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Still Lost

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Hunter thinks of a way to escape Voldemort's base. The lost treo get some help.

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King of Bandit: Skye: Reloaded

Chapter 6 Still Lost

They did not know how long they slept for when they woke, but they felt somewhat refreshed from the rest. Hunter woke with both girls, June and Ginny practically on his lap, both blushing brightly at their predicaments and scrambled out of his grasp, stretching. Hunter cranked his stiff neck and shoulders with a smile. It should not be that hard for him to find an exit. He is the King of Bandit after all; it is his job to get in and out of secure locations, so how hard can it be to get out of whatever mountain or cave system they are in now?

“So… um, shall we go?” asked Ginny, interrupting his thoughts. Hunter looked at her in the dim light and smiled. “What?” she demanded tiredly. “We should, right?”

Hunter nodded and stood, offering his hands he helped the two girls stand. “Yeah, we should not linger anymore than we already have… we’ve slept in the lions den long enough.”

“Lions den?” asked Ginny with a frown of confusion.

“Yeah… um, how safe would you feel sleeping in a lions house,” he asked amusedly as she shivered at the thought. “Well, anyway, what are you girls wearing under your robes?” he added as an afterthought.

Ginny and June blushed brightly, anymore and they would be lighting the dark, dank, rock tunnel. “W-why?” asked June shyly.

Hunter rolled his eyes in amusement. “Because trousers will be better for running in,” he answered. “So what are you wearing under them?” he asked again with a sigh.

“Um, I’m wearing a skirt and tee shirt,” answered Ginny nervously.

“I-I’m only wearing robes,” answered June in a small embarrassed voice.

“Ok, Ginny remove your robes, a skirt will do,” he commanded, and Ginny nervously unbuttoned them, pulling them off. She was wearing a black rippled skirt hanging halfway up her knees, showing of her gorgeous legs, and a form hugging top, accentuating her small breasts, at least a couple of hand-falls each, he noted with a small smile as he stared unashamedly.

“Hey stop staring,” moaned Ginny blushing brightly, not that she really minded his eyes roaming her; he is the cutest boy she had ever met, it is mainly the situation they are in does not call for her heroes eyes roaming her body.

“Err, sorry, couldn’t help myself,” he chuckled nervously.

“Well what do I do with my robes?” she asked as she pulled her wand from her robes pocket, and held it in her right hand, robe in the other.

Hunter shrugged and gestured to the side with his right hand and Ginny and June started as a small purple hole, the size of a dinner plate formed out of nowhere. “Put it in here,” he suggested with a shrug.

“What is it?” she asked interestedly.

“Pocket dimension,” he answered, just grabbing her robe and throwing it in. “hang on, lets see what’s in here, hmm,” he mumbled as he stuck his arm in the purple hole, rummaging about. “Ha, my phone,” he chuckled as he pulled a black cell phone from the hole and placed it in his trouser pocket, then sticking his arm back into the hole. “Aha,” he declared with a huge grin, pulling out a small, straight blue skirt. “Here you go, June, put this on,” he said handing it to the girl.

“Why do you have a skirt?” asked Ginny with a snicker.

The young King of Bandit glared half-heartedly. “It belongs to a friend of mine, Ocean… she’s only fourteen so it should fit. Put it on then, June so we can get out of here.”

June nervously nodded and undone her robes, pulling them off blushing she stood in her white tee shirt and panties, quickly wrapping the skirt around her waist, and buttoning it while Hunter took her robes, pushed them into his pocket dimension and the purple hole disappeared.

“Ok, lets get the hell out of here,” suggested Hunter with a small grin, leading the way through the tunnel, followed by the girls, Ginny lighting her wand to show their path. To Hunter’s surprise June rushed closer to him and took his right hand in her left smiling shyly. He held her hand tight.

“Hunter,” began Ginny jogging slightly to walk the other side of him, and he looked at her in question, she blushed. “Why did you… um… you know, kiss me before you brought us up here?” she asked, flushed and breathless, thinking back to that nice little moment.

Hunter looked down at her flushed face with a grin. “I wanted to,” was all he replied, looking away, and back ahead of him, still grinning.

“Oh,” was all she could think to reply, blushing. “Um… why are you here, anyway?” she suddenly blurted out. “Why did you come to save us… nobody else would have.”

The young Bandit King shrugged. “That’s what I do… get myself into trouble,” he laughed in amusement. “Plus I had to get June… you are just the added bonus,” he laughed, good-naturedly.

Both Ginny and June started, staring at him in confusion. “B-but, only Rose would risk her life for June… I know Rose is a bit conceited, but she loves her sister,” said Ginny sadly. “Nobody else would risk their lives for her… well, I guess I would,” she added the last as an afterthought.

Hunter sighed, smiling down at June as she looked curiously up at him as the three walked, her emerald green eyes sparkling with questions. “Um… I err, I wouldn’t know how to put it…” he answered his eyes downcast.

June stopped walking suddenly, stopping Hunter, Ginny stopping with them. “I-its ok Hunter…” the young girl said shyly. “… You can t-tell me… why do you care more than dad? Why am I so important?” she just begged to know.

