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Chapter 7

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Girls day out

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 7

The past 3 week passed faster than any of us would have liked. The girls ended up staying for 3 weeks instead of just one. The guys were busy with interviews for the most part of the day. The girls are leaving tomorrow morning. We are meeting up with the guys tonight for a special dinner. Since the guys were busy we decided to have a girl’s day. We were currently at the nearest mall in whatever town we were in. we were having a blast. We had randomly tried on dresses and swimsuit and things of that sort. It was basically dress up whoever you wanted. Stevie and Bev went into a bookstore while Me, Aubrey and Emmi went into Victoria’s Secret. I loved that store, not only for the clothes but I love the perfume Love Spell.
“Here Em I’m sure Spence would LOVE this” Aubrey said as she held up a see through camisole.
“Perv. I already have that though” Emmi said causing me and Aubrey to laugh.
“How early do you think you can tell if someone is pregnant or not?” I asked quietly.
“Usually not till you miss a period. But some test can detect it earlier… wait... you don’t think…I thought you were on birth control. You and Brendon have always been so cautious.” Aubrey said
“I am on birth control. And im not sure if I am pregnant or not. Look don’t say anything to anyone. But for the past couple days I’ve been getting sick at random points. And like yesterday the smell of coffee was making me nauseous. And I love coffee. I know its not just a stomach bug either” I said
“You need to take a test and find out. Do Brendon and Ryan know you think you might be?” Emmi asked
“No. they know I haven’t been feeling that great lately but I don’t think they know.” I said as I picked up a really cute bra and panty set. It was red lace.
“Are you planning on telling them?” Aubrey asked
“I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. This could ruin everything they all have worked so hard for. Say I am pregnant. They cant stop touring cause of me. And you know they aren’t going to leave me at home alone. Being on tour isn’t a place to be pregnant or to have a kid. Hell there wouldn’t even be a way to tell whose kid it is till the baby would be born. I would be a horrible mom anyways just like my mother was to me” I said. The next thing I knew I was getting slapped in the face by Emmi. It wasn’t hard but it was enough to sting
“Both Brendon and Ryan would be by your side no matter what. There are plenty of people on tours that are pregnant and have kids with them. And don’t you fucking think you are anything like your mother. You will be an amazing mother one day. You are caring, nurturing and have a heart of gold. If you are pregnant than you have plenty of people to help you out and who love you” emmi said
“I am scared” I whispered. They both heard me though
“There is nothing to be scared of. Here is what we will do. We will stop by a drug store on the way back to the hotel and pick up a test. When we get to the hotel you will take the test. If you want us to stay we will or we can get Brendon and Ryan. But you need to let them know about it either way.” Aubrey said
“I cant let Bev or Stevie know. At least not yet” I said
“We will tell them we are picking up condoms for Bren or Ryan. They wont ask or look in the bag then” Emmi said. I just smiled.
“Shall we get going then?” Aubrey asked
“Yeah just let me pay for this” I said. I paid for my items then we went and got Bev and Stevie. We made a quick stop at the drug store before going to the hotel. Bev and Stevie went to their room to get ready for dinner. Aubrey and Emmi came with me to my room.

“Ok now go in there and take them. We will be out here” Emmi said I did as I was told. Once I finished peeing on the damn sticks I curled up in a corner of the room and started crying. I was scared shitless, nervous and just all around freaked out. It wasn’t so much about being pregnant as it was about Brendon and Ryan’s reactions. None of us were ready to have kids. I could hear Ryan and Brendon come into the hotel room. I could hear Aubrey tell them to just sit down and wait.

“Katie, sweetie are you ok in there?” Emmi asked through the door
“Can.. send Bren and Ry in” I said as I cried/ a few seconds later I heard a soft knock on the door followed by Brendon and Ryan coming in
“Katie, Love what’s wrong?” Brendon asked as he sat next to me and pulled me into his arms. Ryan joined us and also wrapped his arms around me
“Im scared” I said. Ryan wiped my tears away
“Scared of what babe” Bren asked
“I think… I think I might be pregnant” I said real quietly. They both remained quiet. I didn’t think they heard me.
“Have you taken a test to see for sure” Ryan asked. I nodded my head yes. I noticed that both boys tears in their eyes. I could read their expressions too much which was a first. It freaked me out even more and I started crying harder.
“Have you actually looked at them to see” Brendon asked in a calming voice as he ran his hands up and down my back. I shook my head no.
“How about we look at it together. Ok love? No matter what we are going to be here loving you as always. A baby will just be proof of the love we all share” Ryan said
“I will all work out love” Brendon said as he kissed me
“Why are there 8 tests?” Ryan asked as he laughed
“I wanted to make sure it was right. And 8 has always been my number” I said. Brendon and Ryan helped me up off the floor then they wrapped their arms back around me tightly. I closed my eyes and picked up one of the tests. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. I just stared at the test and I felt both boys grips tighten around me.
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