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Chapter 12

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 12

6am unfortunately came way too early for my liking. I groaned when the alarm started going off,

“Turn it off” I mumbled. Ryan moved to turn it off. I felt him get out of bed as I dosed back off to sleep again.

“Come on loves time to wake up” Ryan said. His hair was wet so I assume he showered
“I don’t wanna” Brendon said
“I swear your kid is crushing my bladder” I mumbled as I got out of bed and went to the rest room. After I brushed my teeth and all I went to the bedroom and slipped on some comfortable clothes. Brendon and Ryan were down in the kitchen. I walked down there to find Spencer and Jon already there

“Morning Boys” I mumbled as I sat down on the couch and started falling back asleep. I felt myself being picked up and carried to the bus a few moments later but I was too damn tired to care much about it. When I woke up I was laying in one of the bunks. I could hear the guys talking in the front lounge. Or at least I could hear Ryan and Brendon. I got out of the bunk and walked up front.
“Morning love” Brendon said when eh saw me. Him and Ryan were cuddled together looking at a book. Jon and Spencer were at their laptops looking at things.
“Morning. What are you all doing?” I asked
“Looking up baby names. Come join us babe” Ryan said as he pulled me down between him and Brendon. We all sat there for a couple hours going through names and didn’t find any we really liked.
“What about Caden?” Brendon said
“Oooo I like that” I said
“Caden what though?” Ryan asked
“What about Caden Alexander?” Spencer suggested. We all sat there letting the name sink in.
“Caden Alexander Ross-Urie…. I love it” I said
“It’s perfect” Brendon and Ryan both said
“Hello baby Caden” I said as I rubbed my stomach. Then I felt him start kicking.
“He is kicking” I said as I grabbed Ryan’s hand and placed it where Caden was kicking. He has been kicking to where people can feel it for the past couple days. Brendon and Ryan’s eyes light up every time he does it.
“Do… um… Can I feel it?” Spencer asked
“Sure. Come here.” I said while I smiled at him. Ryan scooted over so Spencer could sit next to me. I took his hand and placed it where Caden was kicking.
“Oh shit…. Wow” Spencer said. I giggled at him
“That’s your nephew” I said. Caden started kicking harder
“That’s just amazing. Hi Caden. I’m your uncle Spencer. I’m the cool one unlike your daddies.” Spencer said to my stomach. I bit my lip to keep from laughing. It was a really cute sight.
“Move it softie. Uncle Jon wants a turn if it’s ok with Momma” Jon said
“Its fine” I said while laughing. I’ve never seen the guys act like this. It was quite cute. I’ll have to remember to call Aubrey and Emmi about it. The rest of the day went by as usual.

A few days had passed and I was in one of the worst moods I’ve ever been in. I hadn’t slept much the past couple of days because Caden has been so active. Every time I try to sleep he starts kicking up a storm. It gets to the point where it actually hurts. To top that off the press caught news of the pregnancy and the relationship between the three of us. I keep getting called a whore and a bunch of other things. It was all really starting to take a toll on me.
“Hey baby” Brendon said as he attempted to pull me close to him.
“Stop Bren” I said as I pushed him away.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“I just don’t want to be fucking touched ok” I said as I got up and walked towards the bunks
“What’s your problem?” he asked getting angry himself
“Right now you are” I yelled
“It’s always me” he said
“Don’t start with that. I just don’t want to be touched right now. I haven’t slept in fucking days because your kid won’t let me. I’m tired, sick of shit and just want to be left the fuck alone” I yelled
“My kid? You and Ryan helped create him too, but I forgot you two can’t do anything wrong. Why don’t you and him be in a fucking relationship alone then. Everything has fucking changed since he became a part of us. I know you love him more than you do me anyways. Hell Caden is prolly just his, I bet the doctor just felt sorry for me” Brendon yelled back. It hurt like hell to hear him say that.
“Don’t you dare say that Brendon Boyd. I fucking love you more than life itself. Caden is just as much a part of you as he is me. And this thing with Ryan was your fucking idea… oh fuck!” I yelled as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.
“Fuck fuck fuck” I said as I squatted down on the ground. It hurt worse than anything I’ve ever felt. I could see the anger leave Brendon’s eyes and worry settle in.
“Katie, Sweetie what’s wrong?” Brendon calmly said as he stepped closer to me
“Leave me the fuck alone… oh fucking shit” I yelled out
“I am not going to leave you alone when you’re obviously in pain. You need to calm down and just breathe” Brendon said as he squatted down beside me and grabbed my hand
“Don’t fucking touch…” I said as I started to get really dizzy
“Katie… Katie come on stay with me… FUCK” I heard Brendon said before I saw nothing but black.
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