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Hunter remembers his first true fight, and June and Ginny get snatched, the young King of Bandits uses a cool tracker power and follows.

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King of Bandit: Skye: Reloaded

Chapter 5 Lost

Hunter sighed soporifically as he followed Mrs. Weasley towards the leaky cauldron, and in turn the floo fire, which he hated more than apparation. He wondered what new troubles would come his way when he gets to the Order safe house. He wondered what Dumbledore and his Order of the Dodo where planning within the war. He guessed not much since Voldemort has so many flunkies.

However, as his eyes shifted over to Ginny, he guessed it would not be too bad. He had this cute red haired girl for company. He shrugged internally; at least his life is never boring. He chuckled when he thought back to his first ever real fight... he was thirteen and outnumbered about ten to one by large freakish biker men… he remebered he was lost when he ran into them, but was thankful he did, since he made a friend for life that day. he wondered when he will see her next, probably not for a while, since she has school, and he now has a job. That day he found out being lost is not so bad... just look for the silver lining.


“Ya little brat!”

“We’ll teach you not to mess with your betters!”

A cute, small thirteen-year-old boy with gravity defying pitch-black hair snorted. “Betters?” he asked mockingly with a small smirk as his deep purple eyes scanned the twenty big, ugly and stupid men surrounding him and his new friend, a small red haired girl of about ten years old, her green eyes fearfully scanning the horrid men, in leather biker gear.

Young Hunter Skye wore black combat trousers, a white tee shirt and a dark blue jacket, wearing white running trainers; his snake friend Arrow hidden under his left sleeve. The young girl cowering behind the young King to be wearing a blue dress, he had just saved from this perverted bunch of men and now they are both in trouble, not that he was too concerned, they should not be too hard to beat up: Hopefully.

The men all growled at his mock of them, Hunter was unafraid of their pathetic grunting, since none of them had an ounce of magic ability, and he could sense none of them are very strong either. However, he was still worried for his new friend, and the men all held knives or heavy chain weapons, to him they are cowards… attacking a little girl.

Hunter turned his head to the quivering red haired girl and smiled reassuringly. “Don’t worry Emmy; I won’t let them hurt you,” he tried to assure her, having already discovered her name.

One of the ugly men laughed darkly in amusement at his assuring statement. “What ya think ya gonna do kid?”

The young boy turned from the girl, his eyes deep purple eyes darkening, he lowered slightly, into a fighting stance, his fists bawled at the ready. “Kick your asses,” was what he replied, nonchalant.

The men all laughed and one charged towards the purple eyes boy, the girl feel back onto her butt in fear as Hunter just shot up and forward with unbelievable speed, launching into the air. The man tried to slash at him in the air with his knife. However, Hunter twisted, spinning to his right his right foot collided with the mans face instead, bursting blood from his nose with a bone cracking sound, the man screamed as he went flying back smashing with force into the wall behind of the back alley of Manchester City, crumpling to the ground: Unmoving.

The child Bandit King just landed swiftly in a sweeping motion before standing still, a small smirk of intent upon his lips. The men just gawked at their fallen comrade in horror, while the little girl looked up at Hunter from the floor in awe, and hope, her green eyes lightened slightly.

“Why you little bastard!” roared one of the men, enraged suddenly as their gaze of hate returned to Hunter. He swung his heavy chain like a whip, rattling towards the young boy at speed.

Hunter just glared and stood his ground, raising his left arm into the path of the weapon, the chain wrapped around his forearm, and his hand grabbed hold of the chain. The man smirked, tugging on the chain with all the strength he could muster. However, Hunter would not budged, but growled, and pulled the chain, using the momentum the young Bandit shot forward as the man stumbled heavily forward. In the air Hunter flipped backwards, both feet smashing into his enemies chin, spilling blood as he screamed in agony flying back with force he smashed into two others, taking them with him, the three crashed into the wall, banging their heads heavily, and crumpled down to the ground: Unconscious in a heap.

