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Enter: The Weasley's and the Potter's

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Hunter meets his blood family.

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King of Bandit: Skye: Reloaded

Chapter 4 Enter: The Weasley’s and the Potter’s

Hunter appeared in Diagon alley, shuddering, he really really hated apparation. However, did not want to be bothered by those incompetent and late aurors; at least he was stationary his time. He shuddered at the memory of apparating from the ferry earlier. Shaking his dizzying head clear, he glanced around the magical shopping district of Diagon Alley in London.

He chuckled lightly to himself that everyone is rushing around here too, just like in Hogsmead. He wondered where he could get a room for the night as he looked around. Then he just grinned as he spotted an ice cream parlour; sweets now worry about where to stay later.

He then strolled forwards straight towards the ice cream shop, his stomach already roaring its quiet approval since he has not eaten since he left France. He entered the parlour, a few people sat nervously around inside at tables, eating. He just smiled and approached the counter, a huge smile lighting his face as his eyes caught sight of the huge selections different ice creams and toppings.

“What can I get you?” a plump man asked him with a nervous smile.

Hunter just grinned eagerly. “Hmm, well it all looks so nice; I think I’ll just stick with a standard mint chocolate chip though.”

The man nodded, pulling out a cone and scooping on two scoops of light green and white ice cream with little chocolate bits in, handing it over. “That will be two knuts please,” he said with a brighter smile.

Hunter then rummaged in his left pocket and pulled out a large gold coin, handing it over, as he licked a bit of his ice cream. “Err, keep the change,” he answered with a grin as he just walked off and out of the shop leaving the man looking surprised.

Hunter walked with a smile through the Alley as he ate his delicious ice cream, wondering where else he could visit when he saw a Quidditch shop and walked closer, looking in through the window, he saw the latest broom: The Firawind. It was beautifully crafted, and if he played the magical sport he might had wanted one. However, he has never even ridden a broom before. However, he had to wonder at that… why would they still ride ordinary wooden brooms when they could have invented something better by now, like in an alloy.

Shrugging he finished off his cone in one last bite. “Excuse me mister,” a small voice suddenly said as someone tugged on his coat, looking down he saw a small boy of four, maybe five years old with a lolly pop in his mouth.

“Hello,” replied Hunter crouching down to eye level with the child. “What can I do for you?” he asked with a kind smile. The kid seemed weird somehow… Hunter had never met someone he could not sense before… it was like the kid is not even alive.

“I lost my mommy,” he replied sweetly with a sad pout. “And mommy said not to talk to strangers, but you look nice.”

“Well you really shouldn’t talk to stranger,” agreed Hunter with a small chuckle, wondering what he could do. “What does your mommy look like?” he asked, guessing he should find her for the kid, since its dangerous with death eaters about, and he did not need to save anymore kids today.

“She has hair like mine,” he replied pointing to his blonde hair happily.

Hunter sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly. “Well, let’s go find her… or maybe an Auror to help look?” he asked offering his hand.

The boy looked offended. “I want ride,” he demanded, grinning impishly.

Hunter sighed; he really did attract unwanted trouble. “Okay, get on,” he said turning, crouching, the boy hopped on his back giggling, holding onto the young Bandit Kings shoulders. “So where did you last see your mother?”

“Um, at Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes’ of course,” he chimed cheerfully with a huge cheeky grin.

“Okay,” replied Hunter uncertainly, looking around for a place he has never heard of before, and chuckling when he saw a bright florescent pink, blue and green shop, it looked interesting enough. “Well let’s ask in there, then… by the way I’m Hunter - what’s your name?” he asked walking towards the store.

“My names Benjamin, but everyone normally just calls me Ben,” he replied excitedly.

They soon entered the shop. Hunter liked in immediately, it sold amazing jokes and tricks the likes of which could keep him occupied for hours. The shop was not very crowded; however had a few people mulling around, he guessed the war was very bad for business.

He walked up to the till desk being attended by a young red haired man, a man whose eyes sparkled mischief and mayhem.

“Hey,” greeted Hunter with a small grin. “I found this kid… err, you haven’t had any hysterical mothers in here have you?”

The red haired bloke suddenly burst out laughing, with a mocking glint in his tone. “I knew it would get someone,” he chuckled menacingly.

“Huh?” Hunter was confused, why anyone would find a lost kid funny was unknown to him, but he had a bad feeling about this.

“That’s kids not real,” a giggling girl said coming over. She had red hair just like the young man, down to the small of her back, tied back loosely, she wore dark blue everyday robes, and Hunter suspected them to be brother and sister. She had cure little freckles too, he always thought red haired girls with freckles the cutest.

