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Chapter 8

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"oh my god" i whispered as i started at the pregnancy test.

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 8

“Oh my god” I whispered
“ We.. We are having a baby” Brendon said with a huge smile and tears in his eyes. Ryan also had a smile on his face with tears… happy tears.
“ I … wow” was all Ryan could say. I felt myself start to become more happy and excited. I was having a baby with the men that I love the most in the whole world. We sat there letting it sink in a bit before we walked out of the bathroom. Emmi and Aubrey were no longer in out room but had left a note stating that they left to get ready for dinner. I looked at the time and knew we had to do the same. I went into the bathroom to change into my new underwear and bra. Me being the smart one I am forgot to bring my dress in with me though. I went ahead and did my makeup and hair. Ryan and Brendon came in not long after to get pretty themselves.
“ New?” Brendon asked as he ran his hands over the lace of my bra
“Yeah I just got it today “ I said
“ You look amazing in it” he said as his hands came to rest on my stomach
“ I cant believe we are having a baby” Ryan said
“I cant believe you two didn’t flip out about it” I mumbled
“ Why would we. It’s a little life that one of us helped to create. Yeah we are young but so what. There are people out there who have had kids younger than any of us are. This baby is going to grow up and be surrounded by more love than can be imagined” Brendon said
“ I know. I don’t know why I thought you would freak out. I guess cause I’m so use to us being careful and cautious about it all. It doesn’t matter anymore. I love you both and I love that we are having a child together. But am I the only one who really doesn’t like not knowing which one of you is the actual father.” I said
“Yeah it sot of bugs me but either way this baby is going to be loved by the both of us. He or she will just have two daddies instead of one.” Ryan said
“ He is right. And I am sure that there is some DNA test where we can find out if need be. But we can worry about that later. Right now we have to get dressed before Spencer comes after us. And I really don’t want him to see you in the sexy outfit you are wearing” Brendon said. I kissed them both before walking out of the bathroom. I went to my suitcase and pulled out a knee length greenish/bluish pattern dress. I slipped it on along with a pair of black heels and added a black beaded necklace to go with it.
“ You look gorgeous as always” Ryan said as he wrapped his arms around me
“Thank you” I said
“ Are we going to tell the others?” he asked as his hands went to my stomach.
“ Aubrey and Emmi are going to want to know. And Spence and Jon have a right to know since they have to deal with us. I want to wait to tell Bev and Stevie until your moms know about us and they know about the baby” I said
“Mom already knows about us. I told her on the phone a few days ago when she called to check on Stevie” he said
“What did she say” I asked
“ She said she doesn’t really understand how you can love two people but she is happy for us. She said if our hearts say its right then she has no room to say otherwise.”
“Has Bren told his parents?” I asked
“Yeah I somewhat have” Brendon said as he came out of the bathroom
“ What’s that mean?” I asked
“Bev’s big mouth got to them before I could. The point is they know and they wish us the best” he said
“I still don’t want Bev or Stevie to know till after your parents do if that’s ok” I said
“ I’d like that too. Plus this is something they need to hear from us not our loud mouth sisters” Brendon said
“ You guys ready to go before Spencer sends the search party” Ryan asked
“Yeah babe” both Bren and I said. I grabbed my purse and we were out the door.

We met up with everyone in the lobby and headed to the restaurant. Aubrey and Emmi kept shooting glances at me, Ryan and Brendon. Once we got to the restaurant and got seated, Bev and Stevie excused themselves to the restrooms.

“Well?” Aubrey asked
“Guys we sort of have an announcement to make” Brendon said
“What is it now?” Spencer asked
“Just tell us yes or no already” Emmi said
“We are going to have a little panic baby running around here this time next year. I’m pregnant” I said
“CONGRATS!” Emmi yelled
“ I’m going to be and uncle” Jon and Spencer both said at the same time which made us all laugh.
“Wait.. So which one?” Spencer asked while pointing to both Brendon and Ryan
“We don’t know who is. We prolly wont know till the baby is born” I said
“ My guess is Ryan cause you and Brendon have always been so cautious about making sure to use protection.” Spencer said
“My bet is on Brendon. He seems more of the baby maker type. I would think his swimmers would be faster since he is so hyper” Jon said
“Bet you $100 in it” Spencer said
“You guys are not betting on this” Emmi said
“ I bet its both” Aubrey said
“Aub your not helping” Emmi said. Me Brendon and Ryan just sat back and laughed at them all.
“I know I'm not. Anyways there is a test. Its called amniocentesis. Its basically a huge ass needle that goes through the abdominal wall to the amniotic sack and removed some fluid. It also will detect birth defects. But you have to be between 14 and 20 weeks along. Some doctors will do it as early as 11 weeks though so when you go to the doctor ask them about it” Aubrey said
“ Thanks Aub. We will definitely look into it” Brendon said. Bev and Stevie rejoined us at the table so the talk about the baby stopped. As soon as we got back to the hotel that night I crashed.
The next morning we took all the girls to the airport
“ You be careful missy. Boys take care of her or I will beat you senseless” Emmi said
“ I will be fine. We will be seeing you all in a month and half or so anyways.” I said
“ Make sure she sees a doctor soon so they can put her on prenatal vitamins” I heard Aubrey tell Brendon
“ I will make sure she sets an appointment up” he said as he looked at me. I just smiles. We all said our goodbyes before the girls left to board their plane back to Vegas.
“ Aubrey didn’t know I already went to a doctor this morning did she” I asked Brendon. We had somehow got a local doctor to check everything for me and to absolutely make sure I was pregnant. How they got me in so quick is something neither Brendon or Ryan would tell me but I think it has to do with their fame
“ I guess not. But I’m sure she will find out soon enough” he said as he pulled me closer to him and kissed my head.
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