Hunter landed, the toes of his trainers barely touching the floor as he darted up and left with a blast of wind, his right foot colliding with the side a knife wilding mans face, in a forward spinning kick. He used the momentum as the man fell forward towards the ground, skimming further round in the opposite direction his left heal collided with the back of another’s head sending him bloodied to the ground, before the young king to be bounced back and landed lightly next to the girl, both men were out cold, in small pools of blood.

The four still conscious vile men remaining now were looks of fear, horror, anger and uncertainty as they stared at the thirteen-year-old boy who is so easily kicking their asses, with strength none of them could comprehend. “Y-you’ll pay for this kid,” one suddenly yelled: Enraged. He reached behind under his leather jacket and pulled out a huge silver handgun. “I’ll kill you, you little bastard!” he roared, aiming his weapon at the young purple eyes boy, pure malice intent in his dark eyes.

Hunter was startled; he had not expected this as he stepped back slightly; his eyes wide open, first knives and chains, now a gun, the men were nothing but weak bullies. “You little freak… not so tough now are you!” the man screamed out. “I’ll kill you, fuck the girl, and then she’ll join you in hell,” he laughed manically as he waved the gun about.

Hunter’s eyes opened further before narrowing in furry. “I don’t think so… I won’t let you hurt her!” he growled angrily, pure rage and hate, if they are not going to fight fair, neither shall he. “Goddess of the Sky… ferocious gale, come forth… hurricane!” he cried out. The four men looked confused and ready to mock him for a moment when their eyes widened in pure terror when a huge storm of wind erupted before the young boy. Swirling with a light colour of blue and white, picking up dust, screaming in furry it blasted forwards, towards the men, lifting them from their feet, crashing them into an upper part of the wall.

The men screamed in agony as they collided, the wind slashing and cutting their clothes and skin, spilling deep red blood, the dirty bricks of the building cracking under the mighty gale. Hunter’s hair and jacket bellowed in the strong gust as he stood, watching coldly, before the wind just stopped as if it had not existed. The four men just dropped unmoving, landing with a crash to the ground with debris of broken bricks crumbling down on top of their bloodied, damaged bodies.

Hunter sighed and looked away from his bloodied foes; his eyes softening with a small smile as his eyes landed on the small girl. He offered his right hand down to her. “You are safe now,” he said with a small grin.

Emmy looked up at her saviour a little afraid, which is quite understandable considering what she had just witnessed. However, she could see nothing but kindness and understanding in the young boys’ eyes. Therefore, she attentively and nervously reached up her right hand and took his left tightly; he gently pulled her to her small feet, smiling.

(End Flashback)

Those were the days, Hunter thought as he continued following Mrs. Weasley. Those were the days free of dark morons, and only regular morons. He sighed as he looked at Ginny, she smiled at him, and he smiled back; she reminded him of Emmy a bit, well the hair is similar.

His gaze then turned to June and he smiled, she seemed completely oblivious to the world around her. He wondered what his sister was thinking about, she seemed so deep in thought; she walked on autopilot. He felt extremely sorry for her and wondered how he could cheer her up. She just held the lily he conjured for her, near her nose, smiling lightly.

Suddenly, the four startled as four men in long black flowing robes and white skeletal masks darted out from an alleyway. The four death eaters split up as Mrs. Weasley, June, Ginny and Hunter stopped in surprise. Two munchers headed for June while two more Ginny. Hunter did not know what to do for a moment, his mind froze up as the munchers closed in, but it was too late. They grabbed the now screeching girls and disappeared in a rippling blue light, leaving only an echo of their yelps.

Hunter growled in annoyance while Mrs. Weasley shrieked out in panic. “I’ll be back!” he shouted. “And they’ll be with me,” he added as he looked down seeing June’s flower hit the floor. “Blessed be the tracker… goddess of the Hunt, guide my light!” he roared, a huge beam of the purest white light encompassed him in an explosive sound. “Find them!” he demanded, everyone watching shielded their eyes from the light as it pulsed with power, before bursting out into nothing. Blinking the spots from their eyes the people within the street, mainly aurors and those heading home afraid of another attack saw the young man was no longer there, a burnt green star, with nine points was left in the ground that faded slowly away before their eyes.