Hunter sighed, his eyes softening, unable to speak for a moment while his eyes stayed upon June’s. “I-I’m your brother…” he just blurted out. June’s and Ginny’s eyes bugged out of their heads, the younger girl looking faint. “I’m Rose’s twin brother… so little sis; does that fulfil your curiosity?” He asked with a wobbly smirk.

June nodded in a daze of uncertainty. She could not believe it, she had found her big brother, and he is kick ass powerful. It explained why he is being so protective of her. “… you… really are, aren’t you?” she whispered out.

He nodded with a sigh. “Y-yes I am,” he answered with a small smile. “Its not that bad is it?”

A small grin spread to her lips as she shook her head, she then startled him by throwing her small arms around his waist. It did not take a moments thought for him to return her affectionate hug. “I’m glad,” she whispered as she pulled back from him teary eyed.

“Don’t cry June, we’ll get out of here, then we’ll get you both back to school just in time for classes tomorrow,” said Hunter chuckling at the girls sour expressions. “Don’t like school, eh?” he asked amusedly.

“Its ok,” answered Ginny wiping a few tears from her eyes at their sweet reunion. “But some classes are just boring.”

Hunter chuckled with a smirk. “Ya know … if we hurry I might be able to get us onto the Hogwarts Express.”

“You can’t be serious,” whined Ginny. “Anyway the trains probably left already.”

“Maybe not… who knows what the time is…” he paused and let his left sleeve roll up, looking at his watch. “Ha, it’s only eight in the morning,” he informed them smugly, and they both giggled at his crazy antics to make them feel better, as they continued on their way.


Yesterday, soon after Hunter, June and Ginny had disappeared, Mrs. Weasley was still crying at the table in the kitchen of the safe house of Grimauld Place. Dumbledore had arrived a few minuets ago, and watched quietly and worriedly as Hermione Granger tried comforting the woman trying to get some coherent speech from the woman.

Ron Weasley, Hermione’s lanky, dopy boyfriend stood panicked next to his girlfriend and mother, being no help at all, except for an annoyance.

Rose and James arrived back soon after Mrs. Weasley, though only Rose looked worried and scared with some tears watering in her eyes, her sister is missing. She was disgusted her father just did not seem to care, and they still did not know what happened apart from the fact three people had disappeared. She found herself praying silently to whatever deity is listening to bring her little sister home safely, she has already lost a brother and mother, she could not cope if she had to loose her little sister too.

She maybe a bitch sometimes but she really does try her hardest to be nice, well she makes exceptions for idiots like Ron, she can’t help but be rotten to him, he is a complete idiot and asshole. However, other than him and the usual twats from Slytherin she tries her hardest and really does love her little sister. She even misses her brother, wishing she held him tight when he was around. If her mother was here she would know what to do… she could not handle loosing her sister too.

Though Sirius was there for her and looking worried about little June, he felt like ripping James’ throat out for his uncaring attitude, the stupid bastard. He will never know what he has until it all just up and leaves him at once. He could see that happening since Rose has come along way since becoming friends with Hermione first year of school and Ginny the end of second and even further since her mother died.

Sirius just wished he did not feel so helpless and could at least offer Rose a bit more support that just being here for her, but what could he do? Nothing, he is only one wizard, and far from the best.

“That boy must have taken them,” declared Ron angrily. “You were all had… he kidnapped my sister.”

“Shut up Ronald,” spat Hermione angrily. “Please, Mrs. Weasley,” begged the bushy haired girl. “Just calm down, I’m sure it will be ok, just tell us what happened.”

She calmed slightly sniffling to speak. “D-death eaters,” she answered with tears. “T-they jumped out o-of nowhere … t-they took G-Ginny and June,” she cried rubbing her swollen red eyes with her fists. “T-then Hunter used s-some kind o-of magic and disappeared i-in a blinding w-white light … h-he said he’ll bring them back. What do we do, we have to find them.”

At that moment, their attention was drawn to the door as a greasy haired man with a hocked nose and black robes entered the kitchen sneering at everyone in loathing. “Severus,” said Dumbledore in relief. “We have a prob…”

“No, the Dark Lord has the problem,” he hissed angrily, it was then Dumbledore noticed Snape’s robes were singed and his left hand burnt with red sores and blisters.

“What happened to you?” asked the old headmaster a little worriedly with a small frown creasing his wrinkled old brow.

Snape glared daggers of disgust. “A boy by the name of Hunter Skye just mocked the Dark Lord then incinerated about twenty-five vampires and burnt around thirty death eaters to death, seriously injuring another twenty … some like I were lucky, hurt but not too bad. He then took the two girls a few death eaters had kidnapped and ran. We don’t know whether they’ve escaped the Dark lords’ base yet or not.”

Everyone around the kitchen table had looks of horrified wonder; even Mrs. Weasley had stopped crying to gawk in shock. The boy who said he would bring the girls back might actually do it.

Hermione was in shock, the boy who she had been with not too long ago had caused all of that damage and escaped, which meant he was also the boy who defeated death eaters in Hogsmead and Diagon Alley, now that was impressive, she guessed he was strong, but wow.

“T-then what do we do now?” begged Mrs. Weasley in panic. “They could be anywhere.”

“All we can do,” answered Dumbledore sadly. “Hope and wait.”

“Yeah, don’t worry, I know Hunter will bring them back safe,” agreed Hermione with a small smile tugging at her lips as she thought about the last words the boy said to her on the boat, complete comprehension dawning.

