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Gerards Pov…

Im such an idiot. Ive only known this girl five minutes but ive just gone and blown our secret. Smart move Gee, smart move.
Frank decided to make a smart ass comment. I felt Daffodil become scared and nervous. I whispered in her ear to tell her she was okay and placed a kiss on the top of her head. As I expected as I looked up I saw all the guys staring.
“What?” I instantly whined.
“Sorry Gee, were just not used to that after Pan and all…” Ray said sympathetically.
“Pan?” I heard Daff ask.
“It doesn’t matter, it has nothing to do with you” I snapped.
The look on Daffs face dropped. Hurt spread across her face.
“Fine then.” She stood up and turned away starting to walk towards the exit.
I got up after her and chased her.
“Daff, wait I didn’t mean to…” I apologized.
“Well you did- Bye”
She stormed off but I grabbed her arm. Ive broken her trust. I could see it in her eyes.
“Don’t do this” I pleaded.
“Just give me time Gee. Its all I want” She turned away. All I could do was stand and watch. Disappearing into the darkness she was gone.

“Gee, Dude I didn’t mean to..” Ray started to apologize.
“It doesn’t matter man.” My voice had become small. Hurt.
“Its getting late we should be getting home.” Mikey suggested.
“I’m going to stick around here for a bit, I’ll be back later” The lads took the hint and left me alone.

Daffodils Pov…

I fumbled around for my house key in my pocket. Finding the small piece of metal I clumsily slammed it into the lock and let myself in. I ran up to my room. I needed space right now.
My mind kept telling me I was being stupid. Vampires aren’t real. My heart told a different story. All I could think about was Gerard. The way he was protective of me and the way he touched me.
I had lost track of time since being in the graveyard and it was starting to get dark outside. Closing my curtains I noticed in the distance someone sitting on one of the gravestones. His head was placed in his hands. I recognised his long ebony hair. It was Gerard. He looked so forlorn and upset. Maybe I should go and see him. After all it was me who caused this.

Gerard’s Pov…

Footsteps were approaching me. I could hear them in the crisp leaves lying on the floor.
“Gee..” A faint whisper spoke.
“Daff?” I asked recognising the voice.
“Im sorry I should never have ran away. I’m so stupid” She muttered.
“Don’t.” I commanded. She didn’t reply instead she came and sat down next to me.
“Do you want to know,” I asked. I felt I should tell her I felt like I could trust her.
“Know what?” She seemed confused.
“About Pan…” I murmured.
“I guess…but you don’t have to. I’ll understand”
“No, I should. It started around this time two years ago. Pretty similar to what happened today.” I stopped. I felt his fingers search for my hand and gently entwine with mine. “There was this new girl at school. Her name was Pan and she was beautiful. No stereotypically beautiful, but she was in her own way. She had funny little freckles on her nose and cute crooked teeth. Not ugly crooked. But nice-unique.” I looked Daff in the eyes as I told her everything. “We got talking and I noticed something strange about her. Her smell, her everything. It just left me so tempted. I’d never had the urge to kill someone before. Not even my pray. But she was just so sweet smelling I wanted to suck her dry of blood where ever I saw her. I told her about our secret and she kept it and we slowly became closer. After a year I proposed. I know I was young but I loved her.” I closed my eyes trying to stop the tears that were forming. I had to be strong.
“One night around a week after I proposed I went home and found her.” A tear found its way down my cheek. I felt soft fingers come and wipe it off. I smiled to their owner.
“She was so lifeless. So pale. She wasn’t the Pan I knew and was used to. I found a note laid on our bed. I still carry it with me.” I took out the crumpled piece of paper out of my back pocket and read it aloud.

Angel, Gee.

I’m sorry baby but they were coming for me. You shouldn’t have told me. I thought that if I did this now it would save you pain. I didn’t want a live like you have. I wouldn’t have coped. I’m sorry for making you trust me in that we were going to be together forever. Be happy. Find your true mate.

I love you

Pan xxx

Daff pulled me into an embrace. I was sobbing into her black t-shirt creating stains. She stroked my hair and whispered things in my ear. “Ssshhh Gerard it’s okay” “Your safe Im here” “Honey Its over now Its in the past”.
A few minutes passed and I dryed my eyes with my baggy sleve.
I bent down and peeled back the weeds from the grave we were sat on.

Here Lays Pandora Hannah Clare.
Lively and Funloving to the grave.
A treasured Daughter and friend to many.

It hurt to read it again. I felt a tug on my arm.
“Come on Gee lets get you home.” Daff whispered.
I stood up and started to walk out. I caught a glance of Daff she looked nervous and out of place. I snaked my arm around her waist and pulled her close.
“Thank you” I murmured.

We carried on walking until we reached the park. I led Daff up the park leading to the swings. Her face was utterly confused. I smiled at her and tugged her past the swings and up towards the back of the playing field. I saw the flower bed nearby and signalled her to stop.
“Wait here” I told her.
I skipped off and picked her a few flowers. Her face lit up in an instant when I gave her them.
“Gee…You’re such a gentleman” She complimented.
“Thank you.”
I tugged at the grass sticking up from the ground and yet again her face was flooded with confusion. I pulled hard enough and the chunk of floor came out. The look on Daffs face was priceless. Her jaw dropped to the floor.
“Ugh?” She questioned.
“Wait and see…” I said quietly.
I motioned for her to come and look at the hole where I revealed a set of ladders.
“Sneaky eh?” I asked.
She just giggled.
“Go on Ladies first.” I signalled her to climb down into the hole.

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