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Super Genius Harry Potter, is beaten, abused and used by the Dursley's after he was given up by his parents. He escaped and changed his name to Kyte Tech's... five years later he had created the gr...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, but everything else I kinda do! Sci-Fi/Action/Fantasy.



“What? He’s not even tried to blag his way out?” asked Len, one of the leading investigators with the London police.

“Nope,” agreed his partner Kevin. “But have you seen the kids file yet?”

“Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, the kids perfectly clean,” he agreed frowning in thought as he rapped his fingers against the table they sat, a habit he has when in thought. “But that bloke, Dursley and his wife are adamant he’s nothing but trouble, but it was very odd they had no photos of the boy.”

“I agree,” conquered his partner. “And the bedroom they showed us as being his, everything was broken and it didn’t look at all slept in.”

“Yes, it’s troubling to say the least,” he agreed. “And the boys school; his teachers say he’s a genius, doesn’t even try hard and gets top grades.”

The other officer nodded. “And why would the Dursleys’ turn down that scholarship for him to go to a school for gifted children.”

“The boy doesn’t look very healthy either, when I brought him some food he looked beyond surprised, even asked me whether he was allowed that much. His skin is pale, and he hasn’t shown any emotion or resistance, his eyes look dead.”

“Well,” the other said standing up. “He has answered everything politely and honestly so far, let’s see what he has to say.”

Len stood too, nodding. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Oh yeah, did you speak to the kids boss?” asked Kevin as they exited the small coffee room.

“Yeah, apparently the kid just showed up at the computer repair shop two weeks ago, the man felt sorry for him and gave him work, apparently the kids gifted with machines… the shop owner wants him back. He also mentioned the kid only ever shows any positive emotions when working.”


A young man of sixteen with pale skin and messy black hair with dark emerald green eyes sat still in a cell upon the bed, in the corner a disgusting metal toilet.

It had been about five hours already and he had only been asked a few casual questions concerning his crime. His expression however was indifference, it mattered not that he was here, he felt free here, imagine being freer within a prison cell than at your home. He had even been fed, and not just scraps, it was a proper and delicious meal.

He was quite board however that did not bother him too much, he felt content to his fate. His mind was working a mile a minuet with ideas that may now never see the light of day.

He almost jumped when the door was unbolted and the two police officers that arrested him stood in the doorway. “Mr. Potter,” one said. “We shall begin questioning now, are you sure you wouldn’t like a solicitor?”

Harry stood tiredly. “That would be a waste of his or her time, considering I’m guilty,” he replied gruffly.

The officer nodded. “Very well, we have arranged an appropriate adult…”

“I do not need anyone,” he interrupted. “Adults are unnecessary.”

“Well sorry to say but its law since you’re under eighteen.”

Harry sighed, rolling his eyes. “Very well, sir, lead me to my fate.”

The officers both shared worried looks as they led him from his cell. Len was really quite worried about the boy, he really did not like to sympathize with the criminals, but this one is different. The boys’ files say he is special, but not in the wrong way, they say he could achieve something great someday, if only he had been nurtured to do so. However, from what he has seen and read so far, the boy has not been treated right.

They stopped just as they got to the check in desk and Len approached a pretty young woman with dark blonde hair and brown eyes who is his appropriate adult, her name Karen Summers, she seemed nice enough, Harry thought.

They soon arrived in a room with a tape recording deck, which took four cassettes. Harry and Karen sat together while the two officers sat opposite, they then filled the tape deck, and begun proceedings with the four of them stating their names.

“Okay, Mr. Potter,” began Len. “You have been arrested under the suspicion of steeling five thousand pounds from your uncle Vernon Dursley and his car, are you aware that you do not have to say anything but if you do it could be used against you in a court of law?”

“Yes sir.”

“So um, Harry, I can call you that?” asked Kevin.

“Yes, sir,” he replied with a nodded.

“So, are these accusations correct?” he asked knowing the answer already.

“Yes sir that is correct,” he replied emotionlessly.

“And what reason did you feel you had to steal from your family?” interrupted Len interestedly.

Harry just stared unblinkingly at them for a moment before he replied in a monotone. “I was escaping, sir.”

“Escaping what?”

“Hell!” was all he replied.

The two police officers looked nervously at each other for a moment before returning their gaze to Harry. “Why would you call your home, hell?” dared ask Kevin.

“It is irrelevant, as long as I am away from, ‘them’ I am free, whether I go to jail or not.”

“What did they ever do that you would say that?” asked Len getting more uneasy.

“I have been their slave for most of my life,” he replied nonchalant.

The police gulped. “What do you mean? How so?” asked Kevin shakily.

“I do everything when I am not at school,” he replied. “I’m beaten when I don’t finish my work fast enough, I cook for them and they starved me… I slept within the cupboard under the stairs…”


Len and Kevin along with a many other officer had arrived at the Dursleys’ home the next day. They were a little sceptical of Harrys’ accusations, however, that was until they had a doctor check him over. The doctor demanded that the boy be sent to a hospital immediately. The doctors were surprised the boy was even alive with the amount of damage he had sustained throughout his short young life.

When they confronted the Dursleys’ with this, they denied any knowledge of it and tried to get them to leave. However, they already had a warrant to search the property. They looked in the cupboard under the stairs first and almost heaved up their breakfast at the rank smell of blood, decay and other bodily smells. Straightaway the Dursleys’ were arrested and CSI was called in to investigate the cupboard and the rest of the house.

Harry was kept in the hospital for two months before he was fit enough to stand trial, a judge had already dropped all charges against the boy and Harry stood as witness for the prosecution of Vernon, Petunia and Dudley Dursley. The Dursleys’ lawyer tried to get them off by saying they never asked for Harry to be left on their doorstep, the prosecution lawyer retorted that they could have sent him to an orphanage.

Vernon Dursley was sentenced to twenty years in jail, Petunia fifteen and Dudley four years in juvenile hall… it was the start of Harrys’ new life, he returned to his job where his boss encouraged him to achieve his full, which was greater than any could have imagined. Harry Potter soon cessed to exist, changing his name, he became, ‘Kyte Tech's’.

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