“How can you be so sure… how?” asked Rose, begging it to be true, depressed. She wanted her sister back and she wanted it now.

“B-because I met him on the boat from France,” she answered a little nervously noticing her boyfriends jealousy rearing its head. “Purple eyes right,” she added to clarify it, and Rose nodded hopefully. “I know he would die for June…” she trailed off a little embarrassed to continue, since everyone was staring at her in curiously.

“Why would he do that?” asked Rose in shock and confusion, that Hermione would think that. “He doesn’t even know her.”

“Maybe not,” she agreed, taking a deep breath; she ploughed on before she lost her nerve. “But we were talking about you and he just didn’t consider you much of a worthy topic like most wizards would.” Rose’s eyes widened and looked a little disappointed but Hermione continued as if she had not noticed. “But when I mentioned June he seemed more interested in her … then before he left he told me to make nice with my parents because we had been arguing … said that I was lucky to have parents to love me. I was insensitive and asked his whether his did not care about him. He told me the truth, he said his never had because of his famous sister, and he ran away when he was young.

“He was rescued by a man … his grandpa,” she continued gaining in nerves, as she looked only at Rose, her red haired friends’ eyes widening with every word as realisation slowly hit her. “He said he had just found out he has a little sister … he found out because I told him, even though I didn’t realise it at the time. Rose he’s your…”

“Twin brother,” she interrupted in shock, the blood in her face draining as a few tears leaked from her eyes, everyone else just looked faint, except Snape whom just sneered angrily.

“Trust a potter to cause all this trouble,” he scowled enraged, looking at his burnt hand in disgust.

Sirius then shook his head clear a small smirk lighting his lips. “Ha, you got burnt,” he laughed darkly at the double meaning. “That’s what you get for kissing The Dark Tossers ass.”

“Shut up mutt,” the greasy haired man growled angrily twitching for his wand.

“It’s a shame you weren’t hit directly,” said Sirius smugly ignoring Snape’s lame jab.

Snape growled and went for his wand. “Severus!” reprimanded Dumbledore, and the potions teacher removed his hand from his pocket without his wand. The old man turned to Sirius. “Please stop fighting, we still have to find June, Hunter and Ginevra. Severus, how did Hunter initiate the spell that incinerated so many of our enemy?”

“He just said a few words,” he answered with a glare. “He just stood their said the incantation, and the flames just erupted into existence, like a huge tidal wave of fire and destruction. And that’s just one thing he’s done today against the dark lord.”

“Yes, Fifteen death eater as if they were a joke,” the old man agreed with a small smile. “He moves at impossible speeds and uses magic with no wand as if it was the easiest thing in the world … I believe he will return, and with the girls in toe, since he fought so well to save those two children in Hogsmead. Yes, they’ll be back unharmed I’m sure of it.”

“But how can you be so sure?” whined Mrs. Weasley worriedly.

“Because he’s June’s brother, and he kicks ass,” answered Rose reassuringly, she could not bring herself to claim he is her brother, she just did not feel deserving of that title, but maybe: hopefully with time that will change, she wants him back, if he will have her.

Dumbledore chuckled a little sadly, this is kind of his fault, and he hoped no one would call him on it. “Yes, that, and I saw Hagrid’s memory of the event, and young Hunter Skye is more than just skilful, he knows how to take down an enemy, and has the strength and power to do so.”


“Whoa, that is a long way down,” whistled Ginny worriedly, looking out into the bright sun, many trees and plants spreading out a few miles. Far bellow a lake with a large beautiful waterfall to the left hand side splashing down into the lake; they were looking out of an exit, only someone with wings would feel comfortable using. “How do we get down there?”

“Hmm … jump?” suggested Hunter with a shrug.

“What!” screeched Ginny and June in panic and fear that just seemed plain stupid, unless you have a death wish. “We can’t jump from here, we’re like five hundred feet high,” continued the red haired girl.

“Yeah, I guess your right,” he began; shoving his hands in his trouser pockets in thought when a spark of light hit his eyes as he pulled out his phone. “How about I call someone for help?” he suggested with a hopeful grin.

“And you couldn’t have done that sooner…” whined Ginny, but stopped as her words were stifled by Hunter’s lips on hers, kissing gently her eyes drifted closed as she just melted into the kiss, letting it deepen she felt his tongue brush her lips. Ginny’s mouth opened slightly begging way for Hunter’s tongue as it slowly entered her mouth, touching her tongue, tasting her as she him before he pulled back, both their eyes opened, Ginny blushing brightly.

“You’re too irresistible when complaining,” he commented with a cheeky grin. “Well to be honest I find it hard to stop myself kissing you every second.” Ginny blushed brightly while June, though blushing, snickered. Hunter then flipped his phone open and almost whooped for joy. “I have a signal,” he declared as he pressed down speed dial one, and waited with the phone to his ear, then groaned when it went onto answer phone, he hung up. “Ok, let’s try number two,” he chimed pressing two it dialled and rang. He waited.

“Hello,” a male voice answered.

“Hi Rochin its Hunter,” he chimed cheerfully.

“Oh hi son, nice to hear from you,” he replied brightly. “Did you want to talk to Sahara, she’s in her room.”