“Let go of us you bastard,” screamed Ginny in panic; struggling against her captor. She and June had been brought to a massive grubby cavern with many more death eaters. The cavern led up towards some kind of pedestal, where someone sat on a golden throe with green material cushions, Ginny could only guess who that is, but did not what to find out. She could hear rushing water nearby but the only water she could see dripped from the rocks of the dank cavern.

“Not likely,” growled one of her captures while some other death eaters snickered and they continued to shove the girls forward. “Maybe the Dark Lord will let us have some fun with you, after all he only wants the other one,” he laughed while she shivered in fear looking sickly green.

“Not likely!” a voice from behind replied mockingly. The death eaters all span as one, even the dark figure in his throne looked over, when a huge beam of incredible light exploded into the cavern before splashing away in a roar of powerful destructive wind. Ginny and June’s eyes widened with hope and relief, as their eyes lay upon Hunter. “I suggest you let them go, because what I did to your fellow FREAKS!” he roared pure venom. “Earlier would be a welcome relief to what I’ll do to you if you… don’t!” he hissed the last word with daggers.

The death eaters, about fifty in total all raised their wands in unison, the four death eaters holding the girls released their holds and Ginny quickly grabbed hold of June’s and pulling the younger girl with her, and standing next to Hunter, the only person able to save them now. “You think you can take all of us on boy,” laughed one of the munchers suddenly, which the others joined in the mocking taunt.

“Silence!” hissed the dark figure upon his throne, and the laughter cut off as all the death eaters, Ginny and June flinched at the low cold voice, the two girls moving behind the only person not afraid of the figure: Hunter. They just cowered shakily, they have not been taught to fight, which makes their reactions quite understandable, Hunter thought.

The dark figure slowly and methodically stood from his throne, lifting his long pale, bony fingers up to the hood hiding his face, he slowly pulled it back getting a gasp from the two frightened girls, but Hunter was unimpressed. Voldemort’s blood red eyes never left Hunter’s deep purple, the dark lord lowered his hands, his slit like nostrils flaring, his slimy bald head reflecting a gleam from the flame touch light from around the cavern.

Voldemort’s lipless face sneered into a horrid bone-chilling smirk. “Who are you boy, and how did you breach my wards?” his cold voice reverberated throughout the chamber, sending a shiver down everybody’s but Hunter’s spines.

“My name is Hunter Skye,” he replied with a shrug and a small grin. “And you must be this creepy Dark Lord I’ve heard about… you know, those who have actually seen you exaggerate how creepy you are… they’re all wimps afraid of their own shadows if you ask me, just like these puppets of yours.” He gestured loosely with his right hand towards the death eaters, as if they were nothing more than insignificant sideshow freaks.

The munchers looked ready to pounce, Hunter for his goading. However, Voldemort actually chuckled, though his eyes held no amusement. “And why do you not fear me?” the dark lord demanded, as if insulted at the mere thought of someone not fearing him.

“Why should I fear someone weaker than me?” he retorted with a smirk. Voldemort’s eyes darkened in furry. “Without these morons, you would be nothing but a mere serial killer, a killer I would destroy with ease,” he declared smugly, while many death eaters gasped that he was goading their master, claiming he is more powerful.

“Then I’ll just have to make you learn to fear me!” he hissed in anger, his rage taking hold. “Let’s see how you fare Mr. Skye against my vampires,” he chuckled humourlessly.

As if beckoned a gang of about thirty pale skinned, red-eyed men with fanged teeth came in from a side arch in the rock Hunter had not noticed before now, each carrying large broadswords in their hands. The death eaters all moved back and away looking smug as the vamps stalked closer.

“You can kill the boy and the red haired girl, the other one I want alive,” the dark lord, hissed his orders angrily.

