
“ as long as me, you, and ry say I do then it will be perfect. Nothing else matters.” Bren said
“ I know. Are you sure your parents are ok with watching Caden while we are gone? I feel bad leaving him behind” I said
“ love they wouldn’t have offered if they weren’t ok with it. I’m gonna miss buddah too. But we need our honeymoon to ourselves to relax before we tour again” Brendon said. He has taken to calling Caden baby buddah cause he is so chunky.
“ I know.. Speaking of Caden.. Where is our son?” I asked
“ he had a load in his pants so Ry went to go change him. It stunk too. The worst one yet” he said. I just laughed as I glanced over to Spence and Emmi. They were both crying. I could understand why she was scared. I had been there. Granted I never got pregnant then but still.
“ That was disgusting” Ryan said as he walked up to us and handed me Caden.
“I’m dreading sleeping alone tonight.” Brendon said
“ me too” I said with a pout
“ its just for one night loves. We have the rest of our lives to sleep together” Ryan said. The plan was me and the girls would stay at the Ross-Urie house tonight. Ryan was going to Spemmi’s house and Brendon was going to Jobrey’s
“ Can we get going yet? Your bachelorette party awaits” Aubrey said as she joined me Bren and Ryan. I just rolled my eyes at her. I didn’t want a bachelorette party. But apparently I had no say in the matter
“no strippers right” Ryan said
“I wold kill them if they tried” I mumbled
“YES I”M GETTING MARRIED” I heard Spencer yell which made us all just start laughing.

*Ryan, Katie, and Brendon’s Wedding Day*

I woke up to Stevie pouncing on me.
“ Wakey Wakey eggs and Bakey” she said
“ who the hell gave you sugar?” I asked
“ no one silly. Im happy cause today you are becoming a Ross and a Urie at the same time” she said. I just smiled. Today I was getting married to the two greatest guys in the world.
“ come one. Time to eat breakfast. Then off to the salon we go for our hair and nail appointments” Stevie said as she pulled me out of bed
“ ok ok I’m coming” I said. I got out of bed and pulled on one of Brendon’s sweatshirts then followed Stevie downstairs. The girls were all at the table eating.
“ Morning Bride” Emmi said
“ Morning Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids” I said
“ How did you sleep?” Aubrey asked
“ ok considering” I said
“ Considering what?” Bev asked
“ Considering I haven’t slept alone in 3 years. That and Brendon really likes to cuddle when he sleeps” I said. The girls just laughed at me. After we ate, or in my case me picking at my food, we got dressed and headed to our appointments. My hair ended up being all down and curly.
“ I look retarded” I giggled as we left the salon. I was wearing a pair of sweat pants, one of the boys button down tops, flip flops, had my make up all nicely done and my hair all curly.
“ don’t worry we all do” Aubrey said. It was true. The girls were all dressed similar to me. We made our way to the location where the ceremony was. My nerves were starting to hit. We had an hour to get ready before the ceremony began. Mom Ross helped me get into my dress
“ You look Amazing” I heard Spencer say from the doorway. The girls had all left to get lined up.
“Thanks Spence” I said
“ if it makes you feel any better, Ryan and Brendon are just as nervous as you are. Jon had to actually tie brendon to a chair to keep him from pacing the room” Spencer said
“I can actually picture that” I said with a smile
“ you know I had a feeling as a kid that you and Ry would end up together. I got the same feeling when you and Brendon met. I just want to let you know that you have always been like a sister to me. And I am extremely happy for you. I also want to thank you for convincing Emmi to tell me what happened and for being there for her” he said as he pulled me into a hug
“ Thanks Spence. It means a lot” I said
“ enough mushy stuff. Lets get you married” he said as he led me out of the room. He took his place next to Emmi as they walked down the aisle. This was it. I looked up to see both Brendon and Ryan standing together. They both looked breathtaking. They looked at me and smiled. I think I even say Brendon drool a little.
“ You look gorgeous” they said at the same time once I reached them. I couldn’t pay attention at all during the ceremony. That was until it came to our vows. Brendon was the first to go
“I love you to more than anything in the world. That includes music. Katie we have been together for 4 years now. I don’t know what I would do with out. You are strong, sweet, caring. Just amazing. You don’t care about my hyper activeness. In fact you join me in my antics sometimes. And Ry. I don’t even know here to begin. I love the way you aren’t afraid to tell people how it is. The tree of us have more love than most get to experience. We have a beautiful son to show for that. You all are my world, my life, my loves. So with these rings I thee wed” Bren said as he slid our rings on half way. Now it was Ryan’s turn
“I’m the lyricist so I thought this would be easy for me. It wasn’t in the slightest but here is what I managed to get out. Katie we have known each other since we were in diapers basically. You know what makes me tick and what makes me calm. You know more about me than I know about myself at times. And Brendon. Our start was a little not normal for my relationships. But I wouldn’t change a thing. You always know how to make me smile. You know exactly what to say to make me feel loved. So Katie, Brendon, with these rings I thee wed” Ryan said as he slid my ring the rest of the way on and slid Brendon’s on half way. Now it was my turn.
“ Ryan. You have been there for me though everything life has thrown at me. You were always there to pick me up and make me whole again. You have always been there when I needed you th most. And Bren. You taught me how to love and trust again. You helped me open myself up and take the world on. You helped me experience so many different things. You showed me a new perspective on life. I love you both completely and whole heartedly. You two and Caden are my world. I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you two and him. So with these rings I thee wed” I said as finished sliding their rings on their fingers.
“By the power invested in me by the state of Nevada I now pronounce you husbands and wife. You may now... uh kiss” the preacher said. We kissed each other as we smiled
“ ladies and gentleman I give you Mr, Mr, and Mrs Ross-Urie” the preacher said as we turned to face everyone

[*At the Reception*[
we were dancing and having a good time. I was dancing to a slow song with Brendon
“ do you think we will all be like this in like 15 or 16 years?” he randomly asked
“ What do you mean babe?” I asked
“ I mean us, the band, just everything” he said
“ I think panic will still be touring and making music together. Everyone will be married with kids. We will have more kids. And we will all still be happy.” I said. He pulled me into a kiss before I rested my head on his shoulder. We swayed to the music. I honestly had no clue what the future had ins tore for us. I just knew that whatever it was, the three of us would stand up and face whatever life threw at us. And I know that we have amazing friends and family that would stand by us through thick and thin. And they know that we would do the same for them.
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