“Oh,” Hunter shrugged with a small smile. “That explains why he has no life force; I was beginning to think he was a Zombie or something.”

“Here, let be take that,” laughed another red head from behind prying the giggling boy off his back. Defiantly the other blokes twin brother. “Its good to see there are some decent people left in the world.”

“I’m Fred.”

“And I’m George.”

“Weasley… nice to meet you.”

“Hi I’m Hunter…. Hunter Skye.”

“Well this is our little sister Ginny,” said George gesturing the cute red haired girl. Hunter wished she was wearing a dress and not baggy robes, he was sure she had nice legs and a great figure. He just smiled and used his imagination.

Ginny rolled her eyes. “I’m not little,” she retorted with a small glare.

Hunter grinned at her, chuckling, causing her to blush incredibly, as he looked her up and down. “Defiantly not… a cutie though.” Ginny’s blush practically matched her hair colour. Her heartbeat skyrocketing as she stared at the young man, or more accurately: Man of her dreams.

“Hey,” moaned the twins. “No flirting with our sister,” continued Fred with a mock glare.

“Well he is hot, any girl would die to have him,” another girl interrupted. Hunter’s heart almost stopped as another red haired girl walked over, followed by a man with messy black hair, and a black haired girl about twelve who wore shabbier robes than the older girl, and looked miserable.

“Err, sorry I’m taken,” he said nervously, and was standing next to Ginny with his arm around the blushing girls shoulders so fast, blink and you missed it: The twins thought he might as well have apparated.

Rose scowled. “What? You would rather have her over the girl-who-lived?”

Hunter shrugged impishly. “Yup,” he agreed, truth being she was talking about incest something he wanted nothing to do with, though he had to admit, his sister is hot. “She’s gorgeous.” He thought he might have some grovelling to do after this to get out of defending himself from two angry brothers, not that they could do much to him.

“And what does she have that I don’t?” demanded Rose pouting.

“Err… a nicer ass,” he replied uncertainly. The twins suddenly stopped their angry glaring to burst into laughter.

“Hey!” moaned Rose angrily. “Dad, tell them to stop being mean,” she commanded to her father.

“Err, stop that this instant,” he said glaring at Hunter. He just shrugged with a cheeky grin.

“Oh, who’s this?” said Hunter leaving Ginny’s side to relieve her embarrassment and over to the black haired girl with a kind smile.

“That’s just June,” informed Rose as though she did not care, though he could sense she did. She seemed to have just gotten an incredible build up of guilt for saying that.

“Well hi June, I’m Hunter, it’s nice to meet you.”

June looked at him in surprise. “Thank you… y-you too,” she said in a small sad voice.

Hunter smiled caringly at her, cupped his hands together and she watched as they glowed, opening them he revealed a small white lily. “A gift… a flower for a beautiful flower,” he handed it to her.

June smiled lightly at him. “T-thank you,” she stuttered lightly with pink tinted checks.

“You’re welcome.”

“Hey, why are you giving her presents? She’s not important like me,” demanded Rose with a hint of jealously and even more shame.

Hunter looked at her glaring half-heartedly, and they could all sense power and strength radiating off him. “What’s all the noise about?” Arrow suddenly piped in sticking his head out of Hunter’s coat, by his face looking around at the small group of people in surprise.

“You have a snake,” said Rose suddenly smugly. “I can talk to snakes,” she grinned approaching him. “Hello,” she said in Parseltongue. “I’m Rose, what’s your name?”

Arrow looked up at Hunter in amusement. “What’s the deal with her?” he asked interestedly.

Hunter shrugged. “I don’t know, I think she has a superiority complex.”

Rose gasped. “You speak Parseltongue?”

Hunter laughed. “Of course,” he told her in said language.

“How can you speak it without looking at the snake?” she demanded jealously.

“Anyone with half a brain can work that out,” he replied smirking.

“How then?”

“You picture it in your head,” answered to everyone’s surprise June.

Hunter looked at her grinning; he was going to ask whether she speaks it; however, the panicked look in her eyes made him decide not too. Just as Hunter was beginning to enjoy himself making Rose look like an idiot a huge explosion and screams could be heard outside.

“Crap, not again… I’ve already been in the middle of an attack in Hogsmead today,” Hunter moaned sighing as he watched people outside running for their lives, screaming. “Why don’t they just fight back?” he asked looking at the two dozen Death Eaters he could see not to far away. “We out number them thirty to one,” he declared in annoyance.

