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Enter: King of the World

by Gunblade

Hunter travles to England and meets a new friend.

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King of Bandit: Skye: Reloaded

Chapter 2 King of the World


A five-year-old little boy with messy black hair wondered alone and hungry through the streets of London, unaware that he was being watched and followed by an old man. He was cold and did not know where he was going as he wondered the streets; he just knew his family would be better off without him. His family would not have him to glare at, and starve.

The young boy walked down a deserted alley with a blue backpack over his shoulders, leading in to a dead end. Sighing he turned around, jumping. Standing in his path, an old man wearing a long black trench coat, blue eyes and greying black hair and a mischievous grin plastered on his lips. Harry was not really sure whether he should be afraid of the old man or not, but he did not seem very sinister.

“Hello kid,” the man said with a cheeky grin, his dark blue eyes sparkling mischief.
“Err, who, who are y - you?” replied Harry, a little scared. He had only just run away, and now he had been caught. He wondered whether the old man had been following him, since he could have sworn he felt a weird presents behind him for a while now.

“My name is Franklin Skye,” he replied kindly, with a small smile. Harry swore he had heard that name before, but could not quite place it. “I’m here to offer you the chance of a life time, kid.”

Harry gulped, stepping back slightly, it was not that he thought the man might hurt him; he was just confused and startled. “W-why? W-what do you want with me?” he thought, since his parents do not want him for anything why would he.

Franklin smiled reassuringly. “I have no children of my own, Harry,” he answered with a sad look glazing his eyes momentarily.

The raven-haired five-year-old gasped in surprise and wonder. “How’d you know my name?” he asked interestedly.

Franklin chuckled good-naturedly. “I’ve met your parents before, though under a false name… and I saw you… the lonely, underappreciated child of the Potter family.” He moved closer to the shocked little boy, crouching down to eye level he smiled. “I was once known as the Bandit King; I stole from the rich, greedy and evil, but made sure to never take from those who needed everything they had. Once they said I could steal the stars from the sky,” he informed his with a slightly smug grin.

Harry stared at him in open mouthed shock, he had read a book about all of the Bandit Kings crimes and his legend; he had just found it lying in his room one day and found it fascinating. He had even dreamt of one day becoming the King of Bandit, which would be so cool. However, he just thought it a fairytale; some of the things in the book just seemed unbelievable.

It seemed so amazing; he was actually face to face with ‘the’ Bandit King: The King of Bandit. His hero was in front of him. Harry’s eyes were wide open in shock and awe, he was really meeting him, it was not just a dream, not a lie; he could see it is the truth in the old mans eyes… they held no fibs.

Franklin grinned as he watched the boys’ mind work frantically, trying to understand, to comprehend what he had been told. “You enjoyed the book I left for you then?” he finally asked noticing the young lads’ awed expression with some amusement.

Harry nodded emotionlessly. “I - it’s in my backpack,” he soon responded, a small smile stalled on his lips.

Franklin smiled brightly, his eyes dancing in gratitude in the moon lit street. “How would you like to take my place,” he asked in barely a whisper. “How would you like to be my heir?” he added quietly.

Harry gasped, his eyes bugging out of his head comically, in shock and wonder. “You want me to be the next King of Bandit?” asked Harry, his voice full of wonder and hope.

Franklin nodded and offered his left hand. “Only if you want to?” he agreed. Harry suddenly nodded eagerly, making the best choice in his life… he took the old mans hand in his right.

(End Flashback)

“We’re at the motel,” the taxi driver suddenly said, jumping Skye from his thoughts. He sighed as he felt the taxi had come to a halt, he was so tired he felt like just staying in the cab but knew a bed would be nicer and cheaper.

“Thank you sir,” he said as his purple eyes opened, he handed the driver the fare and extra, with a tired sigh. “Keep the change,” he added as he climbed out, closing the door, the taxi drove off, into the traffic. Looking at the motel he smiled, it was just what he wanted, a Short Stop Motel.

