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First day at school.

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On my way to school I saw two boys, brothers I think. They both shared the deathly paleness of their skin. One looked paler though due to his jet black hair that hung over his face and the dark clothes he wore. His clothes reminded her of herself yesterday. Mucky jeans and converse that he could be bothered to tie up.
The other one looked like he prized his appearance more. Maybe there was a girl involved. Unlike his brother his converse was done up, his jeans were clean but also black, and I wasn’t close enough to read his t-shirt.
They seemed strange.

Once I walked into school I knew every one else thought they were strange. Everyone seemed to avoid them, was there something I didn’t know?

I sat down on a wall not knowing and caring what I was supposed to do. The Brothers sat down under a tree. The one with black hair looked at me, I quickly turned away. His eyes were unbearable, but also beautiful. I saw him smile and turn to talk to his brother.
It was maybe my clothes that made him smile. I still had my mucky jeans on, but I did make an effort to half do up my converse. My hoodie was missing today as well. My t-shirt was black and had fake blood stains on it. It was quite cool, well I thought so anyway. I looked back over to the dark haired boy. I knew why he was smiling. He was wearing the same t-shirt as me. I knew I should have worn a different one.

I turned around and looked at the wall next to me and to my surprise there was some one sat there. A dark haired boy dressed like me.
I looked over to the tree and one of the boys was gone, he was sat here with me.
He reached out his hand.
“Hi, I’m Gerard” He said, his voice was beautiful. I seem to be saying that a lot, but it was, there was no other way to describe it.
“Daffodil,” I said taking his hand and shaking it.
I giggled.
“What I’m not that funny” He joked.
“No, I laughed at me shaking your hand , its strange”
He just smiled and got up and left me sat on my own.
I looked around and everyone was staring at me, including the other brother sat under the tree with Gerard.

Heyyy Its Me. Sorry Its Been Awhile. But things are cool now and i can start writing again.
I Dont know if anyone will read this but hey...its worth a shot rite?
I'll be updating again later.
Give 'em Hell
\\Lucy Anne*
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