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Kyte has a Reunion with his family of sorts, and meets his sister twin Ami

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Chapter 2 Reunions

“What kind of business?” interrupted a red haired man leaving his seat further down the bar carrying some kind of juice in his glass.

“I’m a lawyer,” he lied in reply. “I’m afraid I can’t discus it with you.”

The man nodded a little uncertainly. “I’m Arthur Weasley,” he said offering his hand with a smile. Kyte shook it a little surprised. “I’m a friend of the Potters’,” he continued.

“Um, well I’m Kyte Techs,” he responded as he released his hand. “Well I don’t suppose you’ll take me to them would you?” he asked hopefully.

“They aren’t in some kind of trouble are they?” he asked a little worriedly.

Kyte smiled. “No, I just have a few matters to discus with them.”

Mr. Weasley smiled. “Let me see your left forearm.”

Kyte blinked in surprise. “Um, why?” he asked in confusion.

Arthur looked surprised and a little suspicious. “Because if you’re not a death eater you won’t have the dark mark on your arm,” he replied reasonably.

“Oh,” he shrugged still confused but lifted both sleeves. “Well I’m not even a wizard, I’m from the outside.”

Arthur nodded eagerly. “I though so by that little metal thing on your ear. Well, I can’t take you to the Potters’ and bring you back since I have to get back to work, but I can take you to my house and see if my daughter will take you.”

“Thank you sir, it is most appreciated,” he smiled as he followed the man to the fireplace, looking on in confusion.

“Okay, here,” the man handed him some grey powder to his confusion. Arthur chuckled. “Just throw it in the fire and say loudly and clearly, ‘The Burrow’, then step into the emerald flames and it will take you there, I’ll be in right behind you.”

Kyte shrugged. “This should be… interesting,” he chuckled as he threw it in; startled at the huge emerald flames he stepped into the flames. “The Burrow!” he said. He spun round and round hurtling fast; he got glimpses of what he guessed to be other fireplaces. He was just thinking he was going to puke when he went flying out, landing with a crash to the floor. Groaning he looked up when he heard giggling.

He scrambled to his feet brushing soot from his clothes, he noted two cute girls about his age sitting in a lounge giggling at him. One girl with orange and red hair with cute freckles dancing over her nose, the other with raven black hair and hazel eyes, both he noted seemed quite fit.

“Wow, Ginny,” the raven-haired girl giggled. “When did you get a function on your fire to spit out cute men?”

“I don’t know Ami but I’m glad we do,” giggled the red haired girl.

“Err, hi,” said Kyte blushing a little in embarrassment. “I’m Kyte.”

“Well I’m Amanda Potter and this is Ginny Weasley,” said the raven-haired young woman, both of them standing with grins.

Kyte smiled a little, hoping very much that Amanda does not know of his existence, he would very much like his sister in his life. “Oh, so you’ve already met Mr. Techs,” interrupted Arthur from behind.

“Yeah dad,” agreed Ginny grinning happily. “Where’d you find him, can you find another for Ami?” she asked cheekily.

“Hey, who said you get this one,” argued Amanda. Kyte winced, that is so wrong.

Arthur chuckled, amused at their crazy antics. “No, he’s actually looking for your parents, he’s a lawyer with something he needs to speak with them about, but I haven’t got time to escort him there and back.”

“Oh, a lawyer,” cooed Amanda cheerfully.

“Hey dad aren’t we all supposed to be at the Order meeting at Amis’ in a few minuets anyway?” asked Ginny looking surprised.

“Yeah but I can’t get off work, anyway I was there and saw that Cybex guy and that awesome robot thing, so I don’t really need to be there.”

“I wish I could have seen them, I bet Cybex is really cute,” whined Ami.

“How would you know?” asked Ginny. “Dad said he was wearing a helmet.”

“But he’s a hero, aren’t all heroes supposed to be cute?” she retorted smugly.

“I guess,” agreed Ginny with a smile.

Arthur coughed regaining their attention. “Well I’ll leave you two to take Mr. Techs to see Lily and James,” he said getting a bye from each he left via the fire.

“So, um… either of you two have any brothers or sisters?” asked Kyte curiously, well mainly to broche the subject with Amanda.

Ginny rolled her eyes looking annoyed. “I have six, do you want one?” she asked hopeful to get rid of one.

Kyte laughed. “No thanks… how about you Amanda?”

“Oh, just called me Ami…” she said then Ginny cut in.

“Hey, I thought I was the only one to get away with calling you that?”

Ami shrugged, grinning. “Na, to be honest I like it, I just like being difficult. Anyway,” she returned her attention back to Kyte. “Unfortunately I don’t,” she said a little sadly. “Sometimes it feels like I’m missing something,” she shrugged and her grin returned. “Why’d you ask? Do you have any?”

Kyte shrugged. “I just found out recently I have a twin sister.”

“Oh, that must have been nice… what’s she like?”

“Well, she seems nice enough, though I haven’t spent enough time with her yet to know for sure.”