Walking into reception, and up to the desk; only a young women receptionist, being the only human other than himself. “Hello,” he greeted cheerfully.

The young pretty blonde woman blushed as she gazed at him. “Good afternoon sir,” she replied politely. “I’m Emma, what can I do for you?” she smiled. If Skye was not so tired he might have attempted to get the woman in bed with him, however sleep was more important than such things right now, his trip was too tiring. Wow, he thought to himself. To tired to screw a cute woman, I’m loosing my mind.

“I would like a single room for the night please,” he replied with a grin. She smiled back at him as she proceeded with his request. He just watched her with unblinking eyes, hoping he will come across another hot girl tomorrow; even a quickie would be fine.

Soon after he arrived at his room, opening it, he discovered it to be nice but modest, how he preferred, just a bed, TV and a shower in the next room. He closed and locked the door, dropping a plastic bag with some sandwiches in; he had bought from the motel bar. Sitting on the bed, he pulled out a sandwich and started eating.

“Are we there yet,” a voice suddenly hissed as Arrow crawled out of Skye’s coat, slithering around his shoulder. “Oh, we’re in the motel already.”

Skye nodded amusedly. “Are you hungry?” he asked with his moth full of BLT sandwich.

“No, I ate yesterday, and you know we snakes don’t eat like your kind,” he replied smugly. Or talk with our mouths full, he added to his thoughts rolling his eyes.

The pitch-black haired young man chuckled. “Lucky for you,” he replied amusedly. “I remember you said something like that when we first met… just after my grandpa died, and I completely ditched my past name… grandpa gave me a new name, but after he passed I took his family name for myself too.”


A sad lonely young boy of twelve with light absorbing black gravity defying hair and deep purple eyes, an accident a few years ago when using magic to change his look made it so drastic, however his grandpa Franklin thought it looked nice so he left it.

His grandpa Franklin had just recently passed over to the other side, leaving the young boy by himself. He has friends whose parents will take him in without hesitation, but he has a world to explore now he has nothing keeping him in one place. He knows he is a bit young to travel the world alone.

However, if he was to become ‘King of Bandit’ he should start young, right, he has all of the skills needed; he just has to find his first target, and succeed.

The young boy, formally known as Harry James Potter walked alone through a small woods, when he suddenly heard a snickering voice, “hehe hehe, I’ll scare the little human boy, good.” Right then a small red and orange snake slithered into view on a branch just below eye level. “Boo,” it hissed amusedly, giggling at the startled little human boy.

The young human suddenly grinned, giggling excitedly. “Wow, you’re funny little guy, aren’t you?” he said to the snake in a hissing language. He had discovered his gift of Parseltongue quite a while ago, and found most snakes amusing when he spoke to them.

The snake looked at him in surprise, its little black eyes bugging out of its little head. “Did you just speak to me?” it asked worriedly. He had not ever spoken to a human before, and wondered what the little boy might be doing.

“Yup,” replied the boy with a huge grin. “Hello, my names Hunter… Hunter Skye… I’m a wizard… I’m going to become, King of Bandit,” he announced overjoyed, bobbing up and down on tiptoes eagerly.

The snake snorted in amusement. “I’m Arrow… how are you supposed to become king of anything all by yourself?” he demanded interestedly.

Hunter shrugged still grinning eagerly. “I’ll manage… err, maybe you want to come along and help me?” he asked hopefully. Snakes are just so cool, he thought, and Arrow just seemed too funny not to want around, he would be fun that was sure.

Arrow looked at him thoughtfully for a moment, corking his little head to the right slightly, deep in thought for a moment. “Hmm… okay… I guess I haven’t really got anything better to do,” he agreed with a short nod of agreement. Well in actual fact, it was boring in the small woods without anyone to talk to, and the young lad: Hunter Skye seemed interesting enough.

