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Ginny and Ami meet Tyde when Kyte takes them back to the CyberTech building.

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Chapter 3 Tyde

Back with the Order Sirius was beyond happy, it serves his bastard friends right, they threw away one child nineteen years ago and now the other deserted them for her abandoned brother. Sometimes these things have greater consequences years later than one could imagine. Now it seems Harry, oops he meant Kyte is very rich by the looks of those three helicopters.

“Whoa,” sighed Hermione dreamily next to him. “That man is so cool.”

Sirius chuckled. “Well I have to admit, he has style.”

“What are you talking about?” demanded Lily suddenly. “He just kidnapped our baby; I’m going to call the Aurors.”

“I don’t think that very wise Mrs. Potter,” interrupted Hermione. “First, she left by herself and she’s twenty-one, nearly twenty-two, and second, Kytes’ security at CyberTech is so tight the Aurors would never get passed the lobby.”

“Then we’ll force our way in!” answered James looking smug.

“Not going to happen,” interrupted a mousy coloured haired young man, Colin Creevey. “You’ll just get yourselves arrested by his security.”

“They’re just muggles,” retorted James.

Colin shrugged. “Go ahead then, your funerals not mine.” He smirked inwardly; it serves the bastards right.

Back on the chopper…

“So bro, where shall we be staying?” asked Ami only now a little worried.

“Oh, my apartment,” he shrugged.

“Um, but I’m Voldemorts number one target, you’ll have to get some wards,” she replied reasonably.

“Oh, where can I get them?” he asked interestedly.

“Um, I don’t know,” she replied frowning in confusion.

“My brother bill said Gringots does wards,” said Ginny helpfully. “If you pay enough you can even get goblin wards.”

“How’d wards work?” he asked interestedly.

“Um they all work differently,” said Ginny happily. “Some tune into magic and wont let anyone in that’s not tuned to the ward, some even stop spells.”

Kyte grinned smugly. “No need for wards then, I think I’ll be able to adjust my distortion field technology to do all that and more.”

“You’ve created technology that powerful?” asked Ami in shock.

“Oh, you’ll be in for a treat when I introduce you to tech that would make magical people awed,” he said chuckling amusedly.

“Like what?” asked Ginny eagerly. “My dad loves muggle things,” she added, trying not to seem too eager herself.

Kyte just grinned. “You’ll have to wait and see,” he chuckled amusedly.

The two girls pouted. “So where do you live? How big is your apartment?” asked Ami eagerly, she had not lived away from her parents before and could not wait. She could never forgive them or Dumbledore for what they did to her brother and knew she would never return; maybe Kyte will give her and Ginny a job.

“Well, it has seven bedrooms, just as many bathrooms, large kitchen and dining room, massive lounge, a cinema, and is in my London CyberTech building so I don’t have to go far to get to work,” he replied amusedly.

“Oh, do you think we can get jobs?” asked Ami hopefully.

He shrugged. “I don’t see why not,” he agreed. “I could use a sectary, Tyde keeps moaning about me using her all the time,” he rolled his eyes. “I could also use a personal assistant, I hate writing memos and crap like that, and Tyde moans when I get her to do it,” he laughed amusedly.

“Okay, sounds easy,” said Ami. “I’ll be your sectary, its just phones and stuff right?”

“Yeah, and using the computer, but that’s easy, Tyde will teach you both if you want the jobs?” he asked with a smile.

“So-so what do I have to do?” asked Ginny a little worried she will not be able to manage.

Kyte chuckled. “Don’t worry, you just have to follow me around, take notes, and make sure I arrive at meetings on time and a few other things, its easy.”

“Oh, okay,” she replied with a grin. “Oh, who’s Tyde?” she asked slightly worried Kyte has a girlfriend.

He grinned. “She’s a computer,” he said and Ginny sighed in relief wondering why he speaks of a computer as if it is alive but chose not to pry.

“Oh, what’s the pay?” asked Ami almost forgetting to ask.

“Um, Tyde says they pay sixty-five thousand per year,” he shrugged with a smile.

“Whoa, that’s a lot,” she grinned. “Hang on how did Tyde tell you that?”

Kyte just tapped the black plastic thing on his right ear. “She just told me,” he replied sheepishly.

“Oh, I don’t know why I never noticed that thing in your ear before now,” she giggled, amused. “But what about Voldemort, he’s not going to stop killing people?”

Kyte smiled gently. “I promise, I wont just ignore him… trust me, I’ll help as much as I can.”

“Err, how can you though?” asked Ginny a little worried. “V-Voldemort has a huge army.”

Kytes’ eyebrows rose, quite startled. “How come his army’s so large though, your side of the war can’t be very efficient if you haven’t cut many down?”

Ginny and Ami looked surprised. “You mean kill them?” asked Ami a little uncertainly. Kyte nodded with a shrug, it seemed the obvious thing to do. “But we haven’t been killing them,” she replied nervously.

Kyte blinked several times in surprise. “Um, why not, they’re killing your people, it only makes sense.”

“We can’t just kill them, Dumbledore says two wrongs don’t make a right,” said Ginny reasonably. “And that if we kill them we don’t give them a chance to change their ways, plus some are being controlled by a curse.”

Kyte stared at them in shock for a moment before he burst into tears of laughter. “Haha, that’s funny… the old bastard has you all brainwashed if you think that. It’s a war not a paintball game,” he chuckled in amusement. “Even those under the curse should be killed, it would be kinder than allowing them to be kept will-less, witnessing the atrocities they’re being forced to commit. How would you feel being forced to kill your loved ones?” he asked, mainly Ginny.