“Um, you’ll do … err I need help,” he answered a little nervously.

Rochin sighed. “Ok, what do you need?” he asked wondering what kind of trouble he had gotten himself into this time.

“Could you bring me a Boom-Bridge?” he asked hopefully. “I’m trapped with two friends in enemy warded territory.”

“Um, hang on I’ll see if my misses can make you one … any specific location?” he asked amused at Hunter’s predicament.

“Yeah, anywhere but here,” he replied with a hint of humour.

“Oh, as bad as that eh?” he chuckled amusedly. “Well hang on,” he added. Hunter waited a moment when he heard Rochin call his wife. “Ellion honey!” he called out.

“Rochin what is it?” a woman’s voice replied.

“Hunter needs a Boom-Bridge, and it sounds urgent!”

“Oh, tell that idiot to stop getting into trouble!” she called back with a sigh. “I have one here I didn’t have to use, but it will bring him here!”

“That will do,” agreed Rochin with a hearty laugh. “You hear that Hunter?” he asked hopefully.

“Yeah, that would be perfect,” he agreed eagerly.

“Good, you have some clothes in Sahara’s room for me to find you?” he asked with an amused chuckled as if he hoped to embarrass the young bandit.

“Yeah, I should do,” he agreed with a twinge blush.

“Well I’ll be about ten minuets … good luck kid.”

Hunter sighed as he hung up and put his phone away. “Who’s Sahara?” asked Ginny eagerly.

“She’s my best friend,” he answered with a cheeky grin.

Ginny narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “Then why would you have clothes in her room?”

He smirked cheekily at her. “Jealous?” he asked quirking his eyebrows, making her blush deeply. “We can always sort that out once we’re out of here,” he suggested getting a deeper blush from her. “A nice warm bed … you and me, or if you’re into something different, I’m open.”

Ginny blushed brightly and quickly looked down at her feet, embarrassed, and shifting uncomfortably. “B-but I’m a v-virgin,” she mumbled almost too quiet to hear, giving reason why she would not be into anything ‘different’.

A huge grin spread across Hunter’s face at her admittance. “What was that, Ginny?” he asked cheekily, though he heard -- it would be fun hearing again, he suppressed a snicker.

“I-I’m a virgin,” she repeated this time a little louder, shifting her feet in embarrassment, not looking up.

Hunter chuckled, while June looked just as embarrassed as Ginny. “Well, that’s okay, we’ll have to deal with that then, eh?” he asked with a cheeky eager grin.

Ginny looked up with shocked eyes blushing her deepest yet. “A-are you messing w-with my head?” she demanded in a small voice, she rather hoped he is being serious.

“Nope, I’m dead serious, you’re beautiful,” he answered smugly.

Ginny just seemed to generate more heat than the sun as her brown eyes locked with Hunter’s deep purple. “Err, um…” she did not know how to reply to that, she did not want to say ok and sound scarlet, so tried changing the subject. “So, err, why does that man you spoke to need your clothes?”

Hunter shrugged nonchalant and let the subject change for now. “He needs to be able to see something that belongs to me to use the tracker spell, just like I did to find both of you,” he answered for her. “Well enough about that, we need to get down. Ginny jump on my back and hold on tight.”

She just stared at him, then looked down at the water below, back to him, then back to the water, her face palling dramatically, doing this several times before keeping her eyes locked on Hunter and shaking her head frantically. “N-no, we’ll die.”

Hunter shook his head in frustration. “No we won’t, please,” he said looking deeply into her eyes. “Trust me, I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’t think it safe enough to survive.”

Ginny gulped looking shaken; she looked out over the edge gulping again, but nodded. Hunter turned and she placed her hands on his shoulders and hopped up, wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck tightly, surprised still he can carry her so easily, not that she thinks she is heavy or anything.

“Why can’t we just w-wait here?” she asked nervously as Hunter turned to June, the younger girl looking ready to pass out with fright, literally shaking in her shoes.

“Because our way home will rip this small tunnel to pieces and burry us alive,” he answered with a shrug as he picked June up, the girl shakily wrapping her legs around his waist, and arms around his neck with Ginny’s, he held her tight.

“Ready?” he asked as June squeezed him tighter pushing her face into his strong chest, shaking fearfully.

“NO!” the two girls screamed as he pushed off jumping from the cave entrance, the two girls screaming every second as the lake below rushed up to meet them, the air bursting through their ears, drowning down the screams. Hunter thought they were going to either take his hearing from him or attract unwanted attention, most likely the later with their recent run of bad luck.

Time seemed to be taking its time, excuse the pun, but it seemed they were falling for hours when Hunter’s boots crashed onto the surface of the lake in an immense explosion; they sunk down without sinking through the surface. The water around them erupted out as if hit by a meteor, shooting out and around, before crashing back down. Hunter with his two passengers rose, springing up with the water, the waves rocking him like a ship in stormy weather, he stood straight, the girls still screaming on him.

“We’ve landed!” he called out sighing in relief, though neither girl quite screaming, they probably could not hear him, they are so loud. “YOU’RE SAFE!” he yelled, their screams just stopped abruptly and they looked up and around in surprise they had not realised they hit the water, since they were not dead or drowning.

