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Chapter 11

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 11

* 2 ½ Months Later*

I am now 6 months pregnant and it shows. The mood swings haven’t been that bad. I tend to just cry a lot for no particular reason at all. Mrs. Ross was right about the cravings though. I have craved the craziest shit. Like yesterday I craved for pizza with chocolate, mustard and ice cream on it. I thought Bren was gonna get sick when he was making it for me. I do admit it was pretty gross looking but at the time it tasted amazing. We are getting ready to go on tour again. We leave tomorrow morning. But today I have yet another appointment. But unlike all the other appointments, today we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. The boys had run to the store while I finished packing. Well I was supposed to be packing. I was actually dancing around our room in a pair of girl boxer shorts and a bra. I was singing at the top of my lungs.
“I saw you dancing there. I couldn’t get you off my mind. But I could tell, that you could tell I was taking my time. But I was thinking of ways to get you to stay the night. Your body’s shaking. Turn me on so I can turn off the lights.” I sang as I danced around the room. I then noticed Brendon and Ryan standing in the doorway both smirking at me
“Nice show there love” Brendon said
“Glad you enjoyed it. What time is it?” I asked
“Time to get dressed so we can see if baby Ross-Urie is a he or a she” Ryan said. We decided to combine Bren and Ry’s last name for the bay and if or when we get married ours will become the same.
“Yeah yeah i'm coming” I said as I slipped on a t-shirt and my new favorite jeans. Emmi and Aubrey made them for me. They were skinny jeans cept they made the stomach stretch material for my pregnant belly. We tried to go and buy maternity clothes but they were all hideous as fuck. So instead we made some. Anyways once I was dressed we headed to the doctors. They took us back right away. It was normal after the incident we had a few months ago. We had a run in with some fans that followed us to the doctors. Luckily we had Zack with us that day. Since then we were immediately taken back to a room no matter what. Doctor Rubin immediately started the sonogram. He took a bunch of measurements and showed us different views of the baby.
“You want to know the sex am I correct?” Doctor Rubin asked
“Yes!” we all three said excitedly. He moved the wand around on my stomach to show us a view of the baby we hadn’t seen.
“By the looks you all are having a healthy baby boy. And he seems very proud to show that fact off” Doctor Rubin said as he laughed. It was true. Our baby wasn’t hiding the fact at all the he was a boy. He was proud and showing it off.
“He gets that from bren” Ryan whispered to me making me laugh. Of course Brendon heard this too and smacked Ryan. We all had tears in our eyes as we started at the screen. Brendon leaned down and kissed my head as Ryan kissed my knuckles.
“I love you” they both whispered to me
“Here is come copies of the photos. You are free to go. Just make sure you continue your check ups while you are on tour. Congratulations on the baby boy. And I hope to see you all again someday” Doctor Rubin said
“I will” I said while smiling
“Thank you for everything” Ryan said
“It’s no problem. You guys take care. You have a special little guy in there” Doctor Rubin said
“Yes we sure do” Brendon said. We headed back home only to find Spencer’s car in the driveway. We walked into the house to find Spemmi and Jobrey sitting in the living room
“How the hell did you all get in?” Brendon asked playfully
“Hobo let us in” Jon said
“It’s called the spare key Spence has” Emmi said
“Time to change the locks” I said
“So...” Spencer said
“So what?” Ryan asked. We knew what he wanted to know. It was just fun to drag it out and tease them all
“Boy or girl?” Spence asked
“I don’t know. I think we should tell the parental units first huh Ry” Brendon said while smiling
“Oh for Fucks sake you all are going to give him an ulcer.” Emmi said
“It’s a tiny little…” I started to say
“Oh come on” Emmi, Spence, Jon and Aubrey all said
“Boy!” me, Bren and Ryan said
“Oh that’s awesome” Emmi yelled as she got up to hug the three of us. Spence, Jon and Aubrey followed her.
“Now we seriously need to tell the parents so if you will excuse us” Ryan said
“It’s all good. I need to head home and finish packing. Meeting here in the morning right?” Spence asked
“Yeah that’s fine” Brendon said
“We are going to go shopping for... stuff so see ya tomorrow too” Jon said as the four of them left
“That was... odd. Come on boys’ time to call the grandparents and aunts to be” I said. We all sat on the couch. Brendon called his parents house first and put it on speaker phone
“Yes Dick face” Bev answered
“Hello to you too. Where are mom and dad?” Bren asked
“Downstairs somewhere. Why?” Bev asked
“Go get them then put us on speaker phone” Bren said
“And why should I do that? It involves moving and involves me not staring at Frank Iero on TV” Bev said
“Guess you don’t want to know if you are having a niece or nephew then” I said. You could hear her jump up and run down the steps.
“Beverley slow down… Hello” Mom Urie sad as she took the phone from Bev
“Mom it’s me. Are we on speakerphone?” Brendon asked
“Yes dear you are” she said
“We were just calling to tell you we found out the sex of the baby” Brendon said
“What is it?” we heard Bev ask
“Well…” Brendon said. He was dragging it out. Me and Ryan just laughed.
“Brendon Boyd” Mom, Dad, and Bev yelled
“It’s a boy” me, Ryan and Bren said once again. Then there was some screams, giggles and congrats. Ryan’s mom and Stevie had pretty much the same reaction. Except Stevie swore she was kicking Ryan’s ass next time she saw him for dragging it out. It took a total of two hours between both phone calls before we got off the line. Once we got off the phone we ate dinner then decided to just relax. We went to our bedroom and cuddled together. Cuddling led to making out and making out led to a little more. We were all three naked and caressing each other.

