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Enter: Troublesome

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King of Bandit: Skye: Reloaded

Chapter 3 Enter: Troublesome

Hunter groaned unhappily, shaking his dizzying head clear, trying not to heave up his breakfast; he hates apparating while stationary, it was ten times worse while doing it in motion, such as from a huge ship.

He really should not have said that to Hermione, she might have figured out who he is, and what he was talking about: He shuddered. If she did, the least he could hope for is for her to keep quiet about it.

Blinking the dizzying dots from his eyes in the bright sun, he looked around to see where he landed. He had only apparated to the first magical destination he could sense.

He looked around the busying small village with a frown, noting the huge castle in the distance; he blinked the sun from his eyes. How he ended up in the small Scottish Village of Hogsmead was beyond his knowledge, he would have expected Diagon Alley. However, that was not the case as he looked around at all of the rushing witches and wizards.

He sighed shaking his head again. Hunter thought he might as well have a look around since he has not to his knowledge ever seen this village before. He half wondered as he began walking, whether Hogwarts is open for the public to see, since he had not gone to school before it would be interesting, but he supposed with Voldemort of the loose that would not be smart.

His boots crunched on the snow-laden ground as he smiled… the place looked like a beautiful winter wonderland, only spoiled by everyone but him rushing around crazily. Not that be blamed them with all those dark murderers on the loose and the wizarding worlds government being incompetent morons, though he was not very concerned with the possible threat, not to blow his own horn or anything; but with him here everyone are a lot safer than if he was not.

He stopped as he spotted a small coffee shop, and thought a nice hot drink in this weather would be nice so made straight for it. However, as he got closer his decision to enter the shop seemed very hasty. He stopped outside the widow looking in and made a face as if he would rather take his own life than enter the coffee shop. It had mistletoe all over the ceiling and tacky doilies on every table, and the lamest and cheapest Christmas Decorations he had ever seen. The place also seemed to have a kind of romance theme from the year 1000, about the same time Hogwarts was founded.

He just cringed as he watched some poor young man, maybe a year younger that him get his ass dragged into the shop by his eagerly grinning girlfriend. The boy however, had a look of pure abject horror on his face: Hunter felt very sorry for him, very sorry indeed.

“But it’s so romantic!” the girl squealed in delight as her boyfriend gave up his protests and the door closed behind them with the tingle of a bell. If all human girls thought that tacky is romantic, he would only date out of his species… hell, nobody should be forced to suffer that; and the horrid perfumed smell coming from the shop, even with the door closed, no doubt ruins the taste of the coffee. His eyes scanned the interior once, noticing a few boys inside giving him envious looks so he shot them a smug smirk and a short wave before turning away as they glared.

Shrugging, still looking smug he strolled away looking for a place to get a warming drink that does not look like boys: Hell. He only trekked a little way when he found a nice looking pub: The Three Broomsticks. He stopped by the door and peered in to make sure it was not decked out in tack. He saw decorations but they were not over done, so he sighed in relief and took a sniff of the air, all he could smell was alcohol and food, so let out a breath of gratitude.

“Excuse me, w’at are ya doin’?” a booming voice from behind and up asked interestedly.
Hunter span around looking up he saw a massive guy with beetle black eyes and big busy brown beard and hair, wearing a large moleskin coat.

“Um, well I did want a coffee,” he replied innocently. “But I looked in the coffee shop window… and smelt tons of perfume,” he informed the giant man shivering at the thought.

The giant man chuckled knowingly with a nod. “No what ya mean… but t’ey ‘ave none of that rubbish ‘ere… are ya new in town?” he asked interestedly.

“Yeah,” he agreed with a smile. “The names Hunter… nice to meet you,” he introduced himself offering his right hand.

The giant man grinned good-naturedly and grasped Hunter’s hand firmly with his left, startled at how firm the young mans grip is, that it actually matched his, they shook. “The names Hagrid… nice ta meet ya,” he replied as they released their handshake.

“Well maybe I could buy you a drink and you can tell me a bit about the place?” suggested Hunter reasonably. “I got some of those Galleon things yesterday in Leon…”

Hagrid blinked in surprise before grinning widely, not one to miss a free drink and a chat with a new person. “Alright, I’ll be glad ta…” he agreed as Hunter led him into the pub. It was quite noisy and packed but they managed to squeeze in, even with Hagrid’s large size. They manage to get a couple of free seats at the bar: Convenient.