Looking down Ginny gasped as she saw the unsteady water below. “You’re walking on water,” she declared in shocked awe, her eyes buggy wide.

The young King of Bandit chuckled. “Yeah … well lets get on dry land shall we?” he suggested, both girls nodding eagerly as he walked across the surface and onto the bank where to his amusement both girls dropped from him tiredly crumpling to the dirty floor, almost hugging the ground. “Well, that was...”

In that moment he was grabbed from the ground off his feet by his right arm, the two girls screamed again as he was tossed easily, crashing to the ground a few feet from the girls. Hunter groaned as he rolled away as a huge club came down towards him, crashing into the dirt. Hunter sped quickly to his feet groaning, about twenty trolls, large, most ten to eleven feet tall, with huge wide chests and rippling muscles, and greying blue skin with ugly twisted faces on their stumpy heads, each carrying a huge ruff wood club, wearing makeshift shorts.

The troll that threw him was moving in on Ginny and June as they scurried back fearfully away, the one near him with the chub pulled up his weapon and swung it at Hunter’s head. “Augh, bastard,” the King of Bandit growled angrily as he put out his left hand and arm. The club connected with a thud, Hunter’s arm not even budging as his fingers gripped the weapon, cracking it slightly with the pressure of his grip, the troll blinked stupidly several times in confusion for a moment before trying to pull back the club without any success, it then tried using both arms to pull its weapon free. However, Hunter’s finger crushed into the wood further, getting a better grip, and even with the fall weight of the monster pulling on the club it would not move.

Hunter averted his gaze from his struggling foe, his eyes darkened, noticing the troll almost upon his sister and friend. “Hey ugly!” he yelled, all the trolls including his intended looked at him stupidly in surprise. Hunter raised his right arm and hand, palm out and open. “Ahhhhh!” he yelled out and a huge blue ball of energy formed an inch from Hunter’s palm as he ground his teeth, his deep purple eyes dark with furry and power, the energy the size of two footballs launched with a small boom, catching the two girls attention.

The blast smashed into the trolls’ torso, gaining an agonising, terrified, and surprise scream of pain as the energy ripped into him with devastating force. It exploded throwing the wailing troll away across the lake where it crashed into the huge rock wall leading up to the caverns the three humans escaped: the troll then slid down with a large splash, sinking under the surface and not coming up.

Hunter then pulled the club he held back down, and by his side, towards him, the troll staggered down, nearer the young Bandit. Hunter used the momentum, shooting forward and off the ground his left knee connected with the trolls’ strong chest: a huge echoing crack split the morning air as the beast roared in pain, blood drooling from its gash of a mouth. It realised its hold on the club leaving it in Hunter’s hand as it staggered dizzily backwards trying to blink its beady eyes to focus.

Hunter glared and swung the club under arm, letting it leave his hand, and it smashed into the trolls head sending splinters flying as the creature left the ground landing on its back several paces back, skidding along the dirt floor: Unmoving and bloodied. The other trolls just stood staring at him in surprise, realising despite size Hunter is not an opponent to be trifled with, and if they had a choice they would have already fled, not wanting to risk death, they maybe stupid but they have instincts, and theirs cried runaway.

Hunter hopped into the air, backwards and to his right landing about ten feet away next to Ginny and his sister. “You guys ok?” he asked his eyes not leaving his troll foes, he maybe able to take a pounding from the idiots easily, however, June and Ginny could die in one hit.

“Y-yeah, we’re ok,” agreed Ginny nervously. “A-are you?” she asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, they’re just trolls,” he shrugged nonchalant. “They’re not just stupid but they’re weak too.” Ginny just nodded dumbly, she would have said he was stupid for thinking trolls weak if she had not just seen him physically outmatch one, and if a troll is weak to him, she and June must be mega weak or something. “You girls stay put and I’ll take care of these freaking bastards.”

He did not wait for a reply as he rushed forward, towards his nearest opponent, the troll saw him coming and swung its club, but Hunter just dodged under the swing, a grey-silver blade attached to his wrist shoot out of the top of his right sleeve, slicing up at unbelievable speed. The troll roared in agonizing pain, staggering back as its right arm with club sliced clear off thudding to the ground, leaving a thick bloodied stump, the troll cradled. However, the beasts’ cry of pain ended in an instant as the bandit followed through: the blade deep up to Hunter’s fist through its skull and out the other side.

The young man yanked his arm back instantly, deep red fluid spraying out and dripping off the blade in thick blobs as the troll keeled over with a loud crash backwards. However, Hunter did not stop, he dashed on raising his left hand palm out and finger bent in slightly as if teeth: an eruption of flame sparked to life, blasting forward like a flame thrower or more accurately a dragon breathing fire, from where it got its name ‘The Dragons Breathe’.

The red, orange and yellow flame burst forward in a wave of furious heat as Hunter stopped moving, his attack engulfing another troll, which screamed an ear piercing noise, of its death, as it was cooked alive the heat unbearable: the noise then ceased, and Hunter let up his attack, it splashing out of existence. The black and charred troll dropped to its knees, its legs cracking and smashing apart as it smashed down forwards, crumbling.

Hunter then moved jumping up and to his left, his right foot connecting viciously with another monsters stumpy head sending it hurtling into a tree, the trunk shattering and the small tree fell on the fallen enemy as it cried out, before stopping: unmoving, probably dead, not that Hunter cared.

