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My nose wrinkled as I woke up.
I mumbled something. Probably telling Mum not to wake me up so early. My hand automatically catapulted to my head. That’s funny. I don’t normally feel like this in the morning. My head felt like I had been out all night and stumbled in only a few hours ago. I knew that wasn’t true. I had given up drinking. That’s when I open my eyes.
I jumped as I took in my unfamiliar surroundings.
My heart relaxed when I saw a familiar face laid sound asleep on a made-do airbed somebody had put on the floor.
Everything rushed back to me from the night before.
I can remember walking back to Gerard’s. The cold air of the night was stuck as a reminder in my mind.
I couldn’t remember anything after that. It was blank.
I took this opportunity to look around where I was. My hand was still glued to my head as if it was making the pain go away. It really wasn’t doing anything. It just made me feel better. There was no windows in this room. Only a small air vent in each corner. It was reasonably large. I would say about two and a half times the size of my bedroom. I was on a double bed which had red and black sheets. The room was tidy apart from a desk. This intrigued me. I started to get up so I could go and have a look but I felt a cold hand on my leg.

“Lay back down you need rest Baby,” It was Gerard.

I didn’t argue. If Gerard said it, it must be okay. The fact that I have only known him only a couple of days must have slipped my mind.
I let my head fall back onto the pillow.
I couldn’t remember feeling tired, but I fell back to sleep in an instant.

I’m Writing more now.
Sorry its been a bit.
Been away for a few days.
Im back now though =)
\\Lucy Anne*
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