Behind the bar when they were seated a busty woman, fairly good looking approached the pair with a kind smile. “So what can I get you two gentlemen?” she asked them both, eyeing up Hunter more than necessary, she had to admit he is the cutest kid she has met in a long while.

“Hmm, what do you want Hagrid… and I’ll have the same,” suggested Hunter with a huge grin, missing the barmaids horrified expression.

Hagrid however, did not see anything wrong with that so just grinned eager to get a drink. “Ok t’en, two of me regulars please Rosmerta?”

“Err, Hagrid are you sure about that?” she asked worriedly looking at Hunter. Hagrid just nodded while Hunter wondered why she looked worried, but shrugged it off as a woman thing as she went off to get their drinks.

“So Hagrid what do you do around here?” asked Hunter, conversational. He guessed the man probably does something labouring and outside by the scent of soil about him, and his size.

“I’m gamekeeper and keeper of grounds at Hogwarts,” he answered proudly. “And I’ve been magical creatures’ teacher for a few years now, too.”

Hunter nodded interestedly. “Cool,” he declared. “I saw the castle from outside, it’s massive.”

Hagrid nodded with a chuckled. “Sure is,” he agreed. “So, what ya doing here?” he asked eager to find out a little about his new friend.

“Oh, nothing much,” he shrugged nonchalant. “I just have some business in London later… so I’m just sightseeing.”

“Here you are gentlemen,” interrupted Rosmerta as she floated two huge ten-pint tankards of mead onto the bar in front of them, before glancing Hunter amusedly and walking off to serve someone else. Hunter was very much aware of the snickering directed his way as Hagrid lifted his drink to his mouth taking a long draft, unaware of anything being wrong.

The young Bandit King sighed and shrugged. Grabbing the tankard by the handle, he lifted it with ease, replacing the snickering with gasps as he raised it to his mouth and took a swig before placing it back down.

“Not bad,” he said, not intending to drink the whole thing, he cannot get drunk when he has a mission later, and this one tankard would have him crawling on the ground. “So Hagrid, is there anything interesting around here?”

Hagrid glanced at him in thought for a moment. “Well the kids like Zonko’s Joke Shop… or there’s always the Shrieking Shack…” be began, but trailed off when they heard ear splitting screams of terror coming from outside, followed by several loud explosions that rocked the ground.

The pub had gone extremely quiet as they listened when someone near the window shouted out in panic. “Its death eaters!” he screamed, causing a panic to descend throughout the pub, except for Hunter who sighed tiredly as he glanced around the pub. He would have laughed at the funny scene of everyone screaming and crying, running around as best they can in the crowded pub without actually running outside. However, laughing at the idiots while they crap their pants over death eaters who they probably out number five to one or more is un-cool.

Hunter sighed as a snickering hiss came from within his coat. “I told you so,” the snake whispered without coming out, knowing everyone will automatically accuse Hunter of being a death eater because they are mindless morons.

It was then that Hagrid, who had gone into shock, shook his head clear and stood, pushing his way through the crowd. Hunter shrugged, stood and followed after him, ignoring the yells in his ear; they might as well have bull’s-eyes on their heads spelling, ‘please kill me’.
Hagrid barged out of the door, Hunter on his tail to see only ten death eaters wearing long black robes with skeletal masks laughing, cheering and juggling two children in the air: A young boy and girl, while several adults tried to plead for their release while dodging spells clumsily.

Then Hagrid looked round at Hunter from the destruction and chaos the death eaters were causing. “You should get back inside, its not…” he trailed of as Hunter was already running towards the death eaters.

They saw him coming and a few fired spells that Hunter dodged with ease, increasing his speed making everyone who noticed him blink in surprise, since he only got faster. He jumped up, spinning twice at a side angle in between two killers, landing lightly in a sweeping motion he continued; his momentum unfazed.

He could now here the two kids cries and screams as he dodged left then right, speeding right passed the pleading adults, ducking a spell, under that death eaters wand, he grabbed his wrist with his right hand holding his arm outstretched, tight, all in one motion as he came up his left fist smashed into the death eaters elbow. The masked man screamed in pain as bone splintered out of his skin, splattering blood from under his sleeve. Hunter pulled the death eater to his knees with his damaged arm, as he cried, Hunter then released him and smashed him out could and bloodied cracking the mask with his right fist, the enemy slumped to the ground: Unmoving.