“You are so beautiful.” Ryan said as he ran his hands over my stomach and as he kissed my neck.
“No. you two are the beautiful ones” I said. Brendon was kissing the insides of my thighs and rubbing circles on my hips.
“Brendon” I whined. He just smirked at me then started kissing his way to where I wanted him
“Bren please… Oh God” I moaned out as he flicked his tongue against my clit. I turned into a moaning mess. Is wear the things he does with his tongue are far beyond amazing.
“Brendon… oh fuck… fuck me” I said as I pulled him up to me. I captured our lips together
“ Ry.. Get in me now” Brendon said as he slid into me. Ryan had no objections. It didn’t take very long for any of us to orgasm. We just laid in bed all curled up together
“ I need to shower cause I know that I wont want to in the morning” I said to Brendon softly. Ryan had fallen asleep on us and I didn’t want to wake him.
“Mmm me too” Brendon mumbled against my lips
“ Care to join?” I asked
“ I swear woman you have got to be the horniest pregnant lady known to man kind” Bren said while smirking
“ And you are complaining why energizer Brenny?” I asked as I got up and walked into our bathroom. I started the shower and set it to the right temperature.
“ I never said I was complaining” Brendon said as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. I smiled and stepped into the shower. I could feel my muscles relax once the hot water cascaded upon me. Brendon immediately wrapped his arms back around me. I kissed along his neck and then nibbled on his earlobe.
“ I love you so much” I whispered in his ear as my fingers made way to his cock. He let out a moan as I started to stroke him. I pushed him against the wall them started leaving kisses down his chest till I was eventually on my knees in front of him. I licked the tip of him
“Mmm Katie” he moaned
“ What do you want me to do Bren?” I asked. I knew what he wanted. I just wanted to hear him say it.
“ Please… Oh God.. Suck me please baby, make me feel good” Brendon whines. I slowly slid him into my mouth and lightly sucked on him. I made sure to keep one hand firmly on his hip. We had a bad experience with that the first time I sucked him off.
“ Oh Katie… harder baby” he whines. I swirled my tongue around him and started to suck harder. Brendon started screaming out in pleasure.
“Fuck Kay.. So.. Close” Bren said. I gave him once last hard suck and pulled off him. He whined at the loss of contact.
“Fuck me Bren. Make me scream your name” I said seductively in his ear. He turned us around so my back was against the wall before he hiked my leg around his waist and sliding into me
“ Give me all you got Bren” I said
“I don’t want to hurt the baby” he said
“ You wont hurt him. He cant even feel it cause he isn’t that low. Now come on” I said. He nodded though I could tell he was still a bit hesitant about it. He started thrusting into me slow at first but then quickly picked up his pace. I was seeing stars.
“ Cum for me baby girl. Let everyone know whose cock you love buried deep inside of you.” Brendon said in my ear. I love when he talks dirty like that. He hasn’t done it so much now that we are with Ryan. But every now and then he does and it sends me over the edge every damn time
“ BRENDON.. Oh fuck” I yelled as my orgasm overtook me. Brendon followed behind screaming my name
“ That was… wow” he said then kissed me
“ I know” I said. We finished our showers and yes we actually showered this time before we headed back to bed
“ Did you guys have to be so loud” Ryan mumbled as we crawled into bed
“I’m sorry babe” I said as I snuggled into his chest and had Brendon snuggle into me with his arms wrapped around my waist. I slipped into a deep and peaceful sleep
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