Hunter glared at the vampires as they smirked coming closer before he looked behind him, at the two shaking girls. “You two stay put and do not interfere, follow my instructions and I’ll get you both out alive: Understand?” he commanded, the two girls nodded frantically as he just looked back towards his enemy. “Scorching Sun…” he began, not surprised at the socked and fearful looks the vamps shot him. “God of the Desert… Flare!” he roared: A huge eruption of flame, as if a rippling wave of heat and fire blazed into existence before the young man, as if a raging inferno of power blazon to life, roaring with immense heat, startling the two girls behind, with its explosive furry.

The flare wall spread out higher than Hunter stood as it poured towards like an ocean of flames, launching a tsunami at the vampires with deadly intent, a few of the vampires darted frantically to the sides pushing their way through horrified death eaters as the flame caught the other vampires. The inferno washed over the undead in waves, rolling over them they screamed in agony, their skin seeming to melt off, showing bone, melting eyes, some exploding with ear-splitting cries, shrieking through the cavern.

The flame then carried on as the vampires burst into ash, the death eaters began to panic as the wall of flame continued towards them, trying to escape. However, most in the path of the furious blaze caught alight in agonizing pain, running out of the flames in their death cries bumping into other munchers, and intern setting them ablaze.

The screaming and chaos from the flames was impossible to describe. Voldemort was screaming out in furry… rage bubbling within his red eyes, glowing in the bright burning light of the flames as Hunter’s spell splashed out of existence in rippling waves at the far end of the dank cavern, like a rippling on the surface of a lake.

The young King of Bandit looked up to where Voldemort stood, red eyes meeting purple. Hunter smirked and gave a two-finger salute with his right hand before turning to the girls, while Voldemort was screaming for someone to stop the young man, trying to get through his crying death eaters, in his angered rage.

Ginny and June held looks of pure awed fear within their wide eyes. However, Hunter knew even he could not defeat all of these dark bastards, and there might be more. He just dashed forwards, grabbed June around the waist, carrying her under his right arm, and grabbed Ginny’s right hand in his left. The two girls squealed at this unpredicted move, as he pulled Ginny along with him, and carrying June.

The red haired girl ran as best she could, Hunter having to run a lot slower than he normally could, through fatigue, and for Ginny’s benefit. He took them down a side tunnel away from the dark enemy behind where they stood before, the narrow passageway walls, just as dank and damp as the large chamber behind, except a lot darker within, though a light came from somewhere near, maybe cracks in the stone.

They soon rushed out into a small cavern; Hunter skidded to a stop, forcing Ginny to stop with him, gasping for breath. Hunter was tired and drained from using so much power, and his previous fights, but Ginny was exhausted from running so fast, wizards and witches do not place much respect on physical fitness, even June was gasping for breath and she was being carried. He would have to get these two fit and strong at school.

However, they had more pressing matters at hand… they had ran into a dead end, nowhere left to run. “W-where to n-now,” stuttered Ginny in panic, shaking her head clear. She had now actually met someone who can piss off Voldemort worse than Rose, and still not fear him; she took a few deep breaths and clutched her ribs with her free left hand. “T-they’re coming,” she added frantically, looking back down the dark tunnel, seeing a few slithers of wand light, and hearing the angry yells.

“I-I don’t know,” he replied with a small chuckled.

“Hey why are you laughing?” she demanded angrily. “We’re about to be death eater chow!”

“Na, that isn’t gonna happen,” he replied, gazing up towards the ceiling in amusement.

Ginny followed his gaze, as did June, though shyly. However, instead of the rocky ceiling they expected to see, the cavern led up and high, into a large rocky craves. “The only way is up,” he commented cheerfully.

“Y-you expect me to climb that?” she demanded heatedly. “Why don’t you just do that fire thing again?”

Hunter looked at her in mock wonder before shrugging. “I can’t… that was a one time deal, I only had enough strength to pull off a spectacle like that once today, sorry to disappoint you.”

Ginny groaned, looking down sadly. “Then we’re…” she trailed off as Hunter let her hand go, she looked up to see him smirking in amusement with a twinkle of mischief in his deep purple eyes. He placed his left hand under her chin, leaned in and gave her a small kiss on the lips before pulling back leaving her slightly dazed.

