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Chapter 14

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 14

*Normal POV*

I woke up in a hospital room. I was hooked up to a machine that was monitoring the baby’s heartbeat.
“Hey” I heard Ryan whisper to me
“Hey” I said back
“How are you feeling?” He asked
“Tired... but I’m ok. What happened?” I asked. I was confused on why I was in the hospital.
“You started to go into labor. From what I got out of Brendon, you two were fighting over something and then you started to have pain before passing out. Whatever you argued about stressed you out more than you were and that put the baby in distress. You’ve been out for about 5 days now” Ryan said as tears spilt down his face.
“Where… Where is Brendon?” I asked as I started to cry myself. I remembered fighting with him.
“He is on the bus. He won’t leave his bunk for anything. He blames himself for you being here. Spencer and Jon went to force him to come here. Katie, I don’t know what the two of you fought about but you all need to fix it. “Ryan said. Then there was a knock on the door followed by Jon and Spencer pushing Brendon in.
“Guys stop it! It’s my fault she is here… you’re awake” Brendon said
“We are going to let you two talk. And you aren’t coming out until it’s settled” Ryan said as him, Spencer and Jon left. Brendon just stood on the opposite side of the room refusing to look at me.
“Bren” I said softly said. He looked up at me and I could see the tears pouring down his cheeks. He looked like he hasn’t eaten or slept. He slowly made his way to me and sat next to me on the bed.
“I am so sorry.” I said as I broke down
“You have no reason to be sorry. It’s my fault you are here and it’s my fault we almost lost the baby. I shouldn’t have said what I did. You, Ry and Caden mean everything to me. Especially you. I pushed you too far. I didn’t think about what I was saying. I was so frustrated with shit people are saying that I took it out on you and I shouldn’t have done it” he said
“I know, I know. It’s not your fault though. I took it out on you too. I didn’t mean to. I love you so much Brendon. I can’t imagine my life without you” I said
“You are my life. I thought I was going to loose you and Caden. I couldn’t come see you or even look at Ryan. I’m so sorry for it all baby” Brendon said. I pulled him close to me and clung to him as we cried
“What do you say we forget this all ever happened?” I said a bit later
“I’d like that a lot” he said as he kissed me
“Did you all settle it yet?” Ryan asked as he walked in. Brendon and I smiled then nodded at him
“Good cause you are allowed to leave as soon as you get dressed. So chop chop missy. This place gives me the heeby jeebys.” Ryan said I just stared at him
“You are nuts” I said
“Yes I have nuts. Now come on” Ryan whined. Brendon and I just started laughing. I got dressed and then we left the hospital. I was given strict orders to remain as stress free as humanly possible.

Days passed and everything seemed to return to normal. We were back on the bus. I was cuddling with Ryan and Brendon in the back lounge. We were watching some movie.
“I think we should come public about everything. I think the fans need to hear it straight from you all plus I think it will get the media to leave us the hell alone a bit more” I said randomly
“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Ryan asked. We had been talking about it for the past few days. We just never came to a decision.
“Yeah. I mean the fans are already asking about it and I am tired of people starting rumors that don’t even make sense” I said
“It’s fine with me as long as it is with you Ryan” Brendon said
“I will go call Pete and see what he can set up for us” Ryan said as he kissed us then walked off towards the front of the bus.
“You know this means you may have to have someone with you to do meet n greets. Or have someone else do them in general.” Brendon said
“I know. I am going to help Zack find someone else to do them. I can’t do it much longer anyways with being pregnant. But until then I will get a security person to stick with me” I said as I snuggled closer to him
“We have a press conference when we get to the venue. Then he said we can mention it at the show if we wish” Ryan said with a wink
“What’s the wink for?” I asked
“No reason” Both Brendon and Ryan said too quickly. I knew they were up to something.
“When are we getting to the venue” I asked
“In like half an hour. So we probably need to get be getting ready” Ryan said. We all got up and started getting dressed
“Spencer and Jon say they are coming with us to do this” Ryan said
“I want you to wait on the side unless we bring you up. There isn’t a need for you to be splashed all over the news” Brendon said to me.
“I was gonna suggest that. The fans are one thing. I can handle them. The media is another” I said. I felt the bus come to a stop.
“Here we go” I said as I laced my hands with both of the boys. Zack escorted the 5 of us to the location of the press conference. I stayed hidden the whole time. Brendon and Ryan explained everything to the press who actually took it a lot better than I had anticipated. Zack had someone from security escort me so I could get the meet n greet bracelets passed out. I signed a few autographs and took pictures with the fans. A majority of them had already heard the news about me, Brendon and Ryan. They had also heard about Caden and how both Bren and Ry were his biological father.
“You guys are going to have the absolute cutest baby. Cause I mean Brendon and Ryan are just hot and you are beautiful. So this baby will have to be a good looking fella.” One fan said. She looked to be around 23 or so.
“Thank you. Hopefully he will look more like his fathers” I said
“It’s a boy? Have you picked a name yet?” she asked
“Yes. His name is going to be Caden Alexander Ross-Urie” I said
“Aw that’s cute. I’m Kristen by the way”
“It’s nice to meet you” I said. I had to bid her farewell so I could get the meet n greet started. There was only 15 kids in the meet n greet that day so it was a bit more easy going and relaxed. The last group had just came inside so I went and stood at the end of the table. The guys had sat in their usual order. Spencer was next to me. Then it was Brendon, Ryan, and then Jon at the start of the line. I put my hand on my belly and slightly winced when Caden started kicking.
“You ok” Brendon asked me once he saw my face
“Yeah. He is just kicking extremely hard right now” I said to him.
“Come here…. Hold on just a second” he said to me and then to a fan
“Brendon you are kind of busy. I am fine” I said
“Nah its ok. I can wait a minute” the fan said. I noticed it was Kristen. I walked over to Brendon. He put his hands on my stomach and then started talking to Caden.
“Hey there little one. You have to calm down in there baby boy. You’re kicking your mommy too hard and it hurts” Brendon said. Caden started to kick even more. Ryan’s hands joined Brendon’s on my belly and they started singing some random song. I looked up and noticed all of the fans in the room had their cameras out and were either filming or taking pictures. This made me laugh. Brendon and Ryan talking or singing was the only thing that could calm Caden and his kicking down.
“Ok guys back to signing now” I said which made the fans laugh. The guys finished signing and then took pictures with the fans. Me, Ryan and Brendon all got together so they could take some of us and then Spence and Jon joined in.
“I want copies of all of those” I said mainly to Kristen who I had exchanged email addresses with.

