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Chapter 15

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If anyone has any ideas what so ever for things in this story please contact me. i have got a few more chapters pre written but am currently stuck on what to make happen. le me know if you have any ideas.

A New Kind of Love Ch 15

I am now 8 ½ months pregnant and it shows big time. I can no longer see my feet much less be able to reach them. The guys have to help me put shoes n anytime we leave the bus. Today we were stuck on the bus all day long cause we were driving to the next venue. I have been having a backache like none other all day today. So I have pretty much just laid in the bunk all day. I was headed to the bath room when I felt a sharp pain in my back and stomach. Once again it has been happening all day. They would come and go. I did notice they were starting to get closer together and more intense. I continued to the restroom. As soon as I sat on the toilet I felt a huge gush of water leave me. I knew right then that I was in labor and my water had just broke.

“Ryan, BREND” I screamed
“Katie what’s wrong love?” Brendon asked as he ran in
“ I’m… Fuck its time” I said
“Time for what?” Ryan asked
“She is in labor dipshit” Brendon said. Bren helped me walk to the front lounge while Ryan ran to tell the bus driver to head to a hospital.
“It hurts” I said as another contraction hit. I squeezed Brendon’s hand
“We have a problem. The nearest hospital is still an hour away” Ryan said
“Labor last a while doesn’t it. I read in one of those books it can last all day” Spencer said
“I don’t know. Jon call Aubrey or mom or someone who knows what the fuck to do. Spence can you get a cold towel and some pillows?” Ryan said as he sat next top me and took my other hand. Jon was chatting away on the phone. Spencer came back with a ton of pillows and a blanket. He mad a bed on the floor which Bren and Ry helped me get down to. All I could focus on was the pain.
“Aub said we need to time her contractions. And Katie whatever you do you can’t push.” Jon said. Ryan started timing my contractions
“They are two minutes apart and getting closer” Ryan told Jon
“We aren’t going to make it to the hospital” I said
“Calm down love. It’s going to be ok” Brendon said as he pulled me close to him
“It hurts Bren” I cried
“I know love I know.” He said
“No you don’t. You don’t have a melon coming out of your penis. You have no fucking idea” I yelled as another contraction hit.
“Katie how long have you been in pain” Spencer asked
“All day. I just thought it was a backache” I said
“You guys need to check to see how far down the baby is” I heard Aubrey said. Jon must have her on speaker phone
“I can leave” Jon said
“No. we are going to need you and Spencer to help. Spencer your mom is a doctor you should know somewhat what to do. Baby is that ok with you?” Ryan said
“I don’t care just get him out of me now” I yelled
“Ok Hun. I am going to take you sweatpants off so we can see ok?” Ryan said. I just nodded. Ryan slid my pants off
“OH SHIT” he said
“What? OH MY GOD” Brendon said excitedly
“What is it?” I asked
“The head… I can see it” Ryan said
“Fuck. You guys are going to have to deliver the baby. Get a bowl of hot water and some towels. Get all the baby blankets you can fine. Ryan get on Katie’s side. You and Brendon are going to have to help her push. Jon, Spence one of you two are going to have to deliver Caden. The other will have to help and hold the phone. Tell the driver to pull over and get an ambulance there ASAP” Aubrey said. Aubrey talked the guys through the whole thing. All I could do was scream and cuss Ryan and Brendon out for getting me pregnant.
“Ok love one last big push and it will all be over” Brendon said as he kissed my forehead
“Come on Katie you can do it” Spencer said. He was the one delivering Caden. I pushed the hardest that I could. Brendon and Ryan were both supporting me and helping me.
“That’s it” Jon said as I heard Baby cries.
“Make sure to clear his lungs out” Aubrey said on the phone. I felt my own tears spill down my cheeks. Spencer wrapped Caden in a blanket and laid him on my chest.
“He is so beautiful” Ryan said. We were all crying, including Spencer and Jon.
“I love you three” Brendon said as he kissed me and Ryan and then kissed Caden on the head. We heard sirens followed by the paramedics rushing on the bus. They loaded me onto a stretcher. After a short argument between them, Ryan and Brendon, I was loaded into the ambulance. They didn’t want to let Bren and Ry both come in the ambulance. That’s what the fight was about. Eventually they gave in and let both boys come along. I was so tired but I was fighting to stay awake.
“Sleep babe. You deserve it” Ryan said and he kissed my knuckles. I closed my eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep. When I woke up I was in a hospital room. Brendon and Ryan were seated in a chair to the right of me. Brendon was holding Caden and was sitting on Ryan’s lap. They were talking to Caden so I remained silent.
“We are going to the best daddies that we can be even though we don’t have the slightest clue how to do that. You will always be loved by us and your mommy no matter what happens in your life. You can always count on the three of us. We love you more than you could ever know” Brendon said
“I hope you have your mommy’s heart. She is so caring and sweet. She always puts others before herself. Me and daddy are so lucky to both have her in our lives and to have her love” Ryan said as Caden grasped his finger. Both Brendon and Ryan had huge smiles plastered on their faces
“No I am the lucky one.” I said softly
“Hey there momma” Brendon said as he got off of Ryan’s lap and sat in bed with me before placing Caden in my arms. Ryan joined us on the other side of me
“He is so beautiful” I said softly.
“I can’t decided who he looks like more” Brendon said
“Well he has your lips and Ryan’s eyes and eye shape” I said to him
“He has your nose” Ryan said to me
“He is the mix of the three of us for sure” Brendon said. There was a soft knock on the door
“Is it ok to come in?” Spencer asked
“Yeah come on in” I said
“How are you feeling?” Jon asked
“A little sore but I’m ok. It was worth it.” I said
“He is a beautiful baby. And you are on hell of a strong woman. Giving birth on a tour bus with no drugs or anything.” Spencer said
“Thank you. And thanks for helping out with the birth. I would have never have thought you and Jon would be the ones to deliver Caden. Nor did I ever think I would have him on the bus in the middle of nowhere.” I said
“Yeah. Well for once I am glad mom was a doctor. Cause I was too panicked to listen to one word Aubrey was rambling off” Spence said
“That reminds me. The girls said they wish they could be here but they send best wished. And we cancelled the last 2 dates of the tour so we are heading straight home as soon as you are released.” Jon said
“Can I hold him” Spencer asked as he pointed to Caden
“Of course” I said as I handed Caden to Ryan who got up and placed him in Spencer’s arms
“Here ya go uncle Spence. Make sure to Support his head” Ryan said all father like
“Hey there little dude” Spencer said to Caden. It was on of the cutest sights I have ever seen. I grabbed the camera that was sitting on the table and snapped a picture of Spencer holding Caden.
“I can’t believe you guys actually have a kid. It’s all so real now... not that you being pregnant wasn’t real... you all know what I mean though. We all rally are growing up aren’t we. You guys are engaged and have this little guy. I am planning on proposing to Emmi. Next thing you know Caden will be a teenager raising hell with the rest of our kids like we use to.” Spence said
“Don’t go all sentimental on me man your going to make me cry” Ryan said.
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