Ginny and June sat with their mouths wide with their eyes staring in complete shock sitting on the ground still by the lakeshore as they watched Hunter kicking troll ass with ease. “Whoa, he’s awesome,” whispered the red haired girl without realising she spoke.

June just nodded absentmindedly as she watched, Hunter, ‘her’ brother hit a troll with such a forceful punch, in the gut with his right fist, it launched off the ground about ten metres high before crashing down and not getting up. Hunter then launched his left foot back and down, snapping another’s leg in two, which the girls winced at, the troll falling to its knees and Hunter just span. His right foot connected with the trolls face, sending it skidding across the ground as if a stone across a lake, blood flying everywhere before it came to a stop and would not get up.

“I think you should be with my brother,” commented the younger girl with a sigh. “He is so awesome,” she commented hoping she will get to meet a cool boy like him sometime her own age … her own cool Knight.

Ginny nodded with a dreamily sigh when she and June started at a growling noise above them, they noticed a large shadow had came over them, their eyes widened in fear as they looked up, eyes locking with a menacing trolls. It swung its large club up over is shoulder with its right arm and brought it swishing down with a whoosh of wind, both girls grabbed each other in fright holding on tight, closing their eyes holding each other tighter, expecting it to be their end.

However, something was wrong, they felt no pain, and they were both still very much awake, and alive. The two girls slowly opened their eyes and looked up in shock to see a big built man maybe in his mid to late forties, about six foot five feet tall who by all looks must have plenty of muscle then some more. He wore a long dark red coat undone, swaying gently in the breeze, with black across the shoulders, and a military black Kevlar vest with black combat trousers and boots. His hair a few inches long, greying blonde in colour, neatly spiked back with a couple loose strands sticking forward over the right side of his forehead, and his deep blue eyes held warmth and amusement.

The girls just gawked though, as the man had caught the trolls club mid swing with his large right hand about a inch from their heads, and the troll seemed to be pushing with all its might but having no success, grunting with the effort to continue its attack. The man then pushed the club up with ease and simplicity, his right knee following through, colliding with a mighty force, which got a strangled cry from the troll as the man released its club it went soaring into the air and back, crashing to the ground about thirty feet away: unmoving, blood splattering the ground.

The man then standing on two feet again looked down at the two girls; a huge grin spread his lips. “Hi,” he said in a deep voice that commanded respect, but held a lot of humour and kindness. “I’m Rochin Kyrue; sorry we’re late: you must be Hunter’s friends.”

Ginny and June nodded dumbly, and they thought Hunter was a one of a kind: obviously not. “Hey dad, I think they’re in shock,” commented a girls voice, moving their gaze slightly Ginny and June saw an excitedly grinning girl about sixteen, seventeen years old had popped up next to them. She wore tight red trousers with some small pockets down her legs and a black rippled skirt around her waist only halfway down her thighs. In addition, a tight red top accentuation her fairly large bust; and showing her lightly toned stomach and her navel, with a tight black leather jacket left with the zip undone, and on her feet, small black boots with red socks barely showing.

Her hair was an unusual snow white, tied back in a triple plat down to the small of her back, tied with a red ribbon, and many strands of hair of a feathery texture flicked out over her forehead from her fringe and around her ears. Her eyes: a sparkling teal green, kind and happy, she was definitely a beautiful girl, about five foot five, even in their shock Ginny and June noted her looks.

“I think you’re right,” the man commented looking the girls over worriedly. “Well let me introduced my daughter, Sahara… and this here’s my son Arctic,” he added gesturing to his other side where a young man stood, maybe a year older than Hunter, with rusty blonde hair about three times as long as Rochins’, waxed out in messy spikes in every direction, with crystal blue eyes, with rectangular silver framed glasses. He wore baggy blue jeans, white running trainers and a long sleeved white tee shirt, more conservative in his clothes than his sister wears, and though the two girls on the floor saw he is hot and has plenty of muscle through his shirt, he had a nerdy, bookworm feel to his presents.

“Hey are you three going to help Hunter or stand around talking all day?” interrupted a woman’s voice, as she stepped into view with a kind motherly smile. This woman of about forty and five foot seven, had her snow white hair short and loose, framing her pretty face, over her forehead and reaching the bottom of her neck, short in length but long on top, and sea green eyes. She wore dark military green female combat trousers with black belt, and black walking boots, with military green tee shirt accentuating her large chest, and a sleeveless Kevlar ranger vest with many pockets, left undone. It has a wired black curved in signer on the left chest, like the outline of half an egg on its side pointing inwards, with neat printed writing in black, on top of a small oval shaped faint black gridded map of earth: Mystics Council, and underneath that, Watcher, and underneath that, Ranger Ellion Kyrue.

“Ok, we’re going mum,” chimed Sahara eagerly as she looked over seeing a troll getting swung around by its ankle about twenty feet in the air, Hunter using the fast swinging momentum to stay airborne, how he got the troll up their in the first place was anyone’s guess.

She giggled amusedly. “He’s always showing off,” she commented as she suddenly dashed forward, about ten trolls seemed to be waiting for Hunter to kill their friend and have a go themselves, and another ten or so dead all around, it looked like a small war had been fought. She noted wherever they are would be quite beautiful had the trolls not been bothering them, a nice picnic location, or place to train: she smiled.

