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Uncomfortable Morning

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The morning after the disaterous night. And is someone stalking Rose and Pete?

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Uncomfortable Morning:

The next morning at Beach Radio Magazine was pretty gloomy. Duncan was heartbroken. Katherine was embarrassed. Greg was really nervous. Robyn was just really disturbed. The worms from the can were just crawling all over the floor looking for the door. Everything seemed dead. Noriko, Sakura, Adam, Mandy, and Vanessa couldn't figure out why. But they didn't even bother to ask. They didn't want to upset the storm as it already was. However, the gloom and misery was just too much. Something had to give...

The doors blew open with a soft wind. Everyone looked up to see Rose coming in. She looked all cheerful and sunny today. Usually, everyone would cheer up when they saw their darling journalist in a good mood. But today, they were too depressed to notice. Rose didn't seem to notice however. She was just off in her world of happiness due to last night. However, Rose would open to the door for the worms to escape.

Rose quietly made it over to Duncan. She peeked over his shoulder. Her friend didn't bother to notice her. Rose kept smiling over his shoulder.

"Hey, old friend!" she chirped. Duncan looked at her slightly. He just looked away. Rose noticed that he wasn't too happy about something. She sat down next to him. She lightly put her arm around him.

"Talk to me Duncan," Rose whispered softly. "What's the matter? Speak to your lil' sis!" Duncan sighed in sorrow. He stopped his work and turned to her.

"My heart's been ripped out and stepped on!" he announced. Rose looked at him in slight surprise. She wasn't even aware that he was pursuing another cougar now. Well, no time to be shocked now. Time to be the shoulder to cry on.

"What happened?" she asked.

"The woman I loved thought I was gay!" Duncan blurted out. Rose was a surprised at that one. Sure, he looked gay, but Duncan openly flirted with older women all of the time. So everyone knew he was straight! But, Rose decided to brush it all off.

"Well then," she said. "She was a silly and dumb bitch and they'll be plenty of other cougars out there for you to have a chance at!" Duncan looked up at her glaring in sorrow. He seemed to be angry at her for saying that.

"Don't call her that!" he snapped. "She's not stupid! She was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever laid eyes on! She's smart and a lady! Don't even call her silly or stupid! I love her so much! Now she thinks I'm queer!" Duncan just buried his head in distress in front of the keyboard. Rose wasn't expecting this at all. Her best good friend never got angry at her over a girl before in his life. He was really serious about this woman. Rose just shrugged at that one.

"Well," she said at last. "If she's worth your time that much, then go after her! She probably feels the same and is embarrassed about her mistake." Duncan looked up at his best friend with a little hope in his eyes.

"You really mean it?" he asked her. Rose nodded at him. Duncan slowly began to feel better. He held his friend's hands tightly.

"Thanks Rosie!" he said quickly. His friend just smiled at him.

"Anytime!" she said. Duncan smiled a little bit.

"Say," he spoke up. "How was your date with Pete last night?" Rose blushed at that question. She looked around quickly. The woman then leaned in close to her friend. Duncan was getting really excited. He could something juicy was coming up next. Rose leaned in close to his ear.

"Great!" she whispered happily. Duncan's eyes lit up happily.

"Oooo!" he whispered to her. "Tell me everything. How far did it go?" Rose kept her sweet smile. She went into detail about another night in another club, having a few drinks, then disappearing on the back balcony, and doing it on the wall near the door while looking out at the city below.

"I never thought doing it stories up on a tall building on the balcony could be so... arousing!" she said. "I had to hang onto a bar that was above are heads for support. I think I had trouble walking after that." Both giggled at that last statement. But then, Duncan noticed that Rose's face began to look serious.

"Rosie," he said. "What's wrong? The happy glow from your face is gone." His friend was reluctant to talk at first. But it had to come out however. So, she took in a deep breath and began talking slowly.

"Well," she said. "I kept getting the feeling someone was following u s the whole night. At first I thought it was an odd case of paranoia, but then it just wouldn't my head after a few more hours. It was just like a dark cloud of worry that just kept following Petey and me." Duncan looked at her slightly confused.

"Do you think it was Ashlee?" he asked her. Rose shook her head.

"No," she said. "It was much darker than her. Like some sort of stalker or a blackmailer trying to score from us." Her eyes filled up with more worry. "Duncan," she said to her best good friend. "What should I do?" Duncan thought about that for a moment. He just shrugged at her after a few good seconds. He breathed out a little bit.

"I don't know what to tell you," he replied. "But just be very careful." There was a slight pause. Rose nodded out of seriousness.

"Okay," she said. "I'll be on my guard at all times." Duncan kept his game face on.

"Good," he replied to her.

"Okay," she replied. Then they both went to work on the finishing touches of their article. The healing process for the others was slowly unfolding from that little the two best good friends had shared.

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