Hunter laughed and offered his arm down to the young, small serpent. Arrow climbed up, coiling carefully around his wrist. “Do you want me to find you some food before we leave?” he asked eagerly with all the energy that rolled off him in droves, hoping up and down.

Arrow chuckled shaking his little head in the negative. “I ate yesterday, and we snakes don’t eat everyday like you mammals,” he answered good-naturedly, with what might be call a smug smirk, though that could just be Hunter’s new friend’s normal expression.

Hunter giggled in amusement. “Okay then… let’s go,” he declared over eagerly, as he sprang forward, bouncing off through the woods, happy he will have a partner in crime, ‘literally.’. From that day on Hunter and Arrow became the best of friends and never went far from each other, exploring the world and bringing forth the new legend of the ‘Bandit King.’.

(End Flashback)

Hunter woke the next morning, showered and dressed before eating his last sandwich. “Arrow,” he called, nudging his little friend as he slept on a pillow on the bedside table. He would swear Arrow would never wake if he did not give him prompting, the lazy little git.

“What! What!” the snake replied groggily, its eyes blinking open tiredly, looking around hectically, in panic. “You haven’t gotten in trouble again have you?” he asked, his eyes still scanning the room only to find Hunter shaking his head in amusement.

The young Bandit King chuckled at his friend amusedly. “The way you keep moaning about that you would think I get in trouble everyday,” he retorted with a huge cheeky grin.

Arrow groaned as he climbed up Hunter’s sleeve, poking his head out near his face, over his shoulder. “Well Hunter Skye…” he mocked. “What about yesterday at the train station?” he asked smugly.

“That wasn’t my fault,” he defended himself defiantly. “Those men started it… he hit that little girl.”

“Well, there was no need to hit him back.”

“I didn’t hit him that hard,” Hunter retorted defensively.

“You knocked him out and onto the tracks.”

“Well, okay, but it still wasn’t my fault.”

Arrow laughed doubtfully. “Then what about three days ago? Those pimps?” he asked reproachfully.

“What, they were the ones who started it… I saw them hitting that woman about, I just put a stop to it,” he retorted smugly with a roll of his deep purple eyes.

“You almost killed one and stabbed the other in the leg, then twisted the blade until it snapped off in him.”

“He tried to stab me with it first.”

Arrow snorted, his little black eyes twinkling amusedly. “Well, what about the day before that when the cops were chasing you? Or five days before that when the Bulgarian Aurors’ were hot on your trail? Do I need to go on?”

Hunter sighed with a mock pout. “Okay, okay… you made your point, trouble sniffs me out.”
Arrow nodded his little head smugly. “Well, lets get a move on, the quicker we get to England the quicker you can do your jobs, and the longer we get to explore the country,” he answered changing the subject. He knew Hunter was unlucky when it came to troublesome people, always bumping into them and then opening his mouth and blurting out the wrong thing: Troublesome… for them. Arrow knew without a shadow of doubt his young human friend was going to get them into many awkward or dangerous situations in England, and part of him could not wait to see what kind of trouble ‘Hunter Skye’ can get them into this time.

That is if they do not get into some kind of trouble before then. He was just glad his friend is just as good at getting friends as enemies otherwise, he would not have lasted this long. Arrow knew though without him, Hunter would have gotten into a lot more trouble over the years than he already has. His young friend also had a hero complex, which furthers the trouble… always rescuing the damsels in distress, one would think Hunter is a knight or something.

“Okay,” replied Hunter with a small sigh. “I’m curious to check out the wizarding community there… I cannot remember much about it from when I lived there, my parents did not really take me anywhere. Though, we should be careful with that Dark Tosser running loose with his arse kiss patrol.”

Arrow laughed at that understatement. “No I think it’s them who should be careful, considering what you’ve done to the cops for chasing you.”

“Sorry,” he replied with a small whine, walking to the door with a sheepish smile. “That was an accident, and you know it.”