The show that night was unbelievable. The guys and the fans were super into the show. I was standing on the side of the stage with Zack.
“How are you all doing tonight?” Ryan asked the crowd. They in turn screamed
“We are going to do something a little different. How many of you have seen or heard about our press conference earlier today?” Ryan asked. About 90% of the crowd screamed.
“Sweet. So right now me and Brendon would like to bring our love, Katie, out here.” Ryan said as Brendon walked over to me and pulled me on stage. He laced our hands together as we walked
“What is going on?” I asked
“Just trust us” he said as he led me to a chair Zack bright on stage. Ryan sat his guitar down on a stand next me. Brendon grabbed his mic and then joined us.
“So this is a song that was playing when I realized that I was in love with these two amazing people here. But before we get to that there is something that me and Ryan need to ask Katie. We wanted to share this with you all. So here it goes” Brendon said as he pulled something out of his pocket before both him and Ryan each got down on one knee in from of me. They each took one of my hands in theirs.
“Katie you know you mean the world and then some to us.” Brendon said
“We want to spend the rest of our lives with you and be a family with our baby” Ryan said
“We want to grow old together, have more kids, see our grandkids grow, have wheelchair races in our old age. So we were wondering…” Brendon said as he opened a box to reveal a ring.
“Will you marry us?” they asked at the same time. I could hear the crowd go dead silent. I was in tears. Tons of different things were running through my head. Were we ready for this? I knew we could take whatever was thrown at us. I knew the answer in my heart. I just couldn’t seem to form that one simple word. I started shaking my head.
“Yes!” I finally managed to get out. Brendon pulled me into a kiss. The crowd was screaming. As soon as Brendon and I broke apart Ryan pulled me into a kiss and then he did the same to Brendon. Jon and Spencer came and pulled us all into a hug. Brendon slipped the ring onto my finger. It was a silver band that had a diamond in the middle with two small sapphires. On the side of it. It was beautiful. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face even if I tried. I was on cloud 9. The boys kept me on stage while they played our song. Once they finished I ran off stage and to the dressing room. I immediately pulled out my phone and called Emmi
“Hello Dear” she answered
“Guess what” I said all excitedly
“What? Did they give you energy drinks again? Why are you so giddy?” she asked
“I AM ENGAGED!” I yelled
“WHAT!! SINCE WHEN? OH MY GOD” she yelled just as excited as I was
“Since like 10 minutes ago” I said then I went into detail on how they proposed and things like that.
“That is so cute. Where are they now?” she asked
“Just walked into the dressing room so I gotta go” is aid
“Tell Ry and bren I said congrats. And tell my lovely boyfriend to call me” She said
“Will do. Bye girl” I said as I hung up the phone
“Spence call your girl” I said as I walked over to Brendon and Ryan. They both pulled me close
“I love you two. You have made me the happiest girl alive” I said
“The feeling is mutual love” Brendon said as he kissed me.
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