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Cafeterias are the perfect place to watch the average teenager interact

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A meeting

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Aimee sat at the Formica lunch table, hunched over her ink-stained paper, scribbling furiously. So intent was she on her work, she didn’t notice the buzzing cafeteria, filled with the traditional preppy jocks with their cheerleader girlfriends, the stoners desperately cramming fries into their mouths to stem the munchies, the Goths huddled together in the corner, the geeks discussing the latest development in quantum theory, then, there were the randoms; the teens that didn’t really fit in the social hierarchy, so just grouped together. Aimee supposed she was one of these, but she didn’t really care, so long as she had her notebook, she was if not happy, then at least satisfied.
A shadow fell over her work

“Excuse me?”

“Huh” Aimee straightened, cricking her neck as she stared up into the most marvellously hazel-green eyes, framed by raven hair.

“I’m Gerard, I’ve seen you round, and you’re Aimee right? I was just thinking, your always alone, and I am too…can I sit here?” he finished quickly.

“Umm hey…Gerard…yeah, sure. How come I haven’t seen you round?”

“Oh, I kinda stay in the art room a lot of the time…the café isn’t really my scene”
Gerard gracefully deposited himself in the nearest chair, dumping his shoulder bag onto the lino where it clinked. Aimee stared at it for a bit, but decided not to say anything. Instead, she took the time to really look at Gerard, she felt kind of rude, until she noticed that Gerard was openly appraising her too. They both liked what they saw; Aimee had long black hair, with striking angular facial features that could have belonged to any ethnic group. She was slightly shorter than the average, with large brown eyes, really big baleful eyes; the whites were bone white, the pupils liquid and penetrating. Gerard was the epitome of careless elegance, his hair was gently messed up, his limbs long and relaxed, his stunning greenish eyes direct and open. His long hands fiddled with a lighter, and were covered in ink stains. Aimee looked down at her own blackened hands and smirked.

“So, tell me more about yourself, Gerard” she said his name hesitantly, as though not quite sure of it, rolling it around her mouth and uttering it softly.

It transpired that there was not much to tell; Gerard was a junior like Aimee, had lived in Jersey all his life with his two parents, his brother Mikey, his Grandma Elena and his dog Bullet. He was an artist and loved dark comic books. Aimee lived with her mum a few streets over from Gerard, loved poetry, writing and drama. Gerard noticed that she did not elaborate into her life, and concluded she had a secret, he didn’t mind, he had secrets too.

They spent the rest of lunch in gentle banter, Gerard's sandwich and Aimee’s apple forgotten on the table. The bell rang, and they flashed each other a quick smile, before heading off to art-Gerard and drama-Aimee. As she threw her uneaten apple in the trash, she threw a quick glance over her shoulder to watch her new friend leave, friend, she had a friend!
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