“Whatever,” replied Arrow in amusement as he hid in Hunter’s coat, as the door was pulled open, he knew there was little doubt Hunter would end up kicking some dark wizard ass, and kicking hard.

Hunter walked cheerfully to the reception, handing in his room key before walking outside and hailing a cab to the ferry docks, wondering all the while whether he really was a trouble magnet like he believed or whether he subconsciously looked for it. He wanted it to be the former, however, now he though about it… it might just be the later, he did get bored too quickly.

He knew though with his luck he would definitely run into death eaters at the very least. He wondered whether he might get to see Voldemort, he had heard the dark idiot looks like a snake man, and wondered what a snake man in the real world really looked like.

“Ticket and Passport,” a man at the boarding platform asked as Hunter approached. The young Bandit King had arrived at the docks from the train station only moments ago, lucky to not miss the ship, he and Arrow had been chatting too long. He wondered whether he could find a nice young woman onboard the ship though, to keep him out of trouble.

“Here they are,” he replied cheerfully handing them over to the man.

The man looked them over before handing them back. “Thank you,” he said as Hunter pocketed his passport and ticket and moved onto boarding the ferry. He always enjoyed a good boat ride, with the wind through his hair while he stands on deck.

Hunter had been standing on deck at the front of the ship for half an hour enjoying the wind in his hair, his coat flapping about behind him. He was contemplating whether, or not to lean over the front and yell, ‘I’m the king of the world’, like he saw in a movie once. He guessed he really should not; he would look like a complete prat if someone caught him. He chuckled at the thought… that is all he needs… its just all so troublesome.

“I don’t even know why we bothered coming on holiday!” a girl yelled from behind. Looking round he spotted a girl, maybe his age heading his way, brown busy hair waving around behind her, an angry scowl on her face being followed by a nervous man and woman he guessed were her parents.

She wore blue jeans and a white blouse, and black shoes. Hunter had to admit she looked quite tasty, with a small smirk he just watched her and her parents crazy antics.

“Hermione!” her mother cried in reprimand. “See reason… and keep your voice down!” she added worriedly.

“No mum, why should I!” she retorted hysterically as she approached the young Bandit King. He only mildly wondered why the girl is so pissed off, but shrugged it of as a girl thing. “Hi,” she greeted him, to his mild surprise. “I’m Hermione Granger, and I’m a witch,” she said grinning at her parents horrified expressions looking smug. “There’s an evil dark wizard murdering people in England.”

“Hermione!” her father reprimanded angrily, she just glared at him.

Hunter chucked and took the girls hand shaking it amusedly. “Hi, I’m Hunter Skye, and I’m a wizard… I already know there’s a Dark Tosser killing people; no need to remind me but thanks anyway.”

Hermione looked flabbergasted and sulky, that was just so unfair, of all the people she could have told that to she had to pick the only other magical person onboard the ship. “Well that was embarrassing,” she commented blushing fiercely as she got a good look at him. He was probably the best looking young man she had seen in a long while; he almost knocked thoughts of her boyfriend from her mind… completely.

“Not really,” he replied grinning cheekily. “You would not believe how many good looking girls meet me in a similar fashion.” In actually fact it had happened twice before on boats, he could swear it is a subconscious act on the girls’ part to introduce themselves, not that he would ever complain, they had fun. He internally smirked at the pleasant memories.

Hermione blushed fiercely, fiddling with her fingers. “I have a boyfriend,” she told him nervously, not that she could remember her boyfriends name right now. She looked at her parents as they decided to retreat since she was with a wizard, which was a bit stupid considering the wizarding war, well she doubted very much any death eater would ride a muggle ship. She looking back at Hunter, he must have been the cutest boy she had ever met… and wow, she had never met anyone with purple eyes before, and this hair: Cool.

“Well, I’m not looking for a girlfriend,” he suddenly replied, quirking an eyebrow with a small smirk on his lips, with plenty of implication left unsaid.