The red head had gone ashen-faced. “I-It would be better, t-to die.”

“Exactly,” he nodded proudly.

“Oh, um… how long till we land?” interrupted Ami to change the subject. She had never questioned Dumbledore before, but now she had to and saw the old coot was wrong. People can change yes, but that does not mean you should let them go. It is war, as her brother said, not a game.

“Um, Tyde how long till we’re home?” he asked aloud.

The two girls were then surprised as a girly giggle came out of the helicopters internal speakers. “About two minuets Kytey,” she giggled again as Kyte blushed, both Ginny and Ami snickered.

“Kytey?” asked Ami mockingly, both her and Ginny giggling.

He blushed again when Tyde giggled over the speakers. “He thinks I’m childish,” she commented amusedly. “He keeps forgetting I am only three,” she giggled again and went silent.

“Three?” asked Ami frowning. “Hang on, how can your computer talk and… and laugh?”

Kyte smiled and just shook his head in amusement. “You’ll see,” was all he said as the chopper came in for a landing.

The two girls looked out of the windows and gasped loudly. “Oh my god, that buildings massive,” commented Ginny in awe as the aircraft touched down landing on the roof and the engines shut down.

“Well come on,” he replied unbuckling his seatbelt, copied by the other two. He opened the door and helped them out; closing the door behind them, he led them towards the doors inside, the two escort helicopters flying away.

“Kytey,” giggled Tyde as they entered the building, closing the door behind him. “It’s nice to meet you two in person,” she giggled taking the two confused girls hands and leading them towards the elevators with Kyte along side. “You’ll love living here,” she chimed happily.

“Um, who are you?” asked Ami beyond confused, the girl sounded like her brothers computer, but computers could not walk around and talk could they?

“I’m Tyde silly,” she giggled amusedly.

The two girls double took as they reached a lift and the door just opened and they walked in stopping the doors closed and they descended. “But, Kyte said Tydes’ a computer not a girl, are you a robot or something?”

“No,” she giggled. “I’m a hardlight holographic representation of a human… I am the computer. And technically if I was a machine I would be an android.”

“B-but you feel so real,” said Ami in awe. “And you laugh and make fun.”

Tyde smirked. “I am the most advanced computer on the face of the planet,” she informed them smugly.

“What’s holographic mean?” interrupted Ginny.

“Oh, um, it’s compressed light to create illusions,” relayed Kyte as simply as he can. “And hardlight holograms can touch and interact. She also has artificial intelligence and an emotional processing unit.”

“Whoa,” whispered Ami in shock. “When you mentioned you’re a genius, I had no idea how wrong that was… you’re like a super genius.” Kyte blushed at her praise.

“I can also feel,” piped in Tyde. “I can produce sliver and even get turned on in the sexual sense and orgasm,” she replied overjoyed.

Harry blushed brightly as his blushing sister and her best friend stared at him. “You’ve been screwing her haven’t you?” accused Ami with a small glare, well actually she thought it was funny and brilliant and wondered whether Tyde could change her sex or whether Kyte might make her a male one.

“Of course he has,” piped in Tyde with a dreamy expression. “It feels so good when we’re in bed together… you should try it.”

Ginny and Ami blushed brightly. “I can’t do that,” replied Ami. “He’s my brother, though Ginny can,” she said suddenly smirking at her blushing best friend.

Kyte groaned burning red. “Tyde I told you to stop telling every girl you meet.”

She smirked sticking her tongue out as the elevator stopped and the doors opened into a huge lounge. “Come, follow me,” she said leading the way.

“Whoa, this place is awesome,” giggled Ami, ridding her head of images of her brother having sex with his computer, or her for that matter, not that he isn’t cute, but he is her twin. She glanced her best friend wondering whether her brother and Ginny will get together, she hoped so, Ginny could do with a nice boyfriend, and a rich one would just be an added bonus to her.

“Glad you like it,” he grinned. “Welcome home,” he chuckled amusedly as his two new roommates grinned.

“K-Kytey,” interrupted Tyde. “I believe you’re needed downstairs,” she added looking worried.

“Huh?” he replied looking confused.

Tyde rolled her eyes. “Downstairs,” she replied looking as if trying to will him to get it, then seeing he still had his earpiece on told him through it so the girls could not hear.

Kytes’ eyes widened. “Oh, alright girls, Tyde will show you around and to your rooms,” he said as he started back to the elevator. “Oh and Tyde order them some clothes and stuff,” he said as the lift opened he walked in and the doors closed as it descended, wondering why the enemy was attacking somewhere else so soon after he kicked their asses.

“Right, online shopping,” said Tyde eagerly giggling as two holographic window screens popped up in front of the two girls with names of many fashion shops.

“Err, where’s Kyte going?” asked Ami worriedly wondering why he would not just tell them.

“Oh just some business he needs to handle, don’t worry I’m keeping an eye on him,” she replied smugly.

“Then why didn’t he know what you were talking about?” asked Ginny reasonably.

Tyde shrugged. “Its top secret and you don’t have that kind of security clearance.”

The two girls pouted and the three of them sat down and started their online shopping spree. Both girls now very much in love with Tyde and her online shopping screens that followed them around. Soon after they ordered all they needed or wanted they were shown around the gigantic apartment with awed expressions as they saw the full sized cinema and games chamber with hundreds of arcades, some snooker and pool tables, air hockey and many others.

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