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The Most Beautiful Boy in the World

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the cycle of revenge starts...

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Three weeks had passed since their fateful meeting in the café, and Aimee had never been happier, she had a friend for the first time since elementary school, and had even met Mikey, Gerard’s younger brother in freshman year, he was cute in a geeky way, but it unfortunately resulted in him being bullied by the jocks. Aimee took one look at his thick glasses, lanky frame and split lip and welcomed him with open arms, in fact, she pulled him into a hug while Gerard flew after the idiots that thought it would be funny to expend their pent up testosterone by beating up a boy two years younger than them. Aimee spent that lunchtime and middle period in the sickbay, comforting the Way brothers and assuring them that yes, the prick Jackson did have a black eye and a sprained ankle due to their efforts. Though she reassured them, inside she fumed; how dare that little shit Jackson do that to such sweet boys? Aimee resolved to pay him back, and soon.

The next day, when both Gerard and Mikey were at home recuperating, Aimee wrote a poem, covered it in pink hearts and slipped it into Jackson’s locker. The next day she covered a letter in red lipstick kisses which found its way into Jackson’s biology textbook. Soon, everyone knew Jackson had a stalker; speculation was rife as to who would be game enough to tangle with Jackson’s girlfriend Chrissie, the queen bitch of the school, ruling even over seniors, who had the ability to crush a teen with one manicured pinkie. Aimee loved it! She told no one, not even Gerard as her letters to Jackson got more forward, promising all sorts of sexual fantasies to ‘the most beautiful boy in the world’, she proclaimed he deserved more than ‘that tart’ and sent the clincher, a naked picture of her, which was actually just cut from a Playboy and, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, made to look like an unidentifiable student.

The school erupted in rumours, Jackson dumped Chrissie right there and then, and, while a naked poster of his stalker circulated the school, Jackson went mad trying to find this beautiful, talented, and obsessed girl. Not once did he think that it could be a hoax, so sure was he of his own good looks and charm that he did not consider the possibility that someone could be manipulating him as he manipulates others. As he passed the girls toilets on his way to the gym, an ink-stained arm shot out and pulled him into the showers.
Fifteen minutes later, Aimee emerged from the shower, throwing her wig, mask, mini skirt and white tank top into the bin as she changed into a hoodie and jeans. She looked at her lipstick smudged face and smirked.

“And cut people, that’s a wrap” she muttered, turning off the carefully concealed camera in the shower corner.

The next day, a mystery tape appeared on every computer at 11am, showing half-back Jackson Phelps being seduced by a mystery blonde in a mini skirt who kept her back to the camera. The seduction lasted until the blonde pulled down Jackson’s boxers and let out a high pitched giggle, moving aside to give the camera a full view of Jackson’s meat and three veg.

“Sorry Jackson, but I don’t fuck guys with tiny dicks.” The high pitched giggle again, and the camera cut.

The school was in an uproar, by the end of the day, everyone had seen it, everyone, it seemed, but Aimee, who was home sick.
Gerard skipped last period and ran to Aimee’s house that day, pounding on the door until a very smug looking Aimee answered, a sandwich in her hand.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” Gerard accused without preamble


“Don’t play dumb Aimee, I know it was you who was the mystery blonde on that tape, I would recognise your giggle anywhere, why did you do it?” Aimee raised an eyebrow and said lightly

“Damn, I knew something would give me away. Did Jackson like it? Oh god I wish I had seen his face, did he scream? Did he cry? Did he…”

“Shut up Aimee this is serious! Why would you do something that stupid! You could have been caught, expelled, beaten up or raped!”
Aimee stayed silent, she walked inside, throwing the sandwich in the bin, looking up at Gerard with a mutinous expression

“That fucker deserved it Gee, he beats on Mikey constantly, and I’d like to see him try it now that he’s the laughing stock of the school. It’s no good telling me off, you know I won’t listen. Just drop it now.” Gerard opened his mouth to argue, and then sat on the couch, pulling Aimee into a tight hug

“Thank you. Mikey is practically singing, he’s not been this happy in forever”
Aimee smiled into Gerard’s jacket

“My pleasure.”
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