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You the best known lair in the city

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Ashley had been sitting in the same room for about 3 hours. She smelled like death and she was about fed up. She knew they couldn't hold her there for long without proof she committed the crime.
Officer Ross stepped in and almost immediately covered his nose.

"Oh My God!"

"Well that's what happens when you let blood-soaked victims in your low standard jail cells."

"Who said you were a victim?" Officer Ross said taking a seat in the chair across from her.

"Well, innocent until proven guilty."

She hadn't notice before, but getting a closer look Officer Ross was quite handsome. As matter of fact he was gorgeous. She was lucky, Officer Ross was one of the youngest to join the force. At age 22 to be exact. He'd been working there for two years and he had been doing terrific.

2 days ago

'Ryan Ross' It read on the door of his office. He smiled at it as he opened it. It was the only thing that he had to wake up for. His Dad died about 3 years ago and their relationship wasn't that best either. His Mom caught pneumonia and was very ill. Ginny, his girlfriend of 4 years left him. She gave him 'their relationship was going nowhere' speech. And as much as he loved her even when she left him, he didn't feel as depressed and hurt as he should have.

"Morning, Spencer," Ryan said stepping into his office.

"Hey, man! Were have you been. I haven't seen you since college, which I have to say you succeed in very well," Spencer said as he leaned his upon Ryan's desk.

"I'm sorry I haven't had time for you and Jon. Things have just been..."

"Save it. We're here now, aren't we?"

"I guess..."

"Good, because I'm thinking martinis..."

Present time

"...What? You expect me to believe that all that happened?" Officer Ross spoke as Ashley finished explaining her story.

"Yes, and may I say you are the eye candy of the day!" She said laughing.

"Look! Lets be serious, theres no way you committed that crime."

"And theres no way you look that good."

"Ugh! I'm not here for games-"

"But I am..." she said winking.

"Damnit!," Ross yelled leaving the room.

Moments later a man came in.

"Ma'am, you are free to go, but your forced under house arrest for 60 days."

"Don't you need a warrant first! Where are my rights!" Ashley shot up.

"You have no rights! Its either house arrest or sitting in fucking jail cell until that case is solved."

Ashley plopped back down in the metal seat and laid her head down on the table.
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