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Enter: Cybex

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Tech Vs. Magic, which will win the war?

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Chapter 1 Enter Cybex

Five years later in the largest building within London, Kyte sat in a beautiful black high backed leather chair deep in thought as he stared a huge monitor on the wall ahead of him. Loads of computers and other gadgets were scattered all around the large underground lab/command centre.

He was alone to his thoughts as he saw on his monitor loads of men and women with little wooden sticks, murdering people with different coloured lights from the sticks. That however was not the most weird thing he saw, what he could only guess were, well, um, giants were rampaging the village.

“Tyde!” he suddenly said as the satellite image froze.

A swish of white light in front of him and a young woman with short but long messy blonde hair, blue eyes with a cute young face about Kytes’ age, wearing a black leather uniform with CyberTech on her left breast in dark red seemed too appeared out of nowhere.

“You called Kytey,” she asked sweetly with a giggled.

Kyte rolled his eyes. “Yes I want your opinion on what they are?” he pointed towards the screen.

Tyde did not even give it a glance as she replied. “If I said what I think they are you’ll think I’m malfunctioning,” she said impishly. “As for what my analysis says, well,” she shrugged. “Dunno what they are.”

Kyte sighed and rolled his eyes again. “Just tell me what you think they are.”

She shrugged. “Um, I dunno what I should call them but the large things are either mythical giants or mechas with holographic skin to look like giants. As for the humans they are either using some weird new tech or they are magic, witches and warlocks, or maybe wizards, there are so many names for magical humans through the mythological archives I’m not sure what they would be called if they truly exist.”

Kyte sighed shaking his head. “What about the police reports?”

“Apparently witnesses and servers say a hurricane destroyed the town and killed the people,” she replied a little disgusted at that.

Kyte growled a little angrily as he fast-forwarded. The men and women with masks and back robes had left and more came and did something with those who saw what happened, though these one’s were different in that they wore different types of clothes and did not hide their face’s.

“If this truly is magic then they used it to modify those people’s memories!” he growled furiously.

“But why would they do that and not just kill them too?” asked Tyde eagerly since her creator was not calling her crazy.

“Because the killers are obviously terrorists,” he replied. “These one’s,” he gestured the screen. “They could be covering it up from us to keep themselves hidden and safe from us retaliating against them all.”

“So you’re planning on releasing this to the public, right? So they can defend themselves?” she asked hopefully before he does something stupid.

“Is it possible to detect them?” he asked ignoring her question; she had a bad feeling about this.

“Yes,” she agreed. “I’m getting faint readings all over the planet; one is not too far from here.”

“It still doesn’t make sense, magic would defy logic.”

“And cybartronic technology doesn’t?” she asked amusedly.

Kyte just glared at her. “You know, sometimes I really regret creating the E.P.U, you’re too emotional.”

She pouted, though looked smug. “So what do you plan to…” she trailed off. “Kytey, there’s a large source of activity,” she gestured the screen as it switched from the recordings to live satellite feeds of those same assholes attacking innocent people, though this time without giants.

Kyte growled and stood removing his clothes as he went dropping them to the floor. “Kyte we haven’t got time to have sex,” she whined. “We have to help those people.”

Kyte let a chuckled escape his lips as he finally pulled off his boxers, stepping naked into an elevator, she checked out his fair muscular body as the doors closed. Tyde appeared in the lift with Kyte seconds later as it descended further underground.

Tydes’ eyes then widened as she realised what he planed. “Kytey it hasn’t even been tested yet,” she complained.

“Well it’s going to be tested now,” he replied as the lift doors opened and he stepped out followed by Tyde.

They walked out into a huge garage like chamber with allsorts of large gadgets and vehicles such as a beautiful silver motorcycle, even a huge battle helicopter in military green. However, ignoring them he moved to a closet, pulled out a rubber leather body tight bodysuit with circler holes throughout, and squeezed into it. The black suit covered him from ankles to neck.

“You sure you want to do this?” asked Tyde worriedly.

He just looked at her and smirked. “I never had a hero to save me, but I can be one to save those people.” She just nodded sadly in understanding as he approached metallic armour in dark silver and red. Clasping a maniacal along his left forearm with a gasp of pain, closing his eyes he sent out a prier to whatever techno gods may be watching.


Screams of fear, panic, and pain ran ramped throughout the small town as many people were murdered and tortured. Men and women wearing black robes and white skeletal masks laughed manically with joy as they attacked their prey.

A tall man with bony long fingers and snakelike face with slits for nostrils and blood red eyes watched on in amusement. The muggles would not stand a chance, it was a pity they could not fight back, and it was a little boring, but still held his interest. He wondered how long it would take the Order or ministry to find out and arrive, not that it mattered, and the idiots never arrived on time anyway.

He was brought out of his musing suddenly by a revving engine of some kind, frowning he looked around though saw nothing. He then looked up almost gasping in surprise. He saw some kind of silver motorcycle though its wheels looked split to the sides and spinning, he could not see the rider, but it was a little worrying.