Hermione blushed deep scarlet at his implication; he just took her hand and led her back inside. As they walked, Hermione’s breathing became quite heavy as her nerves kicked in. However, she could not help but go with him… he is the best looking guy she has ever met, and doubted she would ever have the opportunity to loose ‘it’ to such a cool young man again.
He finally pulled her into the disabled toilet, closing and locking the door he smirked at her, and she gave a small nervous smile. Suddenly he leaned him, his lips capturing her… she was startled for less than a second, before her lips started working of their own accord, kissing his. She felt a power burning throughout the kiss: A blazing force as the kiss deepened, his placed his arms around her pulling her body tighter to his.

As if by instinct, she ran her fingers through the inside of Hunter’s coat, over his shoulder, and she felt muscle, stalling a small from her lips, as she tasted his tongue on hers. She pushed his coat gently back and he moved his arms, letting it slide to the floor, un-noticing the small snake that slivered up the sleeve hiding as the coat hit the ground.

He pulled his lips from hers then, his hands making his way to the buttons on her blouse as his purple eyes stared unblinking into her hazel. She did not know how, but all of the buttons on her blouse undone without his hand touching her. He moved his hands to her collar, slowly sliding her blouse down her shoulders, his eyes glazed down to her white bra, hiding her nice sized breasts, maybe three handfuls each. He let the blouse drop to the floor behind her as his fingers found their way to her soft stomach.

His fingers roamed her beautiful skin as his lips caught hers again. Her hands found his muscular arms, she almost gasped as she felt metal on his right forearm. She pulled back from the buzzing kiss with a small moan, looking at his arm, she noted some kind of metal bracer fused to him: Silver in colour. However, taking her gaze from that she tugged his tee shirt up and over his head, throwing it to the ground.

Her eyes opened wide, she had never seen muscles like his, this close before. Her fingers found their way nervously to his chest, feeling him was nothing like see. She could barely believe how solid he is. His muscles felt like steal. Her hands could not help but roam his body as she captured his lips in hers again. His arms around her, she felt no touch but somehow the back of her bra unclipped as she worked her lips down Hunter’s jaw, down to his neck before pulling back slightly, she let him slide off her bra, showing her stiffened nipples and breasts.

Hunter reached up eagerly with both hands, squeezing her breasts, he positioned his hands so he could gently rub her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, increasing the stiffness, she groaned. He then moved his mouth in, tasting each nipple with a flick of his tongue.

Hermione groaned out in pleasure at the contact of his tongue, and more so as his lips encompassed her right, sucking lightly before moving to her left, all the while his hands caressed her breast. Her head rose up as she enjoyed the attention she got from him, groaning, and all nervousness gone.

Then however, the sensation around her nipples left as Hunter moved his kisses lower, down her body, kissing her stomach and navel. He just brushed his right hand over the button of her jeans and it undone, her zipper sliding open. He then waved his hand over her shoes, the laces untangled and she allowed him to slide them off her feet, some nervous butterflies returning in force.

Hunter then worked Hermione’s jeans down, around her ankles and she shakily stepped out: She wore small white panties. He kissed her inner thighs as he worked his way up, his lips touching her wet panties as his fingertips entered the sides, slowly he worked them down, revealing to his purple eyes gave her wet vagina, and brown hairs; he helped her step out of her panties before his lips brushed her slit: Tasting her juices.

He used his thumbs to open her slightly, his tongue sliding up it. Hermione let out a gasping moan, as he tasted her fully, his tongue beginning to lash at her. The girls’ moans becoming more vocal the more pleaser he gave her, a few noises in Hunter’s throat made her aware he was enjoying her taste.

Then it happened as Hunter slid his tongue deep inside her, she gasped out with a little squeal, grabbing his hair pulling his face further into her, between her legs. Hunter could feet her soaking area contract around his tongue and a small gush of juices, entering his mouth, which he drank down. Hermione screwed up her face in the ecstasy of that moment, groaning and panting out loudly.