“It’s not as simple as that,” answered James. “The ministry doesn’t like it when civilians interfere.”

Hunter laughed. “Well if they come in here I’m taking them down hard,” he answered with a roll of his eyes.

“Same here,” relayed the twins, drawing their wands.

“Skye,” reprimanded Arrow. “Do you have to get into another fight today; couldn’t we have just checked into a pub, completed your jobs and got into another fight after?”

“Could have,” he agreed. “But where’s the adventure in that?”

Arrow sighed. “Whatever,” he muttered as he hid away back in Hunter’s coat.

“Hey look, its Potter!” a death eater said as he and a few others entered the shop. Hunter noticed James step in the way of Rose, wand held tight so he moved June behind him.

“Hey death eaters,” said Skye gaining their attention. “I’ll do you a deal, piss off and I won’t hurt you.”

The death eaters just laughed at him. “Ha, and who are you supposed to be,” one mocked in amusement. “How about you hand over Potter and we’ll think about leaving you all alive.”

“But there’s only five of you,” replied Hunter smirking. “You make this too easy,” he chuckled, a dark silvery grey blade, swished, metal on metal out of his right sleeve above his hand, seemingly attached to his wrist. He then moved dashing forwards so fast blink and you missed hit.

Suddenly he reappeared, his blade up against the nearest death eaters’ throat, his left hand holding his robes near his neck tight, and the munchers eyes widened in horror. “One last chance…” he whispered dangerously. The death eaters did not move.

Hunter’s left knee then came up, crashing into the death eaters gut with crushing force, the sound of snapping bones made everyone else in the shop wince as the death eater screamed out in agony. Hunter pulled his blade back and it retracted, blood spilling from the munchers mouth as he doubled over, falling to the ground out cold.

The young Bandit King just smirked at the four remaining dark wizards as they stepped back, readying their wands: One fired. Hunter dodged the green beam to the left as it hit the ground, burning a small hole in the floor. The King of Bandit jumped up at the next muncher, with a spinning left kick his boot smashed into the masked face, the mask went flying with blood as bone cracked and Hunter’s enemy went down.

He dodged two more dark curses, left then right before fading out of sight. Suddenly one death eaters mask smashed off his face, blood oozing all over as he flew back crashing into some shelves that crumpled on top of his. Hunter was then in the air where the eater had just been, landing lightly on his feet.

Hunter then reached out to either side of him, grabbing the death eaters by their robes, pulling them towards each other he let go, stepping back the death eaters staggered hard into each other with yelps of pain. Hunter then struck out twice with his right fist, smashing the fiercely to the ground; they did not even cry out as they were unconscious on impact, crashing down.

Hunter then turned his dangerous gaze upon the remaining muncher, and before the dark minion could even register the threat, the young Bandit King dashed towards him. Hunter ran up the munchers body, the world seemed to slow down, with the young kings left boot on his enemies left shoulder; his right boot pulled back, he span left, and with a sickening crash, his foot connected. Blood lashed out, the mask cracked in a spider web pattern as the dark wizard screamed like a little girl, crashing with explosive force into the street outside, bouncing across the ground: Glass cut, blood trailing from the window, to his limp and unmoving form.

Hunter landed lightly with a pleased smirk. His coat waved gently from the breeze drifting in through the widow; the light from outside illuminating him in a soft light as he stood. He then cranked his neck and stretched for a moment, noticing outside aurors were not late this time, which he smiled at: Grateful. Hunter then turned back to the Weasley’s and Potter’s, startled to see them along with a few other people in the shop gawking at him like fish out of water.

He moved his right hand up to the back of his neck, rubbing it nervously; he grinned sheepishly. “I did warn them,” he commented with a shrug.

The Battle took; start to finish: 0min 32sec.

Hunter stood staring at them for a few minuets, while they just gawked; open mouthed with looks of awe and horror, and he thought the gawking was bad in Hogsmead. He wondered whether all of the wizarding world were such weaklings they could not take out a couple of measly death eaters

“Wow, mate that was awesome,” declared Fred suddenly grinning, gasping for breath, it seemed they might have all forgot to breath or something as they all shook their heads clear.

“Totally,” agreed George, also with a small gasp for breath. “You didn’t even kill them… did you?” he added the last uncertainly, as he looked at the bloodied mess. Hunter just shrugged, not really bothered too much, they are only murderers.

“Yea… I thought you were going to slice them up with that sword,” agreed Rose disappointedly, though overjoyed at the incredible feat of strength she witnessed.

