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Me and Gerard had made our way back up to what I found out to be his bedroom. We didn’t feel like going to school today but the others did. We stayed at Gerard’s. I don’t know what mum would think about this. But then again she would let me do this in our own town so why not here? The only rule we had was that I had to ring her at some point just so she knows how I am and basically if im still alive. As I was sat on Gerard’s bed when he had gone for a shower I decided I should ring her just to keep in her good books. I let it ring and after about 5 rings she answered.
“Hey Mum Its me…” I said.
“Oh Daffodil…Where are you?”
“I’m at a friends. I didn’t feel well last night and we were at his house. He let me stay at his because I felt really bad” Okay okay I was telling a lie. But I did wake up this morning feeling unwell.
“Oh okay then love. Don’t miss too much school. And don’t get your friend into trouble either” She replied. I loved my mother.
“Okay Mum. I wont, I love you”
“I Love you too sweetheart”
Just as I hung up Gerard burst through the bathroom doors.
I tried to avert my eyes, but it was impossible.
I had really noticed what Gerard’s body was actually like.
Yeah I at admit he wasn’t super skinny but he was just right. All Snugglely and stuff.
He picked up his pile of clothes and walked back into the bathroom and yet again I was left on my own. I was trying to work out what had happened last night. Gerard said I fell. He wouldn’t lie would he? But deep down I know that it wasn’t true.
My thoughts were interrupted when Gerard entered the room again. I suddenly felt stupid. He looked drop dead gorgeous and I looked like I had just escaped from a zoo. I still hadn’t changed from this morning and my hair was still a mess. Im sure I would have makeup smeared all over my face as well. He didn’t seem to care though. He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a bright red top. His hair was still wet and looked amazing as it was just ruffled up all over his head.
He came over and set next to me on the bed. He looked up at me and smiled.
“Daff…”He said hesitantly.
“Yeah Gee?” I asked.
“You know I said we would talk about it later? I think im ready to tell you…”
“Oh…Okay” I was confused.
“Well You didn’t fall.”
“I guessed that”
“Okay I feel REALLY bad for this, and I wish I could have asked your permission but the other guys said I had to. That you were a danger”
I didn’t know what to say. I was confused to say the least.
“So what im trying to say is that…your one of us now.” Gerard said quietly.
A small gasp escaped my lips and I jumped up from where I was sat. I started to walk to the door when I felt someone grab hold of my arm.
“Daffodil, You cannot leave.” Gerard pleaded.
“I Can and I will Gerard.” I said trying to act strong. The truth was I was scared.
“No Daff, you don’t know what to do to survive. You’d die…”His voice died off.
He pulled me into a hug and carried me back to his bed. I stayed in his arms. His hold on me was intense. I wanted him to never let go. He may have turned me into a monster. But he was the only one who could help me now.

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