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Chapter 13

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Brendon's POV

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 13

* Brendon’s POV*

“ Katie… Katie come on stay with me. FUCK” I said as Katie passed out in my arms
“Ryan! Someone help!” I yelled. Luckily Ryan, Spencer and Jon had just come on the bus
“Bren what’s… oh shit” Ryan said as he pulled out his sidekick and called 911. I sat there and cried with Katie in my arms. It was my entire fault. The ride to the hospital was a blur to me. I must have just tuned every thing out. When we arrived to the hospital we were forced to sit in the waiting area. I sat in a corner of the room ignoring everyone and their questions of what the hell happened. We sat there for 7 hours before a doctor came out to talk to us.
“Are you the family of Kathryn Osie?” he asked. The four of us stood up and walked over to him.
“Yeah we are” Ryan said as he laced our hands together. I had an even bigger sense of guilt rush through me.
“She has been through quite an ordeal. Whatever happened put the baby in extreme distress which caused her to go into premature labor. We have managed to stop the labor but everything took a huge toll on Kathryn’s body. So we had to put her into a medically induced sleep till her body can rest and recuperate. We almost lost the baby but managed to save him. Both baby and mom are fine now. But I recommend Kathryn be under no stress what so ever once she does wake up.” The doctor said.
“I gotta get out of here” I mumbled before running out of the hospital. I ignored everyone calling for me. I walked around whatever town we were in bawling my eyes out. I had no clue where I was or where I was heading. I just could stay in that hospital any longer. I had hurt Katie and Ryan too though he never mentioned it. I could see it in his eyes. It was my fault that Katie was in the hospital and my fault we almost lost our son. I felt like such a jack ass. I should have just left her alone like she said. All I wanted to do has to hold her in my arms. I knew the press and everyone else were getting to her on top of her being pregnant. The press was getting to me too. I think that’s why I snapped at her. I didn’t mean any word that I said. Her, Ryan and this baby are my world, especially Katie. The day Ryan introduced us to each other, I knew right away she was something special to me. She made me so nervous back then. I immediately fell for her. My head continued to play memories of Katie. I ended up back at the bus. I climbed in my bunk, pulled the curtain closed, and laid facing the wall.. I stared at a picture that I always kept in my bunk. It was one of me and Katie when we first got together. We were so happy and in love back then. I felt a fresh wave of tears start pouring out of my eyes. I felt someone climb in my bunk with me and wrap their arms around me.

“It’s ok Bren. She is going to be ok” Ryan whispered in my ear
“ No it’s not ok. It’s my fault that she is there in the first place. It’s my fault we almost lost our son. You should hate me right now. Hell I hate myself” I said
“Baby is not your fault. She has been stressed for a while now. We all have. And I could never hate you. Don’t blame yourself for this” Ryan said
“ But it is. You weren’t there Ry. We got in a fight. I said shit to her I should have never said. I didn’t mean them at all. I stressed her out even more. All cause I wanted to cuddle with her. I almost killed out kid” I cried
“ Brendon stop saying that! It’s not your fault!” Ryan said as his voice started to rise. That’s pretty much how the next couple days went. Ryan would spend all day at Katie’s bedside and then come back to the bus and tell me it wasn’t my fault. Every night it would end in Ryan yelling at me. I refused to leave my bunk at all. I couldn’t bring myself to go see Katie.
“ Come on get your ass up now” Spencer said
“ Leave me alone” I mumbled and tried to pull my curtain closed again
“ No this is bull shit Brendon. Katie needs you by her side. Ryan needs you there as well. Now more than ever. So get you ass up or we will drag you up there” Spencer said. And he was being honest. Him and Jon dragged me out of my bunk and into the hospital. But I didn’t go without a fight.
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