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Chapter 6

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The girls arrive,Telling the sisters

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A New Kind of Love Chapter 6

The next few days went by pretty quick. Today was Sunday. The day that Emmi, Aubrey, Stevie and Beverley were to arrive. I was at the airport waiting for them. I was just getting ready to call Emmi when I heard someone yell “oh holy fuck” followed by people laughing. I walked through the crowd to find Beverley on the ground. Emmi, Aubrey and Stevie were all laughing. I couldn’t blame them. Bev was a bit of a klutz.

“Hello girls” I said while laughing
“KATIE!!!” stevie yelled as she ran and jumped on me.
“Hey stevie” I said as I hugged her and kissed her forehead. It was something we have always done. I hugged the rest of the girls and helped them with their bags.
“Where are Brendon and the guys at?” Bev asked as we got everything into the van
“They are at the venue doing sound check and keeping Spence busy till we can get your stuff on the bus.” I said
“How has touring been going for ya? How are you and Brenny boy doing? Aubrey asked while wiggling her eyebrows
“Really good. it sucks being the only girl at times but I’ve gotten use to it. Its actually quite fun making them clean the bus. And me and Bren are doing great.” I said


“This bus is disgusting “I said as I picked up some molded bowl off the floor
“So clean” Ryan said
“No I am sick and tired of cleaning after you all. You assholes are going to clean this bus and you are going to do it now” I yelled. I was not in the mood to deal with them. Nothing had gone right for me that day. The meet n greet had to be cancelled because we didn’t have the lists plus the boys were running late all day long. It was hotter than balls outside and I was just all around in a bad mood.
“Ok calm down we will clean it now. You sit down and supervise us. Just relax” Spencer said. And hour later the bus was clean and the guys were all wearing cleaning gloves and aprons. Brendon had a feather duster in one hand and the other hand on his hip. It was quite a humorous sight.

end flash back

We chatted about random things the whole way back to the venue and to the bus. I wanted to tell the girls about Ryan but I was scared. Mainly because I had no clue how Stevie or Bev would react.
“Ok I have to go get your passes. I will be back in a bit. Stay here till then” I said as I left the bus. I went straight to the dressing room. I needed to talk to Bren and Ryan right away
“Ry, Bren we need to talk now” I said I noticed Spencer and Jon weren’t in the room.
“Katie what’s going on?” Brendon asked

”How are we going to tell your sisters about is? We can’t keep it quiet for a week and they are bound to find out. Same with Emmi and Aubrey: I said really fast. I was more freaked out about Bev and Stevie finding out from someone other than us than I was about Emmi and Aubrey knowing. I know those two would accept it. Especially Emmi.

“Kay it will be ok. We will sit them down and the three of us with tell them. Stevie loves you to pieces. She isn’t going to care” Ryan said
“Same for Bev. It’s not going to be that much of a difference to them anyways. Just like it wasn’t for Spence and Jon “Brendon said
“Can we just tell them when they come in? I don’t want to put it off anymore” I said. Just then Bev and Stevie walked in
“Tell us what?” Beverley asked
“I thought you two were on the bus.” I said
“Jon and Spencer walked on and Jon had our passes. We didn’t particularly want to watch Jobrey or Spemmi make out so we found Zack and he brought us here” Stevie said. Both girls ran to their brothers and hugged them
“Jobrey and Spemmi?” I asked while laughing
“Don’t ask... it was a long plane ride. So what did you want to tell us?” Bev asked
“Girls you may want to sit down” Ryan said
“Why is something wrong?” Stevie asked
“No nothing is wrong. We just aren’t sure how you will take this” Ryan said as he led her to the couch. Brendon did the same to Bev.
“You guys are seriously freaking me out” Stevie said. Brendon, me and Ryan sat on the table in front of the couch.
“Ok you girls know Katie and I have been together for a while now and that both of us have always been extremely close to Ryan more than we are to Spence and Jon” Brendon said
“Yeah I know. I keep getting asked if you all are having a threesome. It’s kind of weird.” Bev said
“Well that’s one way to put it” Ryan mumbled. I lightly hit him
“Sorry. What would you two think if we were all three together? All three dating each other. All three in one relationship” Ryan said
“I personally think it would be awesome. More love to go around. Plus it’s obvious you all care deeply about each other. It’s been obvious for a while now. And Ry you have always loved Katie as more than a best friend. And I can see it in your eyes that you love Brendon too. I would be happy for you. Just don’t hurt each other” Stevie said. Me, Bren, and Ryan all had tears in our eyes. I swear there were times like these when Stevie was way too mature for her age
“Bev?” Brendon asked. I know her opinion was extremely important to him. She was just sitting there showing no emotion.
“I can’t... im sorry” she said as she got up and ran out of the room
“Beverley” Brendon said as he went to go after her
“Bren let me go” I said. He looked at me with a helpless look before nodding his head. I kissed him then ran after Beverley. I heard a cry coming from the bathroom. I knew it was her. I walked in to find her with her knees pulled to her chest crying. I sat down next to her and wrapped my arms around her. I was surprised when she didn’t pull away.
“Want to explain why you ran like that” I asked
“How can you love more than one person? Bren is bound to get hurt twice as much now. You guys didn’t see how torn up he last time was. I almost lost my brother cause of that whore.” She cried
“Bev... sweetie I don’t know how we can but it is possible. Me and Ryan both love your brother more than words can ever express. Neither of us would dream of hurting him. Especially not me. Brendon needs to know that you support him. Your opinion on this really does matter to him. He can’t help who or how many people he loves. The three of us are happy and we are going to do everything in our power to keep it that way.” I said
“I didn’t mean to freak him out or to run. I know you won’t hurt him. You are like a sister to me and I love Ryan to death too. It’s just weird you know. It’s not everyday you find out your brother is in love with two different people.” She said
“I know sweetie. But honestly when has Bren ever done something normal?” I said
“Good point there... I’m sorry Katie I really am”
“No need to be sorry. Let’s get back to Bren now ok.”
“Ok” she said. We walked back into the dressing room to see Ryan trying to comfort a crying Brendon. Bev ran over to him and hugged him.
“Is she ok?” Ryan asked me as he slid an arm around my waist
“Yeah she just doesn’t want her big brother to get hurt” I said. Ryan just kissed my head
“Ryan I am sorry. I didn’t mean to freak out. I am happy for you all I really am” bev said as she came over to hug Ryan
“Its ok sweetie” he said as he hugged her back.
“So how long have you three actually been together?” Stevie asked
“A little over a week now” Brendon said
“Do Spence and Jon know?” Bev asked
“Yeah they were the first ones to know. We had to tell them beings that we were on the bus with them and stuff. Plus we didn’t even want to have to try and hide it” I said
“So what’s going to happen when you all get back to Vegas? Are you all going to move in together or keep separate places?” Stevie asked
“We actually haven’t talked about it. But I would love for Katie and Bren to move in with me. They practically live there anyways.” Ryan said as he looked at me and Brendon. We just smiled at him and nodded our heads.
“Well it looks like we will be living together” Brendon said
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