Sahara mildly registered her brother and dad shooting off after her towards the trolls; they should not be too much trouble since the creatures are so dense. She has to get her best friend out of trouble: again. “He is so troublesome,” she commented amusedly to herself. “But I love the idiot.”

“Don’t worry girls,” said Sahara’s mother kindly kneeling down next to Ginny and June. “Those four will get rid of the trolls then we can get out of here,” she smiled. “Oh, by the way, I’m Ellion, Rochin’s wife, its nice to meet you … you aren’t hurt are you?”

The two girls shook their heads sighing in relief they both offered small smiles. “I-I’m Ginny, and this is June.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you both, so how did you all end up in this mess?” she asked eagerly, she wanted to know for her reports, plus there are running bets on who Hunter will piss off next and hoped she won, they were getting quite large.

“Um, death eater’s kidnapped us and brought us to you-know, um, V-Voldemort,” Ginny began, only mildly surprised the woman did not show the slightest fear or flinch at the name. “Hunter followed and saved us … but he had already been in two fights with death eaters and was tired. He torched tons of vampires and death eaters before escaping with us down a tunnel, which was yesterday; we had to sleep because we were exhausted, well mostly Hunter. I bet my mums worried sick.”

Ellion had to have a chuckle at how fast she spilt, and she had just won a tidy sum of money, well, Sahara mentioned he was returning to England so it was a sure thing he would piss of Voldemort: it is good to get inside information. “Well not to worry, we’ll take you home, get you washed up and fed then get you back home in no time,” she promised them with a small grin.

The troll Hunter was swinging around crashed into the ground in a bloody heap as the young bandit tumbled back down, landing lightly on his feet. Sahara had reached her first targeted troll and flew up and at it with a swift and fast left spinning hook kick, smashing her foot into the back of its head: it flew, crashing its stubby head through a thick tree and went limp: unmoving as she landed lightly in a sweeping motion, giggling at the stuck troll.

Rochin though was nowhere near as graceful as his right fist just crashed into the centre of his trolls back a huge crack reverberating through the valley as the screaming troll went bouncing across the dirt, trailing blood. His left leg snapping up smashing the arm of another, it flew crying out dumbly, crashing into another, very hard: neither got up, and blood and bone split from ones arm, he never had patients for dramatics when fighting weaklings.

Arctic groaned, as he sped towards his first troll, these things were too boring to fight; they have no skill or intellect. He sped on and slid down, sliding across the dirt, low between and through its legs; he grabbed its ankles and stood pulling its legs out from under it. The troll hit the ground hard, stirring the dirty floor, he raised his right hand and formed a small blue ball of energy an inch from his palm and lobbed it nonchalant at the floored monster. The energy exploded on the trolls face with roaring ferocity, the troll no longer moved.

“Hey Hunter!” yelled Sahara eagerly as she dodged a club swinging at her. “Who are your friends, the red heads really cute?” she asked as she cupped both hands to her right hip a small ball of blue white energy began to swirl within her cupped palms. “Ka!” she began, the energy growing slightly. “Me!” she added, the energy beginning to sizzle and roar. “Ha! … Me! … Haaa!” she yelled out, thrusting her hands forwards. Her wrists pushed together, her hands open but curved, as an immense roaring wave of blue-white power blasted forward, tearing the ground on its way, before engulfing three trolls, which screamed in strangled agony before any sign of them through the energy sizzled away the beam faded into nothing and the trolls were no more.

“The red heads Ginny, and the black haired girl is my little sister, June” he answered now she had let up her attack, she just had to show off. His eyes glimpse Rochin as the old man threw a huge yellow energy disk, slicing two trolls in two, spilling blood and guts all over, before the disk crashed explosively into the ground behind his fallen prey.

“Little sister?” she repeated in surprise as her fist connected with the last trolls gut, sending it hurling to the ground next to Arctic where he flung a blue energy ball at its face and it did not move further.

“Yup,” he replied with a bright grin as Sahara rushed over to him and they embraced in a huge hug. “It’s good to see you,” he chuckled as they parted.

“You too, I was so worried when dad said you had asked for help,” she answered, taking his hand and leading him back to her mum and the girls, followed by her grinning father and her slightly amused looking brother. “You never ask for help unless you’re in real trouble.”

He sighed shaking his head with a small smile. “Bloody death eaters and Voldemort, kidnapping my new friend and my sister … I would suggest getting the council to come and arrest them all, but they might have all done a runner by now thinking we’ve already escaped, and handing over their hideout.”

“Most likely,” agreed Rochin with a grin as they all stopped by his wife and the two witches. “These death eaters are bloody annoying killing our people,” he clenched his right fist in anger, his expression changing in an instant. “They keep attacking in small numbers, unexpectedly, so we hardly arrive in time to arrest them, or better yet kill the bastards.”

“Your people?” interrupted Ginny bravely and confusedly. “I-I’ve never heard of people who can do what you just did before,” she informed them, wondering why they would keep powerful warriors like them secret.

Rochin’s rage disappeared instantly as he looked down at his wife and the two girls sitting on the floor chuckling amusedly. “I mean um… what do wizards call them again son?” he asked looking expectantly at Arctic, confusing the two girls.

