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You're A Pest

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The X-Men are sick of the Brotherhood invading their home, so they sing a song about it.

Category: X-Men: Evolution - Rating: G - Genres: Parody - Characters: Avalanche, Blob, Boom Boom, Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Rogue, Shadowcat, Spyke, Toad - Published: 2005-05-13 - Updated: 2005-05-13 - 558 words - Complete

Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men or Beauty and the Beast Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men or Beauty and the Beast! I finally got around to giving the X-Men their own song. It's a parody of "Be our Guest."

You're a Pest!

Scene: The X-mansion. The X-men wander into the kitchen and guess who's stuffing their faces?
Scott: This is getting old.
Jean: Why do you guys do this?
Pietro: Why not? The food's great. Pass me the ketchup Tabby!
Lance: I love the food, but not enough atmosphere! Hey why don't you guys entertain us?
Scott: Okay how about a little song? You're a pest! You're a pest! You put our patience to the test! You never give us any rest!
Kitty: You steal all of our food. Without a thought! You're so rude!
Jean: Sure our food is delicious! Then you go and break the dishes!
You all act like fools! You disregard all rules! Then we all have to clean up after your mess!
Let me make this clear! Get out of here! You're all pests! Yes! Yes!

Rogue: It's the same every day! Can't you jerks just go away?
You may plot, you may scheme. But you'll never beat our team!
What's really got us scared is that you're never prepared
For all the disasters you create! You guys I really hate
You're stupid jokes and your tricks. You even steal our candlesticks!
Evan: Not to mention all your stupid challenges and bets!
Scott: This I have to say, just go away! You're all pests!
You're making us stressed! You're all pests!
X-Men: You're all pests! You're all pests! You're all pests!
Kurt: While we slave away working, you're responsibilities you're shirking!
(To Tabitha) You ran off and left me with all the work! I have to do everything myself! Tabby you're an irresponsible jerk!
Everyday I have extra chores! Half the responsibilities are yours!
You don't think of the consequences! You just jump fences
Whenever the situation gets rough! Well that's tough!
Kitty: You're all pests! You're all pests! Just give it a rest!
One minute you're annoying me, the next you want some tea?
Get this in your head! I wish you guys were dead!
Don't you see what trouble you bring? You always wreck everything!
By your lame attempts at bravado I'm not impressed!
Are you guys through? Leave please do!
You're all pests! You're all pests!
X-Men: You're all pests! You're all pests!
Please leave at our request!
You hang around us so much
We think you're obsessed!
You're invading our space!
Get out of this place!
Our tempers are growing!
It's time that you were going!
You wreck our nerves,
One by one!
Well that's it!
No more! We're done!
You've all worn out your welcomes as guests!
So beat it now! Or our fists will go POW!
You're all pests! You're all pests!
You are all pests!
Todd: So, what? You want us to go or something?
(At this all the X-men scream and start chasing the Brotherhood around. Much damage and mayhem abound.)
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