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I Guess I Like it Like That

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chaos in the Way household!

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The following weeks were so good that Gerard and Aimee almost wanted to take a camera to school and film it; it was like a soap opera!

Jackson went around beating up everyone he could find with a copy of the tape, Chrissie screamed blue murder at him in the café one lunchtime, swearing that he had made a mockery of their relationship and her, Mr Verner, the deputy principal dragged Jackson from Metal Tech by the ear to yell at him in the corridor and finally, Jackson left Belleville High in a furious tantrum, vowing revenge. Mikey was so ecstatic, he began breaking into song, to the detriment of everyone’s eardrums.

“Mikey SHUT UP!” Aimee finally yelled at him at lunch one day. She was toying with her pasta salad and trying to study calculus.

“But I’m HAPPY! Jackson is humiliated and out of our lives forever, school holidays are in a few weeks, then it’s just one more term until you and Gee become seniors!”

“Yeah, but why are you excited?” asked Gerard from behind his sketchbook

“Because then you can buy me shit in your free periods and lunch!” Mikey sang. Aimee and Gerard snorted

“Fat chance Mikes, and please please please stop singing! Look, if I promise to give you something, will you promise not to sing?” Aimee said

“What will you give me?”

“You have to promise first”



“Alright, I promise” Mikey conceded sulkily. As they left for afternoon class, Aimee deposited her untouched pasta in the trash.

The next morning, Saturday, Aimee invited the boys round to her place, made Mikey shut his eyes and reiterate his promise, then took him to her room (and if he accidentally fell down the stairs due to his covered eyes, it was not their fault) where, sitting on the bed was…

“A BASS GUITAR!!! Oh my-fucking-god I can’t believe it! I can’t accept this, wait yes I can. But why, how, what????”

“Calm down Mikey, my dad gave it to me 3 birthdays ago…”

“Wait, I didn’t know your dad kept in contact…” Gerard interrupted, slightly miffed that Aimee had not divulged this information

“Yeah, he buys me absurdly expensive presents to make up for the fact that he ran out on my mum and married some tart 20 years younger than him. Anyway, I’ve never been musically talented, it’s just languished in my closet, and I figured, if it will save my eardrums from your singing, that it will be a better outlet for your need to make noise.” Aimee explained to a gleeful Mikey, who promptly grabbed her and swung her round her room shouting. Gerard looked on fondly; Aimee knew exactly how to make Mikey happy, it was amazing, she was amazing.

“I’m blessed to have friends like you” Gerard muttered as Mikey deposited Aimee on the furniture.

“What was that?” asked Aimee from her perch on top of her dresser

“Oh, nothing” smiled Gerard as he pounced on his brother and tickled Mikey to death on Aimee’s bed.


“More beans dear?” Aimee was at Gerard’s place for dinner, and it seemed that Donna wanted her to eat the whole roast pork single-handed.

“Oh, no thanks Mrs Way, I’m full”

“You can’t be, you didn’t eat your lunch Aims!” Gerard said, looking sharply at Aimee. Aimee tried to smile, but it was more like a grimace. She meekly piled her plate full of beans and slowly began to make her way through them as the talk turned from Don’s work to bands

“How the fu--hell can you say that Kylie Minogue is better than Iron Maiden? You’re mental Mikey”

“Oh yeah? Then how come I heard you singing to ‘I guess I like it like that’ in the shower last night”
Gerard turned a violent shade of red as he tried to reach his brothers laughing throat across the dinner table, Bullet the dog yipped happily from his place by Aimee’s lap at the noise and his approval only added to the din.

“Gerard SIT DOWN, Mikey, shut up!” Donna restored harmony with military like efficiency until the end of the meal. Aimee excused herself, her beans now gone remarkably quickly, and cleared the plates before disappearing to the bathroom. She returned after fifteen minutes and fended off questions from Gerard as to why on earth she needed so long in the bathroom

“Gerard! How can you ask me such a thing? I am a girl, is that not excuse enough?” They spent the rest of the evening in Gerard’s room, watching Hitchcock’s “the Birds” with the lights off

“Do you know Hitchcock actually tied live birds to the lead actress’s head, so as she ran, they honest to god attacked her?”

“No way!” Mikey’s eyes were like saucers, magnified from behind his thick glasses

“Way.” Aimee said superiorly, before swinging her legs off Gerard’s bed, saying goodbye and walking back to her house.

She never made it home.

a/n-And here, I shall leave you hanging for a bit, tell me what you it worth continuing? It really heats up in the next chapter, but if no one is actually reading this...
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