Arctic sighed rolling his eyes with a small grin at his father not remembering. “Muggles, dad,” he answered with a chuckled.

“Yeah that’s it,” the older man laughed amusedly. “It’s a funny name, don’t ya think?”

“Yeah dad,” giggled Sahara, although she was in fact making fun of him, he either did not mind or did not notice, she actually just thought it was a stupid name.

“But your not muggles?” said Ginny in bewilderment.

Rochin chuckled again, his eyes sparkling enjoyment, and amusement. “Never said we were,” he agreed with a shake of his head. “Though it’s lucky my best mate Jeff left our house before Hunter called, he’s an um … muggle,” he laughed shaking his head again. “He would have been here in an instant trying to blast … um,” he looked around and frowned in confusion before shrugging. “Well blast this place to pieces searching for this, um … oh, what’s his name?” he asked looking down at his wife expectantly.

Ellion laughed and rolled her eyes. “Voldemort,” she answered for him with an amused shake of her head.

“Yeah that’s the one,” he agreed laughing heartily. “That’s even funnier than muggles, these dark assholes and their stupid names,” he chuckled shaking his head. “Well, as I was saying Jeff’s a muggle, well Mystic, anyway he would be tearing this place up … he wouldn’t have got far, but still, the mans always crying about how much he wants to throw lightning bolts at Voldemort and make him dance.” All but Ginny and June laughed at the thought; the two witches looked too shocked and confused: very confused.

“Who are you people?” asked the red haired witch in awe and bewilderment.

Rochin just found the girls confusion funny and laughed hard with his daughter, Sahara. He then moved the left side of his coat aside still laughing, and pointed to the chest of his Kevlar vest where they saw a similar in signer to Ellion’s, only in red, with neat printed writing: Mystics Council, and underneath that, Watcher, and at the bottom, Captain Rochin Kyrue.

“I’m a cop,” he declared proudly to clear up the girls’ confusion, though neither seemed to understand.

“He’s a police officer, well police captain,” Ellion tried to elaborate with little success. “Um, oh… like an auror,” she smiled as the girls expressions turned from confusion to comprehension. “So am I, well of a different type. I’m a Ranger,” she said proudly pointing to the badge on her vest.

“Yup, I got my badge here somewhere,” said Rochin putting his right hand in his inside left pocket of his coat and rummaging about, he then pulled out a rectangular leather wallet and flipped it open. Inside on the right side held a nine-point platinum pentagram star with rune marking engraved, with some kind of crystal gem in the centre, which created a holographic illusion of the same in signer on his vest. In addition, on the other side, a plastic ID card with his picture, and the same in signer, though with just Mystics Council and Watcher on it behind a transparent plastic screen.

“You’re aurors?” asked June shyly in confusion as Rochin put his ID away.

“No,” he chuckled. “We’re Watcher,” he laughed in joy. “That’s what we call our law enforcers like me and Ellion, though she protects animals and magical creatures to keep all of the rare ones safe from idiots wanting them for some reason or another.”

“Can we get out of here,” interrupted Hunter drawing everyone’s attention. “I would liker to take a shower, and take these two to school and start my new job; I only have the weekend to prepare.”

“You have a job?” asked Ellion narrowing her eyes suspiciously. “A job your grandpa would have loved doing?” she asked in a disapproving tone.

Hunter shook his head in the negative, only the two witches looked confused. “I … um, I kinda agreed to teach self defence at Hogwarts.”

“Well that’s different then,” said Ellion brightening as she stood. “Come on you two we can’t sit around here all day.” She smiled as the two girls nervously stood and stretched the cranks from their bodies. They all waited as Ellion pulled a small glass ball from her pocket no bigger than a large marble with a beautiful blue cloud of energy inside. “This is a Boom-Bridge,” she elaborated for the two witches’ confused expressions. “It will take us out of here.”

“Why’s it called a Boom-Bridge,” Ginny had to ask, it seemed a waste of its beauty to use it.

“That’s easy,” giggled Sahara as she snatched the sphere from her mothers hand and through it to the ground in front of them: Boom! It exploded, making the two witches’ jump as the others laughed, a rippling swirl of blue energy opened before them, leading in, like a doorway opened up in space, with a darker path like a bridge leading onward. The two witches’ mouths opened in awe and shock, understanding the name better.

Ginny and June had lived within the magical world all of their lives and had thought that they could not be surprised when it came to magic. However, in these past two days they had been sorely mistaken, this one sight was just amazing, especially in its beauty. They had a feeling these few shocking things might just be the tip of the iceberg.

“Well come on you lot before it closes,” said Rochin with a huge grin as Hunter grabbed Ginny’s and June’s hands and they walked into the portal, the witches awed by the energy that swirled around them as they saw a white light at the other end, presumably the exit. Rochin and his family were bringing up the rear, as the entrance closed giving them only one direction to walk: just a sort way.

“Wow, this mode of travel is awesome,” chimed Ginny eagerly with excitement shinning brightly in her brown eyes. “Screw floo, we should use these.”

Hunter laughed and nodded his agreement. “But still not many people can make them so they’re expensive. We’re just lucky Ellion’s one of those people,” he chuckled as the two witches’ nodded in agreement.

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