The wheels then folded in sealing as the bike crashed to the ground pulling to a stop. The bike looked a fair bit larger than he had seen before as the rider stepped off his eyes widened. A man wearing metallic armour, across his stomach seven dark red plates slanted in each direction, on his right arm a dark red curved blade poking out of the armour. His right arm had some kind of small dark red shield on his forearm on a hinge leading up just passed his shoulder. His armour was mostly dark silver except around the top of his chest and back; the plates were dark red, thicker leading into a higher collar. His dragon-like helmet, with dark black tinted visor with dark red around and horns sticking up on the sides the rest dark silver, with guns on his thighs of the likes nobody had seen before in dark red.

Voldemort noticed everything had gone quiet and glanced around; the weirdo had garnished everyones attention, even the muggles had stopped trying to escape. Then a collective gasp escaped everyones lips as the bike changed at speed, clicking and re-shifting on metal, which when finally stopped revealed a large robot about nine feet tall like something the towns people would expect to see on transformers a kids cartoon show.

The robots eyes black tinted like glass, its dark silver head scanned the people discerning the enemy in seconds relaying its findings to its creator. “W-who are you!” the snake-faced freak demanded.

The robot bike looked at him, scanning while making some weird computerize whizzing noses. “The question really is…” began the armoured man with a metallic sounding voice. “Who are you, and how fast can you die, but I suppose I’ll be the polite one and answer… I am… I am Cybex…”

The snake-faced man sneered. “I am Lord Voldemort and I shall teach you muggles all how superior we wizards truly are!”

“Oh and how can you do that when soon you’ll be a smear on the ground?” asked Cybex amusedly, a smirk hidden under his helmet.

“We’ll see about that,” he laughed darkly. He turned to his minions. “You lot carry on I’ll take care of this muggle!” he ordered before turning back, his minions laughed.

One minion was about to kill two little children that held each other on the floor fearfully when the robot rose its right arm, a huge canon like gun came up on top, attached and fired with explosive force, blasting the minion a few feet away where he landed with a crash, dead. The machine moved with speed passed Voldemort, its feet clanking and crunching with the ground; it clamped down its two strong hands around two more minions crushing their skulls before letting them drop, dead to the ground.

The machine then turned from the gawking minions it had not yet disposed off and looked at the scared children and pointed for them to hide, they didn’t need telling twice, nodding they ran as the robot turned back to its prey. Suddenly the scared minions started bombarding the machine with all manors of forceful spells; it had to dig its powerful feet into the ground as it slid back, however, its armour taking every hit with ease.

Then some kind of pack grew out of its chunky armoured back and blasted its engines with a blue energy of light. It then shot into the sky and over the spells, crushing down on one minion killing him instantly and grabbed another’s throat ripping his head clean off, then blasted a third. All the while, the minions screamed in panic firing uselessly on the mechanical enemy.

Voldemort looked back from the metal thing slaughtering his death eaters to the armoured man, a look of horror on his face. “You’ll pay for this!” he screeched raising his wand. “Avada Kedavra!” he roared enraged a green beam blasted out of his wand. Cybex just moved his left forearm in the way, either side of the shield extended with little blue dashed lights in-between silver dashes. The curse then smashed into an invisible force field disbursing to nothing.

“Ha, is that all you’ve got magic man,” laughed Cybex swinging his right arm and the huge curved blade shot out on silver-sectioned metal, Voldemorts eyes widened in shock and fear before disappearing with a soft pop. The blade smashed into the ground, he gave a soft tug, and it retracted back into the armour. Cybex gave a growl of annoyance as he looked over to see his mecha stopped its fighting when the remaining minions disappeared, running for their lives. “Sydren!” he called to the mech. “Lets go!” the mecha nodded as she looked to him walking over, the people were staring in awe, most looking beyond grateful.

Then his sensors detected something, turning he saw about twenty others with wands all drawn staring at him and Sydren as she stood beside him, though none of these had masks so he guessed they were not the enemy though he and his mech kept their guard up. Cybex guessed that because he is um, well that snake-bastard called them muggles and he is one then they will not like him knowing this, though knew they could not do anything about it.

Cybex noticed most of them looked defeated, their eyes looked like his once did, and they must have been fighting that snake-bastard for along time and loosing. He started for a moment when he noticed a man with short messy back hair standing next to a red haired woman; they looked familiar but could not think where he has seen them before.

It was then he noted a very old man with long white hair and beard, with sparkling blue eyes and half-moon spectacles stepped forward. “Hello,” the old man said nervously, very much aware of the mechanical things gaze on him, sending a slight shiver down his spine as he glanced the dead death eaters. “My name is Albus Dumbledore, leader of the Order of the Phoenix, and who might you be?” he asked as politely and friendly as he could, very much aware an alliance with the muggles is against the law but right now he just didn’t care.

“I’m Cybex,” he replied nonchalant. “Your kind has been murdering mine, let it be known,” he clenched his fists. “I shall not stand for it. I plan to kill every last one of your kind that thinks its fun to torture and maim mine.” His mech then transformed into a bike getting some gasps from the wizards, he climbed on and revved the engine before skidding round and shooting down the road at incredible speed. Then lifted from the ground, its wheels split moving to the sides, spinning and the bike shot off into the air and they watched open mouthed until it was out of sight.

