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Chapter 17

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 17

* 3 Months Later*

They guys have been in the studio working on their 3rd album. That has left me to do the wedding plans. Today we were going to try and find me a dress. The girls already had theirs that we had gotten custom made based off my drawing. We had been to 6 different bridal stores and I still couldn’t find the right dress. We were in our last store and I had tried on all but one dress. I loved the way it looked as I did with the others. This one was different thought. It was a white gown that had red trim along the top and bottom and it laced it in red ribbon in the back. I was a little hesitant on having the color on the dress though. I wasn’t sure how it would look on me. I slipped it on and had the boutique lady help me lace it up. Once she finished I just stared into the mirror
“Come on Katie it can’t look that bad” Mom Ross said. She had come along to help us out. Plus she was the closest thing that I had to a mother. I felt a tear slide down my cheek
“This is it” I said as I walked out of the dressing room and stood on the little bridal podium thing. I saw all of their jaws hit the floor. Emmi and Mom Ross started to tear up.
“Wow” Stevie. Aubrey and Bev all said
“Does it really look ok?” I asked
“You look beautiful” Mom Ross said
“She’s right you look amazing” Emmi said
“Brenny and Ry are either gonna have heart attacks or get boners” Bev said
“I’ll take it” I said. The boutique lady too my measurements
“This dress must have been made for you because it fits perfect” the lady said.
“We can keep it at my place so Ryan and Brendon don’t see it” Mom Ross said
“Yeah that is a good idea” I said.
“Ok get changed. You have to meet up with your fiancés in like 15 minutes” Emmi said. I went to the dressing room and changed into my normal clothes. I had to meet Brendon, Ryan, and our wedding planner at the bakery so we could pick out a cake. We paid for my dress. Emmi and Aubrey were going to drop me off so we got into Emmi’s car.
“I can’t believe that in less than a month you will be getting married” Aubrey said
“I know... I don’t have much longer to write my vows” I said
“You’ll get them done. Here is your stop” Emmi said
“Thanks girls. I’ll see you guys later” I said as I got out of the car. Brendon and Ryan were waiting outside for me.
“Hey loves” I said as I kissed each of them
“Hey babe. You ready to do this?” Bren asked
“Yeah. Where’s Caden?” I asked. Bren and Ry had Caden today while I went dress shopping.
“Bren’s dad offered to watch him for us” Ryan said
“Yeah him and mom offered to watch him tonight so we can have some alone time” Brendon said
“That would be nice. For now let’s get a cake” I said
“Let’s because I’m starving” Ryan said. Brendon and I just shook our heads and laughed as we walked into the Bakery. There were so many different choices. We were there for 2 hours.
“I think I’m going to be sick” Brendon said
“You and me both” I mumbled
“I say we go with the orange cake with vanilla icing. It’s different and will throw people for a loopy loop” Ryan said. He was on a huge sugar high.
“That is fine with me. No more sugar for you” Bren said
“Orange and vanilla it is” I said. Ryan pulled me to him and kissed me while he dipped me backwards. I heard Brendon’s phone start ringing.
“We have to go to dinner with Jobrey and Spemmi tonight. Spence is gonna finally propose and he wants us all to be there” Bren said a few minutes later.
“It’s about time. He has only been planning it since Caden was born” I said
“Well let’s head home” Ryan said as he pulled his car keys out of his back pocket.
“Oh no you don’t. You are not driving on a sugar high” Brendon said as he pulled the keys out of Ryan’s hand. We got into the car. Ryan was sitting in the backseat.
“Ry why is there a Blow Pop in your car?” I asked
“I don’t know. It’s from one of you two” he said
“Mine now” I said as I opened the lollipop and stuck it in my mouth
“MMM yummy” I said. I could feel both of them watching me. Just them “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne came on. I noticed both boys were getting hard in their jeans. Bren started to speed up to get home faster. I smirked and tossed the blow pop out the window and then climbed in the backseat with Ryan
“What are you doing?” He asked
“I want your lollipop” I said as I unbuckled his jeans. I started kissing his neck as I palmed him.
“Oh God Katie” Ryan moaned. He helped me in getting his pants down enough to pull his length out. I gave him a lick, starting at the base and working my way up.
“Yummy” I said before I sucked his tip into my mouth
“Oh fuck” He moaned. I continued to take more of him in my mouth
“Oh yeah Kates. Suck me hard. Oh yeah. Just like that baby” Ryan said as his hands gripped my hair. I knew he was getting close.
“Kay… I’m gonna…” he said. I sucked even harder as he came into my mouth just as the car stopped in the driveway. I swallowed most of it then leaned into the front seat and pulled Brendon into a kiss, sharing Ryan’s juices with him. Brendon moaned into the kiss.
“You two, bedroom. NOW” Brendon said as we pulled away. We were in the house and in our room at a record speed. Needless to say we were a bit late for dinner with the others.
“You’re late” Spence said when we got to the restaurant.
“We got a bit… preoccupied” Ryan said with a smirk. I started blushing. We were led to a private room. It was an amazing dinner.
“Any dessert?” our waiter asked
“If anyone mentions cake I will scream” Brendon said. We all ended up turning down dessert.
“Ok Emmi. I love you more than anything. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Will you make me the happiest man in this universe and become my wife? Will you marry me?” Spencer said. He was crying. Emmi’s jaw hit the floor. I for once couldn’t read her expression. She was totally quiet.
“I can’t do this” she said after a few minutes. She got up and ran from the room
“Emmi!” Spencer yelled after her
“You guys help Spence. I’m gonna go after Emmi” I said as I got up and ran after her. She was standing next to Ryan’s car. She was a sobbing mess. I knew right away something was wrong with her. She loves Spencer. She wouldn’t have run out unless something happened to her.
“Come on you can come back to our place for tonight” I said as I let her in the car and then went to get Brendon and Ryan.
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