As it passed she released her grip on Hunter’s head, and the young Bandit King pulled back from her, with one last lick that sent a shiver of pleasure up her spine. He looked up at her as he slowly rose, kissing her lips gently, allowing her to taste herself: Second hand from his lips and tongue, which she did not object too.

Hermione then slowly moved her lips, over his to his jaw and down his neck; he raised his head with a groan as she made her way further down, her hands roaming his solid body. Her tongue tasted ever inch of his chest, down to his strong abs. she crouched as she unbuckled his belt, letting it hand undone on his trousers as her hands went further down, feeling for away to realise his boots. She felt something that appeared to be a huge metal buckle; letting her gaze flirted down she noticed his boots had not laces but one dragon designed silver buckle on each boot. Therefore, she released the catches and pulled them off, dropping them next to her.

She then reached up, and without undoing his button or fly, she pulled his trousers down letting them drop to his ankles. As her gaze caught sight of his black boxer shorts, her eyes bugged out of her head at the huge, stiff bulge: Shaking her head clear, she let a small smile creep onto her lips; as she slid her hand on the huge warm bulge: Giving it a small squeeze, which earned a groan from Hunter.

He smiled down at her as she slowly and methodically slid his boxers down, his huge member sprung free, hard and ready for use, as she dropped his boxers to the side her gaze never leaving his penis. She slowly reached up, the fingers of her right hand shaking-ly touching his penis, just brushing it at first as she knelt before him, slowly wrapping her fingers around, and slowly pumping it, masturbating him; he let out a pleasant groan.

Hermione spent a few minuets pumping Hunter’s large member before she got her nerve up to the correct level. She slowly moved her head forward, her lips brushing the pip of his penis, she poked her tongue out slightly brushing it on him, he moaned: Enjoyment. Slowly she slid it into her mouth, and sucked gently to begin, getting a small gasp from the young Bandit king as she began to pump it within her suctioning mouth. Her right hand now squeezing the base of his penis tight as she sucked him harder, enjoying the taste and the moans of pleasure he was giving her.

She moved faster as hunter moved his hands stroking them through her hair, as she swallowed from him he groaned louder, as she took in as much as she could manage, unsurprisingly, since it is her first time that was not much. However, she kept working on him, enjoying it, she felt herself even more turned on with every second, as her left hand moved between her legs and she slid her middle finger in. She masturbated herself as she sucked Hunter’s throbbing member.

He started pumping her mouth as she continued groaning and sucking, then he burst out in noise as she felt his hot sticky seed blast into her mouth. She struggled to swallow every bit as he continued having sex with her mouth, but she just about managed not spilling a drop as he slowed down to a stop.

Hermione slowly slid her head back, sucking off his penis, flicking the tip with her tongue, taking with her a bit more cum. She swallowed, barely believing what she had done, and she thought she was supposed to be the smart good girl.

She looked up into Hunter’s purple-eyed gaze to see him grinning at her, he offered his hand and she took it allowing him to help her up to her feet, pulling her finger from herself he took it into his mouth, sucking it clean.

He smirked at her as he kissed her forehead working his way down to her nose, then lips, they kissed softly before he moved in closer. Hermione felt Hunter’s stiff member pushing up against her tight slit, slowly pushing for entrance, she stumbled backwards, as Hunter stepped forward with her, keeping her from falling as they kissed. Her back hit the wall and Hunter pushed up against her, taking her hands in his; she gasped a little in pain as he slid the tip of his hard member into her slit, she squeezed his hand.

Feeling his solid body against her, her lips touched his neck and another gasp escaped her lips as he pushed further, gently pumping his way deeper. Hunter suddenly felt some resistance as he pushed; reaching the barrier, he smiled slightly and just pushed. Hermione gasped out with a small squeal of pain as he breached her, before moaning out as he slid still deeper as he pumped her, working her body. Her toes twitched in her socks, she released his hands, holding him loose but tight around his neck.