Another spell came his way from the side, he bent far back, leaping off his feet he back flipped landing lightly, he sped forward with the momentum, leaping up, legs face height, and with a left turning spinning slice kick, his right leg smashed into another death eaters face. Blood spilt in gushes as the dark enemy screamed, he was sent hurtling twenty feet, trailing blood, where he landed unmoving, his mask split and fell off, each half to either side of his blood oozing face.

Hunter using the shock the other death eaters were in to his advantage, punched another with a left and right to the chest, and he screeched in agony as they splintered ribs and he spat up a gush of red blood before the young Bandit King right hooked him flying, a few feet away where he did not get up.

Hunter then seemed to disappear before the death eaters eyes as they shook of their shock to fight back when a boom of strength caught their attention, behind. Hunter appeared out of nowhere… his fists firmly planted in two death eaters’ stomachs, and they were lifted from the ground, dangling limply on his fists, blood gushing out of the sides of their masks from their mouths. Hunter just let them drop to the ground, turning he glared fiercely at his opponents’,
they acceptably stepped back, very shaken.

“Five left,” commented Hunter to himself. Then the two death eaters levitating the children stopped the spell to fight, firing.

Hunter growled as the screaming kids’ fell; he dodged the spells, left and right, noting the kids to be about five, he had to stop their fall. He sped forwards, ducking he dove under a killer, his hands hitting the ground he sprang up, the bottom of his left boot crashing into the nearest death eaters knee, smashing it to smithereens and bringing him to the ground.
Hunter sprang onto his feet and ran at another muncher, dodging spells as he moved away, backing up. However, Hunter was much too fast, he reached his target and ran up the mans body, smashing his right boot into the dark wizards face, blood poured as the muncher fell unconscious, crashing to the ground.

Hunter seemed to fly for a moment in the direction of the screaming children as they fell, his arms outstretched, reaching them in flight/fall; he grabbed them both around the waist, and they in that moment of shock scrambled to hold him as tight as they could as they continued towards the ground. The boy and girl closed their eyes as the ground came up to meet them. However, they did not crash down but landed, slightly heavily but nothing else. The kids opened their eyes to see they were now safe and only three death eaters left standing with looks of horror, and one crying on the ground in agony, cradling his knee.

Hunter had landed where Hagrid now stood with the other adults with looks of shock and awe.
Hunter just pried the children off and shoved them into Hagrid’s temporary custody since he is a teacher. Hagrid shook his head clear, noticing the children in his arms. “Don’t worry kids… I’m just going to take care of the rest of the garbage,” said Hunter with a small smile when he noticed they looked as if they did not want him to leave.

Hunter then scowled fiercely at the three remaining death eaters and they staggered back looking passed the point of fear, feeling nothing but terror. He charged, seemingly flying across the ground… the death eaters seeing no choice fired spells, it seemed they were so scared they forgot they could apparate away: Escape.

The young Bandit King skidded round a green spell, ducking one of dark orange, and jumped up forward flipping a few feet in the air over another green beam, as his feet hit the ground he stepped with speed to his right, avoiding another killer, all the while never slowing his dash. He dodged another dark orange spell dashing slightly left, then dropped to his right rolling under a black beam before using his right hand and arm, flicking himself to his feet only leaving a small trail in the snow, his momentum still not stalled, like an unstoppable juggernaut.

He screeched across the snowy ground seemingly getting faster, he ducked another killer, stopping his dash he let himself slide on the snow, as if surfing, he kicked out his left leg as he passed one, tripping the death eater flew down, crashing to the floor with a whimpering groan. Hunter then stood, grinning darkly as he witnessed the two others he still slid towards, their eyes widened in horror, they could not even think of a spell; it was useless to even try.

“Its quite cold out here,” commented Hunter loudly and coldly. “Why don’t I warm you both up,” he laughed as they stumbled back just as Hunter’s slide ceased and he stood still, glaring at his enemy. “Scorching Sun, God of the Desert… Flare!” he roared: A huge eruption of flame, as if a rippling wave of heat and fire blazed into existence before the young warrior, rolling in droves towards the death munchers, they were routed to the spot as the snow melted around them, the head overwhelming. They could see Hunter through the flames as if he was within them, his purple eyes: Cold.