“Hey, why didn’t you know you have a twin?” interrupted Ginny.

Kyte smiled sadly and shrugged. “My parents sent me away when I was a baby and kept her… I hope to soon find out why…” he shrugged sadly. “Well you said something about a meeting; you’re going to be late if we don’t hurry.” The girls nodded, however he noticed Amanda give him a strange look.

“Well come on then,” said Ginny.

It only took a few minuets to get to Potter manor; Kyte was impressed. “Whoa, this place is nice, Ami you must be swimming in money,” he commented, quite pissed off at that but kept that hidden, so lack of money could not be the reason his parents abandoned him.

“You aren’t going to try for me for the money are you?” she asked cheekily.

Kyte chuckled shaking his head as the girls led him through the house. “No, money doesn’t interest me anymore.”

“Oh, so you have money,” she replied interestedly.

“Err, you could say that,” he shrugged, well considering he may actually be nearing richest person on earth.

“Ah, they’re in here,” said Ginny a little jealously, she really wanted this boy, money does not really mean to much to her though a nice husband with enough to support a family someday would be nice. They walked into a huge lounge with about forty people sitting around while Albus Dumbledore was speaking, however, stopped when he noticed them.

“Ahh, Miss. Weasley, Miss. Potter, glad you could both make it,” he said with a smile. “And who might your guest be?”

“Oh, he’s a lawyer came to speak with mum and dad,” piped in Amanda cheerfully.

Kytes’ heartbeat shot up as his parents stood. “So what’s your name, who sent you?” asked Lily looking a little worried.

Kyte now glared at them before turning to the girls. “I should apologise because I deceived you and Mr. Weasley.” They looked shocked and he turned back to his parents noticing nearly every wand now on him.

“Who are you?” asked Dumbledore starting to feel sick for some reason.

“What do you want!?” demanded James angrily.

“Well I don’t think that’s anyway to talk to your son, ‘daddy’,” he mocked with the last word and the blood drained from Lilys’ and James’s faces as their wand arms went slack, their eyes opening wide with fright, mostly everyone else looked confused.

Ami looked at her parents’ reactions then to the young man claming to be her brother, and in that moment she knew it was true. Glancing Dumbledore she saw he obviously knew by showing no shock or concern. She looked to Sirius and Remus both of them looked as bad as her parents did. She thought back to the Burrow remembering what he said, her, no their parents just sent him away.

Rose was fuming mad, in fact she was so pissed off everyone in the room could feel her magic. “You sent my brother away,” she hissed dangerously quiet. “You sent my ‘twin’ brother away,” she corrected through gritted teeth.

Dumbledore ignoring the angry girl looked at the young man. “So, Mr. Potter; why have you come here,” he asked hoping he can salvage this somehow.

Kyte growled fiercely. “Me, why would I come here?” he asked in mock wonder. “Maybe to get some answers from my ‘parents’’,” he said the last word mockingly, enjoying the flinch it got from Lily and James.

“Well maybe you should take the discussion to a more privet place,” suggested the old man.

“No!” he hissed. “Why not let everybody hear? I’m sure they’re all curious?”

“I don’t think that a good idea Mr. Pott…”

“My name is Techs, Kyte Techs!” he interrupted angrily.

The old man coughed nervously. “Well Mr. Techs, it isn’t such a good idea to do this in front of everybody.”

Kyte glared. “Don’t fuck with me old man,” he growled. “This happens here and now. So ‘mommy’ why don’t you begin with why you abandoned me?” he hissed mockingly.

“B-b-because, i-it was for-for Amandas’ benefit,” she stuttered nervously.

“Really, and you couldn’t have been nice enough to send me to an orphanage or KILL ME! No you dump me off with ‘THEM’,” he roared pulling a silver handgun from inside his coat pointing it at her. Everyone looked too shocked to do anything and Lily was shaking in complete fear. “Fourteen years of them torturing me, starving me and using me as their slave. I broke free; now your bitch of a sister still has another ten years in jail while her bastard husband still has fifteen.

“And look here,” he looked around the room in mock wonder. “I find out your fucking rich,” he chuckled dryly, his gun held steady.

“We-we’ll give you what ever you want j-just don’t shoot us!” rushed out James panicked. “We’ll give you how much you want, n-name your price.”

Kyte smirked reaching into his inside coat pocket with his free hand. Ami thought it was something to do with getting money for a second when he pulled out a thick wad of muggle money, Amis’ eyes widened as he just pushed it into her hands.

“I don’t need money since I used my genius to build my own company,” he replied, winking at Ami he was calming down she noted, she of course will never forgive her parents for this but did not want them dead. “Consider that cash missed birthdays and Christmas’s,” he told her.

She looked at it in shock flicking through it she shook her head. “I-I can’t take this there’s like twenty thousand…”

He interrupted. “Twenty-five thousand, keep it,” he shrugged, turning back to his parents. “So why was I living fourteen years in a cupboard for Amandas’ benefit?” he wondered allowed. They did not answer, though everyone watched them looking sick. Kyte fired, the bullet smashing a vase behind them and Dumbledore raised his wand.