James sighed, looking at the defeated death eaters. “You didn’t even use your wand,” he agreed looking beyond surprised.

“Oh, I don’t have a wand, never went to school,” he replied with a shrug and a cheeky grin. “Hey I think they’ve stopped fighting,” he added to change the subject.

“Ginny! Fred! George!” a red haired plump woman yelled as she rushed into the shop, giving the three in question bone crushing hugs each, “I’m so glad you’re okay, I was so worried.”

“M-mum,” moaned Ginny fidgeting in her hold, struggling to breathe. “You’re - crushing - me,” she whined, jittery.

“Oh, sorry Ginny dear,” she replied sheepishly as she let her daughter go. “What happened here?” she asked worriedly looking at the bloodied, defeated death eaters in surprise.

“Yes, I too would like to know,” interrupted Albus Dumbledore entering the shop, his blue eyes twinkling a mile a minuet. “Did you stop all of these James?” he asked gesturing the death eaters, though his gaze fell on the young man with purple eyes, very aware of what really happened to the munchers.

“No,” said James pointing to Hunter who now stood next to June, after making sure she was fine. “He did… and without a wand,” he answered, eyeing the young man a little suspiciously.

“Without a wand?” asked Dumbledore with an increase to the twinkle in his blue eyes. “How could he have done it without a wand, they’re highly trained dark wizards?” he asked with a small frown. However, what Hagrid had told him not too long ago running through his mind.

“It was awesome professor,” Rose piped in helpfully. “He just literally kicked the hell out of them, he moves so fast sometime I could barely see him, he even dodged close range curses… and once just disappeared, then smashed the death eater in the face with a kick, coming out of nowhere, smashing him through the window.”

“Yeah, it was excellent,” agreed Fred excitedly. “He even ran up this one death eater, the one under the jokes,” he pointed him out, energetically. “And then kicked him in the face,” he added with a huge grin.

Dumbledore smiled widely, his eyes twinkling faster than before. “Well thank you… may I ask your name.”

“Hunter,” he replied, cursing himself for getting in this deep, he should have left straightaway, like he did in Hogsmead, though maybe not, he thought as his eyes darted to June then back to the old man.

“Hunter?” he nodded thoughtfully, “and your family name?”

Hunter sighed, exhausted. “Skye…” he answered with another sigh. “However, I have no family. Well, I might have a little sister somewhere,” he corrected glancing June briefly, before back at Dumbledore again.

Dumbledore raised a curious eyebrow, in interest. “Might ask where your loyalties are in the war?”

Hunter shrugged nonchalant. “I don’t have any; I haven’t stayed in one place long enough,” he shrugged again, guessing this might be an opportunity to protect June.

“Ahh,” Dumbledore nodded thoughtfully with a smile. “Would by chance are your services… for hire?” he asked to everybody’s surprise.

Hunter was curious. “What for?” he decided to ask, interested.

Dumbledore’s smile increased tenfold. “I have been teaching defence against the dark arts myself this year, though I don’t really have the time. I could use a talented teacher who could take the classes for me, at least until June,” he replied, remembering what Hagrid said the young man did with his magic.

Hunter laughed in amusement. “Sorry but I’m not qualified… I don’t have a wand, and I don’t know any spells with one.”

Dumbledore raised a curious eyebrow, no wand or spells, he was curious how he could control fire then, and hopped too someday soon find out. “Are you a wizard?” he asked interestedly.

“Yeah,” he agreed with a shrug.

“Did you defeat these death eaters?” he asked gesturing the dark wizards still out cold and bloodied on the ground, the one outside just now being levitated away by Aurors.

“Yeah, so?” came his confused reply.

Dumbledore chuckled amusedly. “Well then you have something to teach, and that’s thousands of times more than quite a few of our recent defence teacher I’m afraid to say.”

“Oh, but I’m still only sixteen,” he shrugged thoughtfully, and slightly hopeful, he will be able to keep his eyes on June, and he supposed Rose too. “I suppose I could teach self defence,” he shrugged with a sheepish smile.

“Well, that is all I ask, if you would like the job?”

Hunter shrugged. “Sure… I guess; it will be an excuse to stay in the country for a while longer.” His real reason though as he glanced June again was for her safety, though his eyes flickered to Rose as well. He thought Dumbledore must be off his rocker, hiring a teenager to teach at Hogwarts but also he is thankful.

“Oh my god this is so cool,” interrupted Rose excitedly. “You’ll be the hottest teacher ever.” Hunter blushed, trying to rid his mind of his sister thinking about him like that.

