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You were so close...But not close enough

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"...Your gonna shut up!" The man yelled as he waved the gun.

Ashley sat there crying hold the dead body.

"Your gonna shut up and listen! I'm going to unload the gun and your going to take it."


"I said shut up! Take it!"

Ashley leaned over and took the gun.

"When they come you tell them you shot her! Wipe your face, they won't believe you that way!" The man said grabbing a tissue from the desk.

She took the tissue and wiped her face but she couldn't stop crying.


Ashley rose from her thoughts as the doorbell rang loudly though out the house. She sighed and got up to answer the door. As she opened it she was grabbed viciously by the throat.

"Have you told!" The man said pushing her against the wall.

She struggled at first but manged to shake her head.

"Good.." He released his grip on her neck.

She coughed a bit before speaking, "They put me on house arrest."

"For how long?"

"What the fuck does it matter?"

"I need to know!" He yelled.

"I don't know?! a month or so, maybe longer."

"Thats not enough!" He said as he struck her. "I need to know how much time I have!"

Ashley fell to the floor as the doorbell rang again.

"Answer it! I'll sneak out the back! You better keep your mouth shut!" He said as he rang towards the back.

She got up and answered the door stumbling a few times.
Officer Ross stood at the door.

"Can we talk?" He said.

"Sure." She said trying to cover the bruise on her face.

"Great." He said stepping in and making his way towards the couch.

She followed and sat down looking away from him, trying to hide the bruise.

"You know it's rude to look away when someones talking."

"I-I'm sorry- I just..."

"Something happen?" Even though it was none of his business he seem obligated to know.

"Nothing." She said looking down at her feet.

He leaned over to see if he could get a glimpse at her face. When he noticed the mark he grabbed her face and pulled it up to get a better look. He shouldn't have but she didn't refuse either.

"You know if your boyfriends hitting you..."

"Who said it was a boyfriend?" She snapped pulling her face away.

"I'm sorry I just assumed..."

"I don't have boyfriend?"

"So who hit you?"

"I don't know him... I mean! Shit!"

"So someone did hit you..."

She didn't answer. She just stood there with her head down.

"OK, lets say this person was whoever your hiding, wants to kill you as well."

She breathed in heavily to hold back tears.

"I can help, you know." He said reaching out to her.

"I don't want your help! Get out!" She screamed.

He just nodded his head and left.

She stood there questioning her mistakes again.

3 weeks of Ashley's house arrest and today they were going to decide weather or not was to stay another month or be let go.

"Case #183. Mason case." The man read off. "All rise!."

As they said there words and swore on the book Ashley hoped and prayed today would be her lucky day.

"Mason since your pleading you may speak first," The judge said.

"Yes, your honor-"

"Before you began, may I ask what happened to your face?"

Ashley looked back at Officer Ross and then back at the judge. "I was rushing out the door and hit myself, your honor."

"Very well, continue."

"I, surprisingly don't have anything to say at this moment, your honor."

"District you may speak."

"Your honor, this woman is not guilty! And if she continues to lie will be forced to throw her in jail!"

Next thing they knew a gun shot blew as everyone screamed in horror.

The first shot blew throw the judges head. The fear rose throw Ashley as she covered her ears. Suddenly another gun shot fired and the bullet hit Ashley's side as she landed on the floor almost lifeless.

Or at least she felt that way.
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