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“Daffodil wake up” The voice had become serious.
“What? I was sleeping. I want to go back to sl..”
“Daffodil wake up!”
“You scared me Baby…I’m sorry” Somebody pulled me into a tight hug.
I realised from the mouthful of black hair who it was.
“How are you feeling?” He asked. Sympathy was wrapped around his words.
“I’m Fine. My Head. It Hurts” I murmured. I hadn’t yet woken up completely.
“Oh Baby I’m Sorry.” He reached up and kissed the top of my head. His hand started to rub circles into my scalp.
“Yes Baby.” He looked up.
“What happened?” I needed to know. I was so confused it was unbelievable.
“You fell. It was nothing.” He spoke too fast. He was lying I could tell.
“No I didn’t. what really happened?”
“We’ll talk about this later.” He said sternly. It was almost scary, I didn’t dare question him.
“Are you hungry?” His face had relaxed. He was Gerard again.
“No, not really…”
“Well come on you need to eat. In your situation anyway.” He mumbled the last part.
“What situation?”
“I said we’ll discus this later.”
I hobbled out of bed. It was hard to walk. I found myself leaning on Gerard for support. I hadn’t noticed what I was wearing until now. My jeans had vanished as had my shirt and I was styling a fantastic pair of grey shorts that were too big for me as was the giant black t-shirt. I wasn’t too bothered. I’d find out what was happening soon.
We reached a set of stairs when we eventually got out of the bedroom. Instead of leaning on Gerard for support he had picked me up. I tried to protest against him but apparently I wasn’t heavy at all. The next thing I know I was sat in a wooden chair in a kitchen like room. Still there were no windows like the bedroom. It was strange. Claustrophobic almost. I really didn’t care though.
A glass full of orange juice was placed on the table in front of me.
“Here Daff” Gerard said as he placed it there.
I picked up the glass and drank but before I knew I had drank the whole glass. I was obviously thirsty. Strange I didn’t feel thirsty.
“What do you want to eat?” Gerard asked mothering me.
“Come on it a simple question.” Gerard laughed.
“Okay then Mr. Smartypants. YOU decide.” I giggled.
“I will then, I love it when you do that,” He said and came and kissed me gently on the lips.
I saw what looked like to be the morning edition of Mikey strolling down the stairs.
“We have company” I mumbled into his lips. He laughed and wondered off to get me something to eat.
Mikey smiled at me as he walked past into the kitchen. I could hear Mikey and Gerard talking. Mikeys voice had became strangely angry and annoyed.
“Have you told her yet?” He asked.
“No Mikey I haven’t keep your nose out” Gerard insisted. Then Gerard walked back over to me and handed me a plate with an omelette on.
“Eat Baby.” He said and pulled up a chair so he could sit next to me.
“Why do you keep calling me baby Gee?”
“I Don’t know…I’ll stop if you want?” Gerard Offered looking hurt.
“No-No-No that’s not what I meant.” I quickly replied.
“What did you mean then?” Gerard smiled obviously relieved.
“Well its not like were going out…and that’s what couples normally call each other”
“Oh well we could go out…” Gerard asked sheepishly. He was hiding behind his long fringe.
“I’d like that” I smiled and leaned over and pulled him into a kiss. My hands found their way up to the back of his neck and wrapped themselves in his hair. This kiss was unlike out other kisses. This had passion in it. Gerard licked my bottom lip as if he was asking for entrance. I allowed him and opened my mouth. Our tongues massaged each other with unknown lust and passion. We both pulled away and looked into each others eyes.
“I needed that.” Gerard Joked.
I laughed along with him.
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