Dumbledore chuckled nervously, he did not think about that, and hoped the girls at school will behave themselves. “Well,” he began as he cleared his throat. “Also, err, while you’re here, maybe you would be interested in the Order of the Phoenix?” he suggested, the young man seemed to be a man of the world; with skills like his the order would have a powerful ally.

Hunter looked at him, mock thoughtfully, sighing. “Sure, I guess I could help out, I haven’t got any plans.” Wow, really, Dumbledore is nuts, foolish too, but he will soon learn.

“Brilliant,” the old man chimed brightly, clapping his hands together. “We’ll introduce you at today’s meeting in an hour if you can make it?” he asked hopefully.

“Okay, my other business can wait until tonight,” he replied with a shrug and a small grin.

“Excellent,” said Dumbledore cheerfully, clapping his hands together again, and then pulled out a quill and piece of parchment, wrote something and handed it to the young King of Bandit. “It’s the secret to Order headquarters.” Hunter nodded as he read the location, the parchment then burst into flames, to everyone’s but Hunter’s surprise.

“I presumed you didn’t want me keeping it?” he asked amusedly, shaking his head in humour, the way these people acted he wondered whether they had seen magic before.

“Of course,” the old man replied, grinning. “Molly, if I could ask you to bring Mr. Skye along with you.”

The red haired woman nodded, agreeably. “Of course Albus,” she replied with a motherly smile.

“Oww,” moaned Rose with a pout. “Can’t we bring him?” she asked her father hopefully.

“No sweetie,” replied her father with a frown. “We have to quickly finish up and get those new robes you wanted,” he said turning to the Weasley’s. “We came in to ask whether you could watch June for a while.”

“Of course,” said Molly with fake warmth, she loved June, but her father she could do without, the idiot does not know how to care for two children, equally. “We’ll bring her to headquarters with us.”

“Well, if everything is sorted, I’ll be leaving,” said Dumbledore. “I’ll get… oh never mind they’re here now,” he gestured the Aurors’ entering to collect the death eaters. “I’ll see you all later,” he said as he gave a short wave and exited the store soon left followed by James and Rose, after a quite goodbye.

Hunter sighed tiredly leaning on the till desk. “I do not like the way Rose kept staring at me,” he shuddered at the thought.

Fred and George chuckled. “Don’t blame you mate,” agreed George.

“Yea… she maybe easy on the eyes, but that’s about it,” added Fred amusedly. Hunter thought he should probably have been brotherly about that comment, it is not like Rose knew any better, since her parents made her like that, but even he could see she did not like the way she acts herself. However, held his tongue and just nodded in mock agreement.

“Boys’,” Mrs. Weasley reprimanded. “Don’t speak like that.”

Hunter chuckled sadly, turning to Ginny, noticing her staring at him; she blushed when she caught his eyes, looking away, he smirked internally. “Well, if you don’t have anything to do Mr. Skye,” began Mrs. Weasley. “We can head to headquarters now?” she suggested with a smile as the last of the death eaters were levitated away.

“Oh, err, sure… but please Mister makes me sound old, it’s just Hunter,” he replied, smiling.

Mrs. Weasley chuckled. “Okay… well Hunter, Ginny and June lets go, we’ll floo from the Leaky Cauldron.”

Hunter and Ginny groaned. “I hate floo travel,” they both said together, looking at each other they burst out laughing in amusement.

“Hermione should be at headquarters as soon as her parents drop her off,” she continued as she led them out, amused her daughter and Hunter both hate floo travel.

Hunter gulped sweating nervously. “W-who’s Hermione?” he asked nervously, praying it was not the same one he had just screwed a few hours ago, though with his troublesome luck it probably is… plus she is Rose’s friend.

“That’s my youngest sons’ girlfriend, she’s on her way back from France with her parents,” she told him cheerfully. Hunter was now feeling slightly guilty, though if she wanted to he would do it again, he would, it is a guy thing, or maybe just a Hunter thing.

However, his purple eyes caught Ginny’s brown, the cute girl smiled cutely at him and he felt a weird sensation, squirming in his stomach. Unsure why he felt so weird, wondering whether he is just hungry he just shrugged it off as nothing as he followed them out of the shop, he sighed. He guessed this is all just the beginning of a new adventure: A teacher: Him. He laughed internally at the thought; he would never have imagined it. In addition, member of Dumbledore’s Order… that was just asking for trouble, but for his little sister; he would traverse hell, though did not truly know why.

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