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Chapter 16

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 16

We are finally home. I didn’t realize how unprepared we were for Caden’s arrival. Before we left the hospital, Jon and Spence had to go buy a pack n play so we would have a bed for him on the bus. Once we got home we realized we never got Caden’s crib set up. That’s what Brendon and Ryan were currently trying to do. By the cussing coming from upstairs it wasn’t going so great. I was currently feeding Caden his bottle. Everyone was supposed to be coming over to see the baby

“This is fucking impossible” I heard Brendon yell from upstairs just as the door bell rang. I got up to answer it. It was mom/dad Urie, Bev, Stevie, and Mom Ross.
“Hey “I said
“Hey dear, oh my god he is so beautiful” Mom Urie said as everyone came into the house
“OW FUCKING SHIT” Ryan yelled from upstairs
“Do I want to know what is going on up there?” Mom Ross asked
“Brendon and Ryan are attempting to put Caden’s crib together. Attempting is the key word. They’ve been cussing it out for the past 2 hours” I said
“I’ll go help them” Dad Urie said as he laughed and headed up the steps
“Alright pass him over” Mom Ross said. I laughed and placed Caden in her arms.
“He is so chubby” Stevie said
“He is adorable. He has your nose.” Mom Ross said
“Ryan said the same thing oh and the he has Brendon’s lips” I said. They took turns passing Caden around
“So how bad did it hurt?” Bev asked
“A lot. I planned don getting an epidural but obviously that didn’t happen. Instead I gave birth on a tour bus. Oh and Spencer was my doctor” I said. Everyone laughed.
“Ok pass my grandson over” Dad Urie said as him, Brendon and Ryan walked into the room.
“Did you get it together finally?” I asked
“Funny love and yes we did” Brendon said as he sat next to me.
“How does it feel to be parents?” Mom Urie asked us
“It will take some getting use to but I can’t complain” Ryan said
“I think it feels amazing” Brendon said
“I agree it feels great, but ask me again when Caden is a teenager” I said
“I can’t believe our babies have a baby” Mom Ross said
“So how are the wedding plans coming along?” Stevie asked
“We hired a wedding planner to help us out. We already have the location and reception hall booked, but that’s it so far” I said
“So that means you picked a date” Mom Ross said
“Yep. Valentine’s Day. So 4 months from now” Ryan said
“Yeah that way I can loose some of this baby weight before the wedding” I said
“We need to go dress shopping” Stevie said
“You sound like Emmi” I said
“Well it’s true. Where are Jobrey and Spemmi anyways?”
“We are right here” Spencer said as him, Emmi, Jon and Aubrey walked in
“Ok we seriously need to change the locks” Brendon said jokingly
“Oh shut it Urie” Emmi said as she sat next to Dad and started playing with Caden
“So have you thought about colors or styles of dresses? Or just colors in general?” Mom Urie asked
“ Red, Black and White/ and I already have the bridesmaids dresses drawn up se we pretty much need to find something close to it or get them custom made. As for my dress I have no clue” I said
“Those work perfect for valentine’s day” Mom Ross said
“We keep telling her she will look good in anything. And we want her to have her dream wedding. I just can’t wait to pick a cake” Ryan said. I just shook my head and laughed. The only thing Ryan has talked about wedding wise is finding the best tasting cake. I think he just wants and excuse to eat a ton of cake samples.
“Well you have to wait until January before we are scheduled to do that babe” Brendon said. Ryan just pouted
“Holy lord this kid stinks” Aubrey said
“Ryan your turn” Me and Brendon said.
“I think Aunt Stevie and Aunt Bed should handle this one “Ryan said
“Oh lord Ryan it’s just a diaper. Hand him over. Come on Bev” Stevie said. She took caden from Aubrey and headed up to the nursery with Bev
“You do know they’ve never changed a real diaper before” Mom Urie said
“Oh I know” Ryan said with a smirk. A few seconds later we heard Stevie and Bev yell from upstairs
“Ew it’s all up his back” Bev yelled
“Ryan get up here you ass” Stevie yelled. All we could do was laugh at them
“OH MY GOD HE PISSED ON ME” we heard on of the girls yell. Ryan went to go help them. Brendon and I just sat there laughing with everyone else. We laughed even harder when Bev came downstairs. Her shirt was soaked.
“It’s not funny” she said
“I’ll go get you a shirt” Brendon said as he headed to the laundry room to get Bev a hopefully clean shirt. We haven’t had much time to do laundry since we’ve been back.
“If it makes you feel any better he got both Bren and Ry too” I said
“Is that why Bren was freaking out this morning when I was on the phone with you?” Aubrey asked
“I was not freaking out. I was simply expressing how gross it was to be pissed on.” Brendon said as he walked into the room and tossed Bev a shirt.
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