She then yelped in shock and surprise when Hunter wrapped his left arm around her waist, lifting her off her feet, and holding her under his arm, as he is for June. “This may be uncomfortable,” he commented in high amusement.

“W-what are you doing!” the red haired girl demanded. “Put me down…” she trailed off into screams of terror as Hunter jumped with them towards the far wall, kicking off it, onto the one above the entrance to the tunnel, bouncing back to the other side, increasing their height with each leap, all the while the two girls screamed in terror.

Hunter kept leaping up further and further, if Ginny and June were not so terrified they might have been amazed by such an incredible feat. Luckily for the two aching, screaming, terrified girls they reached the top, shortly, Hunter landing within another narrow passageway in the rock face, the opposite side to the one down below. He let the girls drop to the dirty floor as he slumped to his knees, breathing heavily, a little way in from the tunnel mouth.

“Ouch,” moaned Ginny with a croaky tired voice, her screams having done some temporary damage, though sighing in relief with June.

“Shit, I hurt all over,” commented Hunter crouching on his hands and knees breathing slightly ragged, the only proper sign of exhaustion the girls have seen. “Um, would either of you two happen to know where we are?” he added hopefully.

“No, how the hell could we?” ask Ginny in a quiet, depressed voice.

Hunter looked at her and sighed, turning he sat up against the wall, next to where June sat, shivering in fear and cold from the damp cave, Ginny sat opposite him, up against that wall. He turned his gaze back to June and smile lightly. “Don’t worry, June, I’ll get us out of here and you back home and safe,” he sighed tiredly as she looked at him teary eyed he lifted his right arm and put it around her shoulders, pulling her in for warmth. She did not even hesitate to hug her arms around him and snuggle up, safe and content.

“Can’t you apparate us?” asked Ginny suddenly with desperation in her voice and a slight quiver. He looked up at her, looking into her pleading brown eyes, shivering with cold, fatigue and nerves.

“I can’t… this place has too many wards,” he replied sadly as he held June tighter.

“W-what about the way you got in?” she asked hopefully, with a begging note to her voice.

He chuckled nervously with a small sheepish smile. “I, err… had to use a ton of my power to brake through the wards as it is… anyway, it only takes one person.”

“Oh,” was all she said, a few tears in her eyes.

He reached over and took her hand, smiling kindly. “Sit with us, it will be warmer… we need to rest, and stay warm, as soon as we find and pass through the edge of the wards I’ll be able to get us to some place safe.”

Ginny nodded tiredly and allowed Hunter to guide her to his right side, where he put his arm around her, and she him, snuggling into his warm embrace. She noticed June had fallen asleep and smiled sadly; the poor girl has gone through a lot in one day. She had actually seen Voldemort… Rose had told Ginny that Voldemort is a creepy ugly freak, but her descriptions do not do credit to the thing she saw in the huge cavern today… the freak that is not too far from them now. It gave a completely new meaning to the phrase: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

However, Ginny’s thoughts drifted subconsciously to the cute young man she is snuggled with. He not only mocked Voldemort, but also showed ‘NO’ fear, and then torched all of those vampires and death eaters with a single spell, and without a wand. She guessed he is powerful, but even seeing all of that it is hard to believe anyone can be that powerful, even Dumbledore, or Voldemort, she knew once they get back, with Hunter at school everyone will be a hell of a lot more safe.

“Um, so how far till the edge of the wards?” she asked him with a small yawn.

“I, um… don’t know,” he replied tiredly. “But we’ll get out of here… I promise… but sleep, we should be safe; they might think I took you out the way I got in…” he suggested hopefully.

Ginny just nodded in his arms with another yawn as her eyes drifted shut, sleep taking her.

Hunter sighed… today was just too troublesome, and tomorrow seemed to be destined for just as much trouble. He is only a little worried about getting them out alive; a good, long rest and he should be fine. His eyelids drooped slowly, his eyes on his sister for a moment before looking at Ginny and smiled, his eyes closing. This was one interesting day, he just hopped tomorrow will be uneventful as he moved his right fingers in an intricate pattern, they glowed white for a second before fading, the stealth charm placed around them, and sleep took hold.

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