“I suggest you keep that temper under control Mr. Potter,” he commanded as he stood.

“That is not my name!” he growled re-aiming his handgun at the old man.

“I beg to differ Mr. Potter,” he responded sounding amused.

Kyte laughed. “You going to attack me, I assure you my security will be here five minuets later and only Ami and Ginny will survive the onslaught.”

Dumbledore chuckled in amusement. “Nobody knows where you a…”

Kyte interrupted. “We are in Wales fifteen Graviton Avenue in the south east,” he chuckled amusedly as Dumbledore looked beyond freaked.

“H-how?” the old man asked in horror.

“Oh my god!” interrupted a bushy haired young woman standing and staring at him. “I knew I recognised that name… he’s the founder, owner and controller of CyberTech, the company only started five years ago and is already primary technology company on the planet, its even running Microsoft into the ground.”

“Cleaver girl,” smiled Kyte appreciatively.

“What does that have to do with anything?” interrupted Dumbledore. “I haven’t ever heard of either of these companies and I see no relevance as to how he could possibly know where we are.”

“They are called satellites idiot,” replied Kyte amusedly rolling his eyes. “They can track me anywhere.”

“What’s a satellite?” he asked looking at Hermione. “And what about the magical protections.”

“Satellites are machines that orbit the earth,” she replied. “I don’t think every satellite could penetrate the wards, but his, most probably can and have.”

Kyte chuckled amusedly. “So Miss?”

“G-Granger, Hermione Granger,” she replied blushing, the boys cute she thought blushing even more.

“You know your stuff, eh?” he asked and she nodded. “Well what could forty wizards do against two Black Hawk helicopters?”

Hermiones’ eyes widened. “Um, run away very fast,” she replied nervously.

Kyte smirked. “Yup, that would be the best option,” he replied smugly as they all started hearing the distinctive sound of propellers getting nearer, and getting really jumpy. “Oh don’t mind them that’s just my ride home,” he chuckled. “One last question though for James and Lily, who’s idea, was it to get rid of me?” he asked, they looked to be about to answer when the old man interrupted.

“Could theses satellites find Voldemort?” he asked urgently.

Kyte eyed him suspiciously. “No, they can only detect concentrated bursts of magic,” he replied turning his attention back to his parents. “Well,” he demanded.

“It was Dumbledores’,” spat out a shaggy black haired man with blue eyes. “I told you not to listen to him; I told you he didn’t have a clue. I even offered to take him myself but you followed his orders and gave your son to those bastards!”

“Sirius,” interrupted the old man. “It was for the best.”

“Fuck you Dumbledork!” yelled Ami; she grabbed Kytes and Ginnys’ hands. “We’re going with my brother,” she said glaring at the Order and dragging the surprised pair from the room towards and out of the front door.

“Um, you sure you two wanna come?” he asked hoping he did not sound too hopeful as a privet helicopter landed near while two Black Hawks hovered a little further back.

“Of course we want to,” agreed Amanda smiling assuring at her brother. “Right Gin?” she asked her friend, Ginny grinned nodding eagerly, she has free reign to pursue Kyte now. “I can’t believe you were serious about those gunship helicopters though,” she added amusedly looking up at them. “You aren’t actually going to have them attack are you?”

“Only if I have no choice,” he replied with a smile.

“Mr. Potter!” called Dumbledore over the noise of the choppers propellers, they span to see him with his wand. “I can’t let you take Amanda!”

“Tyde,” he just said confusing them. “This old bastard is really pissing me off,” he raised his gun and fired, the old man started, dropping his wand and grabbing his shoulder in shock, dropping to his butt he looked at the blood leaking through his fingers. “My sisters twenty-one, no foolish old bastard can tell her what to do.”

“Will he be okay?” asked Ami, only a little worried, since the old bastard was just trying to kidnap her.

“He’ll be fine,” he agreed leading the two girls to the helicopter where a man stood with ear defenders to block the noise holding open the door. Kyte helped the two girls in and climbed in next to Ginny while Ami sat opposite, the man slammed the door shut tight. “Buckle up,” he told the two girls as he clipped his seatbelt, and Ami buckled hers.

“Um, how?” asked Ginny holding hers looking lost. Kyte chuckled, leaning over her he strapped her in tight.

“Good one, Gin,” giggled Ami amusedly. “Pretending not to know how so he’ll buckle you up.”

Ginny blushed though looked defiant. “Actually I really didn’t know how, I’ve never been in a muggle flying machine before.”

“Neither have I,” she retorted smirking smugly, she looked out of the window and waved at her dumbfounded parents. The order had come outside; a couple of members were tending to Dumbledore, the rest staring in shock at the three choppers. She noticed Sirius waving them off as they slowly rose with a huge grin on his face. Their helicopter then shot off and up at speed.

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