She held on as he pumped harder and faster, they both moaned and groaned, Hermione noisier. Hunter held her right hip in his right hand and moved his left to her left thigh, lifting her leg, bent at the knee for better leverage. He held her with ease as she screwed up her face from the force of the sensation, moaning out louder, almost shrieking the faster and more he moved, before it happened for her again. She screeched out, her vagina contracting, so he let go and she felt his hot seed shoot deep inside her as he grunted out; he continued, emptying himself into her body, her juices spilling out with some cum, spilling down his penis and balls as he slowed to a halt.

He carefully pulled his softening member out of her and she smiled as he let her stand on two feet again. She looked down at his member, noting her juices, blood and his cum, she bent down and swallowed his softening penis into her mouth, sucking the sticky concoction off. Pulling back, she licked him clean before standing again and staring at him.

She could barely believe she had just done this as her lips briefly found his before she pulled back. It had felt so good, after the initial pain of entrance; she just wished they had longer to do it again, but knew the trip across the English Channel is not a long one.

It had been forty wonderful minuets and Hermione felt slightly bad for her boyfriend after letting a strange boy she had only just met take her virginity in the disabled toilets. However, she doubted very much whether her boyfriend could ever make her feel that good, and wow, his kisses were like burning lightning. They had washed up a little in the sink and felt quite refreshed. The only thing other than the snake she finally noticed that was disconcerting was on his right forearm, some sort of metal thing fused to him, even to the bone.

“So, err, what’s that thing on your arm?” she asked as they both began to get dressed. She was curious now to at least know a little about the strong muscular young man: Hunter Skye. In addition, she has been dying to know what it is ever since she first felt it and saw it.

“Oh, this is, err, nothing really,” he replied nervously, unsure what to tell her for a minuet before lie mode kicked in. “I err, damaged my arm quite badly a while back, and with no magic to heal me, well… this had to do.”

Hermione nodded thoughtfully as she replaced her bra, though did not totally believe that excuse, she let it slide. “Well, what about the snake?” she asked interestedly.

Hunter chuckled with a small grin. “If I tell you you’ll think I’m evil or something stupid like that,” he replied pulling on his tee shirt. “Most wizards and witches aren’t the most reasonable people,” he added as an afterthought.

“Oh, you speak Parseltongue?” she replied shrugging nonchalant, she was not one of those many idiots from the magical world. “Well I have a friend who speaks it,” she replied reasonably.

He nodded thoughtfully with a wider smile, at least he has finally met one smart witch; he thought as he placed Arrow back on his arm and pulled on his coat. “So who’s your friend?” he asked interestedly, parseltongue are so rare he thought it might be nice to meet another that is not a murdering psycho dark tosser.

“Oh, you’ve probably heard of her… Rose Potter,” she replied, gauging Hunter for his awed expression. However, all she got was a small double take, and a slightly startled expression.

Hunter was a little nervous though, he just screwed his sisters’ friend, he knew something slightly troublesome would happen, and now he was with a friend of Rose’s. “Oh, the girl who lived… what’s she like?” he asked interestedly, wondering, or maybe hopping she has changed. It would be nice to find out his twin was no longer being a selfish bitch… if so maybe he could try to kindle some kind of relationship with her.

“Oh, she can be quite a spoilt brat sometimes,” replied Hermione a little sadly, “but most of the time she’s okay… though I think that’s mainly because her mum passed away a couple of years back saving our lives,” she added with a tired, sad sigh.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear it,” his said, his face dropping… his mother is dead. He was not really sure whether he should feel sad about that or not: On one hand, she is his mother: On the other, she had never cared for him… maybe whatever sacrifice Lily Potter made is a sign that she changed.

“Don’t worry too much,” she replied, taking his face gently in her hands, she carefully brought him down to her level and kissed him on the lips briefly. “I feel sorrier for June; I don’t think she has many friends and her dads always ignoring her, giving all of his support and attention to Rose.”

