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I Dont like summarys.

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The Guys who I found out were called Mikey, Frank and Ray took my too the cemetery behind my house. I learnt that on the weekends and the school holidays there would be another one. Bob, but he lived in Chicago.
Gerard’s hand stayed around my waist. I sat down on one of the grass next to Gerard and all the others wondered off in the opposite direction.
“Did u know that your name is the favourite food of the dead?” Gerard asked me.
“What? Yeah I mean I do but nobody else has never known. I’ve always had to tell them.”
“Well, your very temping you know that?”
“wh-what?” I whimpered.
“Your very temping, you smell so tasty” he repeated.
“Are You Telling Me Your dead?”
“Well I wouldn’t put it that way,”
He smiled, flashing his teeth.
I gasped, I knew what he was.

“You’re a vampire” I was surprisingly calm, but I felt like I could trust Gerard.
“Well Maybe. It depends.”
“Depends on what exactly?”
“I saw you arrive yesterday- This is going to sound completely stupid but-“
“I’ve never seen someone like you before. I know I don’t even know you but I feel a strange connection- Sort of like I can tell you everything”
“Strange. I feel completely relaxed here. Even though I happen to be sat next to someone who may just be telling me he is a mythical creature”
“Excuse me, I’m actually a legendary creature. Get it Right”
I Giggled.
“Sorry I guess.”
“Don’t be”
“So getting back to the subject…” I was intrigued.
“Oh yeah well…I’m not supposed to tell anyone this and the lads will flip but it feels right so I’m going to. I’m a vampire. Well that’s what you’ll call us anyway.”
“o-o-oh okay” I stuttered.
I could feel my hands starting to shake.
Gerard to my hands and wrapped them in his.
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have told you”
“N-n-no its okay”
“I’ve just never felt a connection like this before and it got the better of me”
“Don’t worry about it…I’ll live.”
“Don’t bet on it” Gerard winked.
I pulled my hands out of his.
“I was joking Dani Don’t look so scared. It ruins your pretty face.” Gerard blushed.
“Well I guessed that you should have a nickname.” He shrugged.
“Oh okay. Where did the others go?”
“Just for a walk around, They’ll be back soon…Hungry as ever.” He winked.
I must have looked worried.
“Only joking, I wont let them hurt you.” He said laughing.

Just then the others walked up, and sat with us.
Gerards hand found its way around my waist again, I placed my hand on his. It felt nice. Natural.

Frank was the first to talk.
“Oooooo Gees got a girlfriend!!!!” he seemed hyper to say the least.
Gerard or Gee went red but his hand stayed where it was.
“Is she gee, is she!!” Frank said again.
“Frank, leave him alone, and no were not.”
Gerard smiled at me. I smiled back.
“Doesn’t look like it” Said Mikey as he rolled his eyes.
“Well were not.” Gerard confirmed.
“Geeeeee I’m Hungry, and chance of a snack?” Frank whined.
I tensed in Gerard’s arms. He must of noticed because he tightened his grip on me.
He lent down and whispered “Don’t worry…he’s only joking.” in my ear. I smiled slightly. I’m sure I felt his lips touch my head. I wasn’t sure though so I just shrugged it off.
The lads must have noticed Gerard’s actions because when I looked up they were all staring in awe.
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