“Whoa that was so cool,” commented a man with long black shaggy hair and blue eyes.

“Sirius is right, that was cool,” chuckled a man with short messy black hair.

“James!” moaned the read haired woman slapping his head.


Kyte had just returned from his mission; entering his control room/lab still in armour it deactivated, streaming away in a blue light, leaving him naked except for the silver and red chunky metallic maniacal on his left forearm, he just sat in his chair. Tyde then walked over and dropped a pile of clothes on his lap.

“Get dressed,” she commanded amusedly. “I couldn’t find anything on the man, but I have on the woman,” she continued as he pulled on his clothes, black cargo trousers, tee shirt and shirt, black socks and shoes. She then gestured the screen bringing up a picture. “Her name was Lily Evens, she may have gotten married.”

“WHAT!?” he demanded standing up straight leaving his shirt half undone. “T-that’s not possible… search for James Potter!”

Tyde looked confused but did as he asked. “Oh here we are,” she brought up a driving licence photo. “James Potter married to Lily Potter, this is all I could find so I gather it’s the correct James Potter, plus his picture matches the man.”

“Why the fuck are they alive!?” he demanded angrily. “My parents are supposed to be dead!”

“Y-your parents?” she stuttered in shock.

He nodded grabbing a palm held computer placing it in his pocket he walked towards the elevator out, grabbing his long black coat he put it on entering the elevator quickly followed by Tyde.

“Are you going to tell me where you are going?” she asked expectantly.

Kyte sighed. “I’m going to confront them,” he replied nonchalant. “Then I’m going to,” he groaned. “I don’t know… all I want is some answers… if those people really are my parents I want to know why they dumped me with those things!”

“You do realise what it could mean if they are don’t you?” she asked, he just looked at her a little confused. She rolled her eyes. “You could have magic too,” she giggled as his eyes widened in realisation.

He then shrugged as the elevator reached ground level and opened into the lobby, the pair continued out, walking towards the doors, Kytes’ coat swishing out behind him. “Well anyway that doesn’t concern me. I hope my limo will be waiting?” he added starring at her.

She giggled and nodded. “Of course it will; I’m too brilliant to forget to call it for you.”

Kyte chuckled. “Well send the location of the nearest magical location to my driver.”

“Already done,” she grinned as he kissed her and sped out of the front doors leaving her within the hard light holographic emitters of the building.

“That’s so unfair,” whined a cute young female security guard by the doors. Tyde looked at her curiously. “Even the computer can get laid by a cute guy.”

Tyde giggled and kissed her on the lips to her extreme shock before disappearing in a flash of light giggling insanely. “Augh, Tyde,” she whined. “You could have at least slipped me some tongue,” she mumbled the last.

“Maybe next time sweetie,” giggled Tydes’ voice over the intercom speaker next to her. The security girl blushed deeply, making a mental note not to express her thoughts aloud at work anymore since Tyde will hear and mock her.

Kyte slipped into the back of his limo and the driver immediately started. The driver learnt when Kyte hired him not to bother opening the doors for him since he’s always rushing around and does not like waiting for the formalities. He was actually in love with this job; Kyte was his best and favourite ever employer, and could always tell when the young genius wants to chat or not and right now could see he is deep in thought.

It did not take too long, his limo parked up next to a grubby looking pub, and Kyte climbed out. “You can leave Mac, I’ll call if I need a pick up,” he said to the driver pulling an earpiece from his pocket placing it on as the limo pulled away, he got a few curious stares but ignored them. “Tyde where is it?” he asked as if speaking to himself.

“Straight ahead of you,” she replied over the head set.

He stared at the grubby pub, shocked. “But it’s just a dirty looking pub,” he responded with a frown.

“Maybe that’s so non magical people don’t wonder in, even wizards need to drink.”

Kyte just shrugged and walked in, startled when he noted a few older people wearing robes sitting around drinking, they gave him a glance before looking away disinterested. He looked around at the interior, grimacing, the place was horrid, dark, and grimy.

He sighed as he walked up to the man behind the bar. “What can I get ya!?” he asked as if expecting him to want a drink in such a horrible looking pub.

“Information,” he replied. The old barman’s eyebrows rose in interest. “I’m looking a Lily and James Potter.”

“The girl-who-lived(s) parents?” he asked in shock.

Kytes’ eyes widened in surprise. “Girl-who-lived?” he replied curiously. “Who’s the Girl-who-lived?”

The man snorted. “Ya know Amanda Potter, the girl who survived the killing curse and destroyed You-Know-Who when she was only a baby.”

Kyte groaned rolling his eyes. “No, I don’t know who?” he replied.

The barman looked beyond surprised. “Well, the dark lord, surely you’ve heard of him?”

“Oh,” he replied on realising. “You mean that Voldemort,” the barman flinched he just continued. “Wanker. Well I only have business with Lily and James not their daughter.”

“What kind of business?” interrupted a red haired man leaving his seat further down the bar carrying some kind of juice in his glass.

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