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Chapter 10

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 10

I was right. Two weeks took forever to pass. We still haven’t heard any news. We were having a cook out. Spencer, Emmi, Jon and Aubrey were already here. We were waiting on the Urie’s, Stevie, and Mrs. Ross to get here still. Everyone was outside in the backyard. I heard the phone ringing so I went inside to get it.
“Hello” I answered
“Hello is Kathryn there? This is Doctor Rubin”
“This is her” I said
“We have your test results in and honestly they are quite unusual and shocking” he said
“What’s that mean?” I asked as I got a weird feeling rush over me
“Well usually there is only one match for paternity. But sometimes in certain women who have more than one partner there is a 1% chance that the baby will have multiple fathers. That is what happened in your case. We found that both Mr. Ross and Mr. Urie are both the biological fathers to your baby. We ran the test multiple times to be sure. So Congratulations. “Doc said
“Thanks” I said as I hung up the phone. I was shocked. I never knew that was possible. I have never even heard of it. I mean I wasn’t complaining but yeah. I walked back out on to our back deck.
“Who was on the phone babe? Are you ok?” Brendon asked as he pulled me into his lap
“It was doctor Rubin” I said. I still couldn’t register it all
“Well what did he said. Did you get the results?” Ryan asked. He was seated next to us
“Yeah that’s why he called. You all aren’t going to believe it but he said that you are both biologically the father” I said as a huge smile grew on my face.
“How is that even possible” Ryan asked
“I have no clue, but it is what it is. This baby is a part of all three of us and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I said as I put my hands on the slight bump that was forming.
“I feel the same way” Brendon said
“So who has the best swimmers?” Emmi asked as she sat down next to us with Spencer
“What?” I asked confused
” which of these dimwits is your baby’s daddy?” she asked. Both Ryan and Brendon’s hands shot up in the air
“I thought I heard you say you got the results” Emmi said
“We did. And according to them we are both biologically the father. Both of our DNA matches. Our baby is a little miracle of love” Brendon said
“How is that possible?” Emmi asked
“Its kind of like how twins come along. Cept both of your DNA was released into one egg and got jumbled together. It very rarely ever happens. They must have done it back to back. But the female usually has a characteristic about her that makes it so her children can have more than one biological father.” Aubrey rambled off
“Have you all told your families about the baby yet?” Spencer asked
“No we were planning on doing that today if they ever decide to show up” Ryan said. Just then the door bell rang. Ryan got up to get it
“You all know you can just walk in” Brendon said as we got up to hug his parents and Ryan’s mom
“And run the risk of walking in on you, Katie, or Ry naked… I think I’ll pass and continue to ring the doorbell.” Stevie said
“We don’t walk around naked… ok I do but that’s a different story” Brendon said. Everyone just laughed at him
“How are you doing sweetie?” Mom Ross asked as she hugged me. I tried not to let my stomach get too close.
“I’m good. There is actually something that me, Ryan and Brendon need to talk to you all about” I said as I looked at Ryan and Brendon
“We are going to go in the kitchen and get food situated. Bev, Stevie why don’t you come help us” Jon said as him, Aub, Emmi and Spencer went to head into the house
“Cause we want to hear what they say” bev said
“Beverley Ann Urie get inside” Mom Urie said. Bev just rolled her eyes and followed Jon in the house. We all sat at the patio table. I was on Ryan’s lap and Brendon was seated next to us holding both of our hands.
“What’s going on kids?” Dad Urie asked
“Well you all know we are together and in love. And while this wasn’t exactly planned its something that is proof of that love” Ryan said.
“We are having a baby. We’ve known for about 2 months but we have been waiting to tell you till we found out the paternity results and were actually home to tell you face to face.” Brendon said
“We knew something was up. We just didn’t know for sure. So who’s the father? Not that it really matters. We all will still love this baby as our grandchild no matter what way it goes” Mom Urie said
“Well that’s the weird thing. According to the results they are both the biological father” I said
“Congrats kids! This is Amazing” Mom Ross said. All three parents got up to hug us all.
“I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!” Stevie and Bev screamed as they ran out of the house and jumped on us. Spemmi and Jobrey joined us outside. The boys went to start grilling the food. Which left all us females to have girl talk
“So how far along are you Katie” Mom Urie asked
“3 ½ months” I said
“I cant believe you didn’t tell us” Stevie said
“We felt that your mom and mom and dad urie should know before you and Bev especially since Brendon didn’t eve get to tell them about us himself. You and bev really do have big mouths” I said. Everyone laughed
“I cant believe I am going to be a grandmother. You kids are making me old” Mom Ross said
“You and me both” Mom Urie
“I cant believe I am going to be a mother. It didn’t hit me until we heard the heartbeat the first time. I don’t know who cried more, me or the boys” I said
“I can picture them bawling like babies” Stevie said. Mom Ross lightly hit her
“Well just remember we are here if you need anything. We’ve been there before so we know all about it” Mom Urie said
“When will this damn morning sickness stop? I don’t even know why it is called morning sickness. I don’t get it in the morning at all” I said
“Usually around 4 months it stops. But then comes the whacked out cravings and mood swings. And if this baby is anything like Ryan was when I was pregnant you will have some of the weirdest cravings ever imagined. I use to love fruit and ketchup with him” Mom Ross said
“Wait till the kicking starts. Brendon us to kick so hard I would seriously double over. If I didn’t have candy of some sort he wouldn’t stop” Mom Ross said
“So that’s why he is so hyperactive. And I feel sorry for the boys with mood swings” Emmi joked
“You mean she is going to get more moody? Damn I need to buy a helmet then” Brendon said as him and the other guys joined us
“You boys have no clue what you’ve gotten yourselves into have you?” Dad Urie asked while laughing. Brendon and Ryan just stared at him like he was crazy
“I suggest you two read some pregnancy books. Matter of fact Spencer, Jon it may be a good idea for you guys to read some too beings that Katie will be on tour with you close to her due date.” Mom Ross said
“Don’t look at me Jonathan. I will not tell it all to you. Your ass can read” Aubrey said when Jon went to speak. He pouted which made all of us laugh at him. I still couldn’t help but to feel nervous about the whole thing.
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