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moving in

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I was sat in the back of my mums “trusty” old car. I didn’t want to move but she insisted it was for the best. She pulled up at a medium sized house with white shutters and peeling paint. It was next to a cemetery. I stepped out of the car and turned around and looked at my new home. After a few minutes of thinking and looking I started to walk to the door. My reflection in the car window wasn’t a shock to me. I always look ruff and messy. My converse weren’t even done up and my jeans were mucky. My gorgeous outfit was all topped of with a too big black huddy that buried me.

I grabbed my bag out of the boot and started to trudge up to the door. Mum had already opened it, so I walked straight in and plodded upstairs. It looked like mum hadn’t claimed a room yet, so I had first pick. Lucky me.

If you haven’t guessed yet I wasn’t in the mood for being happy or excited. I was sad, some would even say depressed about leaving my old home, my old friends basically my whole life.

I picked the room looking over the backyard. I could see the cemetery from the window. It wasn’t big or small just the right size. The walls were black. Perfect. Well it didn’t matter anyway; I’ll just smother them with posters anyway.

I decided I better get an early night. First day of school tomorrow after all.

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