Hunter’s face brightened, “Rose has a sister?” he asked hopefully… but more he was thinking, ‘I have a little sister?’ Praying thanks to the heavens, begging it to be true. However, then the horrible thought hit him. Rose is Voldemort’s favourite target… his little sister, June will be in danger too, which changes things, he might have to stick around to keep her safe… but how… he internally shrugged; he will probably stumble across away. Its not like Voldemort’s much of a threat to him… more like just an annoyance, though that did not mean he will underestimate the dark loser, because he has learnt from his mistakes of the past.

The bushy haired girl nodded and missed Hunter sighing in relief and the surprised grin. “Yeah, she’s about five years younger… Rose even had a twin brother once but he disappeared about five months before June was born,” she added with a sad expression.

He nodded absentmindedly as Hermione went to open the door; he then shook his head clear and stopped her with a hand on hers before letting her go. “One second, there’s someone outside the door,” he told her reasonably, not wanting to get the weird look people would give them for being in the toilet together.

Huh?” she muttered looking at him, confused. “How’d you know?” she asked interestedly.

He shrugged with a cheeky grin. “I can just sense her life force; I’ve been able to do it since I was little,” he answered as if that skill was nothing interesting.

“Are you some kind of Auror or something?” she asked eagerly, wondering at his unique ability.

Hunter grinned in amusement with a small chuckle. “Na… just had a good teacher… okay… coast is clear,” he added opening the door and the two quickly hurried out, into the hall. Hermione hopped that they will meet again sometime after they part today.

She would like to have spent a lot more time with him… maybe even share a bed. Though, she was not sure she could cheat on her boyfriend again, though on second thoughts she probably would.

“Well this trip hasn’t been a complete waste,” she commented with a bright grin, her boyfriend once again lost to her thoughts, well it is not like he is considerate to her. “I’ve never done anything that irresponsible before,” she informed him, lust was not normally something she would give into, but with Hunter… he brought out the bad girl in her.

“Well, don’t worry; I won’t tell if you don’t?” he retorted amusedly, he just wished the boat ride lasted longer; they could have gone another couple of times.

Hermione giggled, her eyes sparkling with mirth. “Thanks... so where are you going?”

“Me? I just have some business then I’m going to check out the sights… you?”

“Well, school starts tomorrow so I’m going back to Hogwarts.”

“Is it really that good a school you’ll risk going there even with Voldemort,” she flinched. “Well with him around?” he asked interestingly.

“That’s what my parents asked, throughout most of our trip,” she sighed sadly. “I can’t believe you don’t even seem afraid of him.”

Hunter shrugged innocently. “I’ve met worse people than him… most of them muggles,” he replied half truthfully. In fact, he was more afraid of his best friend, she could be scary sometimes. Anyway, he was not afraid to die if it meant innocent people could be saved… as long as he took the evil git with him, he will be happy.

Hermione grinned. “I never thought about things like that, I suppose there’re always worse people.”

Hunter nodded with a shrug. “Well, there’s your parents, you should probably go apologise… your lucky; your parents care enough to worry.”

She looked at him sadly. “Don’t yours?” she blurted out, suddenly covering her mouth with her hands for a second. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

Hunter shut her up with two fingers to her lips. “No, they don’t… you see their daughter… my sister became famous, and they put all of their affection and time into making sure she had everything she wanted while ignoring me. I ran away when I was young, and luckily, I was rescued by a man I eventually considered my grandpa… I even understand I have a little sister now.” He leaned in giving her a small kiss on the lips, the look on her face priceless, she closed her eyes, and suddenly a small swish of wind startled her, opening her eyes he was gone.

“Wow, Hunter. You’re so cool,” she whispered to herself dreamily, before a small well of guilt for her boyfriend pressed in on her. She sighed; turning towards her parents, she shot them a small smile. Hunter was right, they only nagged and moaned because they care, maybe she should go and make nice.

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