It then hit, and the two remaining death eaters screaming in blood curdling agony as the blazing red flames engulfed them. Those watching, mouths agape, had already witnessed such incredible feats, realised in horror the death eaters were being toyed with before. Suddenly, Hunter just waved his right hand loosely, nonchalant and the flames splashed away, the screaming stopped; the two death eaters just collapsed out cold, burnt and steaming, bloodied and defeated.

Hunter sighed and just turned around, slowly walking towards Hagrid, his long yellow orange coat swaying in the sunlit breeze, as he walked passed the muncher he tripped his right boot kicked the mans face, gushing blood the death eater passed out, rather that getting away with faking it. He looked over to the one he smashed the leg of but did not KO to see he had passed out from the pain.

The young King of Bandit groaned and cranked the muscles in his shoulders as he continued towards Hagrid a small grin spreading to his lips. Arrow was hissing at Hunter for showing off rather than just blasting them all, but he shrugged, he could not have risked the children’s life like that, so fought his way, and hand to hand is more fun anyway, and a nice workout.
The Battle took, start to finish: 1min 25sec.
“Whoa, that was just troublesome,” he commented to the giant man as he stopped before him with a sheepish grin.

Hagrid still holding the two children looked down at Hunter, still shocked, his eyes a little hazy. However, he shook his head as clear as he could to respond. “Um… yea… I guess,” he replied quietly as the kids squirmed out of his grip, dropping to the ground they rushed to Hunter and jumped up, he just grinned and took them into his arms holding them tight.
“T-thank you!” they both cried out, holding on for dear life. He held the two little sobbing kids, one in each arm, he sighed; normally it is a hot damsel; he saves. He is not the best with kids, mainly because he does not know any this young, but he would try his best to make them feel better.

Hunter sighed slightly. “Shh, it’s ok… what kind of hero would I be if I didn’t save you and kick bad guy butt, huh?” he asked jokingly.

The boy and girl stifled some giggles, pulling back to look at him they wiped tears from their eyes. “See,” he continued with a reassuring smile. “No need to cry now,” he chuckled as they gave small smiles.

“T-Tim, Marry,” a blonde woman interrupted coming to her senses, stepping forward with tears in her eyes.

“Mommy!” the boy and girl chimed stretching out for her.

“Oh, my babies,” she cried as Hunter let her take them both from his arms hugging them tight herself, lavishing them with kisses before looking up at the young warrior with grateful tears in her blue eyes. “Thank you so much, how can I ever repay you?” she asked desperately.

Hunter shrugged impishly, noting the woman is quite hot, but is probably married, anyway asking for sexual favours for saving lives was just beyond wrong and not his style. “Ahh, its fine… I’m just glad they’re ok… ya know, death eaters are just bothersome morons. It was my pleasure to teach them some respect for pain.” The woman just nodded, thankful her babies are fine, thankful the young warrior was here to save them all.

“Ah, Hunter,” interrupted Hagrid. The giant man looked confused and nervous as the young mans purple eyed gaze met his beetle black. “H-how do you do um… that?” he asked with deep interest.

Hunter just shrugged. “Do what?” he asked not quite sure what spectacle the large man referred too.

“Ya know, with the fire?” he asked eagerly, wincing slightly as he locked gaze on the roasted death eaters.

Hunter just shrugged with a mystic grin. “Why magic of course,” he answered with a roll of his eyes, only the two kids in their mothers arms giggled a bit at his humour, he was glad they would be ok, and even more so that they find him funny.

Just then, popping sounds could be heard all over, the small group looked around sighing in relief as they spied the blue auror robes, of twenty magical cops. “Whoa, backup always arrives on time doesn’t it?” asked Hunter sarcastically.

He then grinned as he saw them all just stop as one staring at the already defeated death eaters dumbly. “Who did this,” one called finally coming out of his shock, glancing around all of the mess, and ass kicked death munchers.

Hagrid was about to speak when Hunter interrupted. “Bye all… I have not got the patients for them right now, so I’ll see you around.” And with a cheery wave to the shocked group, he swished away, disappearing with out a sound.

Hagrid had to appreciate the kid as he chuckled. He has style. He guessed he should tell Dumbledore of this, someone who can toy with ten death eaters and save two juggled kids is someone the Order would want on their side.

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