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Chapter 9

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 9

The next two months flew by fast. We had a show almost every day. As soon as we got back to Vegas, Brendon and I sold our apartment and moved our things into Ryan’s house... I was sleeping peacefully in our bed. I was wrapped in Brendon’s arms
“Kate, Bren come on loves wake up” I heard Ryan say
“No wake. Stay sleep” Brendon mumbled as he pulled me closer to him
“As much as I love watching you two sleep, we have a doctor’s appointment to get to, to see how our baby is doing” Ryan said. As soon as he said that Brendon jumped out of bed and started throwing clothes on. Me and Ryan just laughed. I think Brendon is the most excited about the baby. I mean we all three were but Brendon was more expressive about it.
“That means you have to get up too” Ryan said to me
“I know but that involves some encouragement” I said. Ryan smirked as he climbed into bed and kissed me
“Encouraged now?” He asked
“Almost” I answered as I motioned for Brendon to come over. I pulled him into a kiss
“Ok that’s better” I said as I got up and got dressed. Ryan had made up a nice and simple breakfast before he woke us up. We are then headed to the doctor’s office. I expected us to have to wait but we were actually taken back rather quickly. They took my weight and had me change into a gown before they did the normal check up
“Everything looks good. The baby is growing and looks extremely healthy. It looks as if you are exactly three months along. Do you all have any questions?” my doctor said
“Yah I do. A friend of ours mentioned to us that there is a test that can be done to determine paternity while Katie is still pregnant” Brendon said
“Amniocentesis. We usually recommend being 14 to 20 weeks along but we can do it earlier. We can actually do it today if you all would like. It takes up to 2 weeks to get the results in” Doctor Rubin said
Is there any chance of it hurting the baby?” Ryan asked
“Yes but it is extremely rare” Doc Rubin said
“Will it hurt?” I asked
“A little. We will put some numbing cream on your stomach first so you shouldn’t feel the needle too much. It is an uncomfortable process” Doc said
“Its up to you sweetheart. It's you want to do” Brendon said as he ran his fingers through my hair.
“I want to do it. I want to know” I said
“Ok I am going to go get everything together and as soon as I return we will start” the doctor said as he left the room. He returned a bit later with a ton of supplies.
“Ok. Mr. Urie, Mr. Ross. I am going to need both of you to keep her distracted till we get the amniotic fluid. Then we will get DNA samples from the both of you” the doctor said to Bren and Ryan.
“Everything is going to be ok love. It will all be over before you know it” Ryan said. I felt the doctor putting the numbing cream on my stomach
“Ry that wasn’t very distract...OH HOLY FUCK” I said as I looked down and saw the size of the needle. Then I saw all black. When I came to Brendon was running his hands in my hair.
“What happened? Where’s Ryan?” I asked.
“You passed out when you saw the needle but the doctor went ahead with the test. Then he took my DNA. Ry is getting his done now then we can go home.” Brendon said then kissed my head. He helped me off the table and helped me get dressed. Ryan came in as soon as I finished dressing. Now all we had left to do was wait. I knew the next two weeks would drag on. Not only for me but for Brendon and Ryan too. I knew it was killing them not know which one was the father even though neither one of them would admit it.
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