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Just Think Happy Thoughts

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What in the world is Audrey keeping from Gerard?

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“Ugh!” Audrey sighed as she sat down next to Gerard on the couch, handing him a plate of freshly cooked eggs and bacon, the grease still sizzling.
“Thank you,” Gerard said as he took the steaming plate from Audrey’s slight hands. He was still wondering about the morning, but shoved it too the back of his mind as the TV was flipped on by Audrey, shaking her beautiful hair, now out of its pony tail, over her shoulder.
That morning went by uneventfully, with Audrey left the apartment for a few minutes to go pick up some groceries. She made sure to not let Gerard see where her and Landon kept the money for rent and food.
While she was gone, Gerard once again found himself thinking about the night before. Why in the world did Audrey seem to be keeping something important from him? Gerard shook his head. Was there honestly any reason to be so incredibly paranoid? But then again, he did wake up next Audrey in her bed. That was just not normal. At all.
Finally, the paranoia got it’s best of the man, and he got up and put his plate on the sink, beginning to saunter his way to the back bedrooms. This was totally ridiculous, he told himself, there was no reason to go snooping around the damn apartment when Audrey was out a few blocks to go buy food for her, Landon, and, for the time being, Gerard. In fact, why the hell was Gerard still there? He’d been staying with Audrey for almost a week now, and no one had told him to get out or anything. Hell, even Gerard, in Audrey and Landon’s shoes, would’ve told a stranger living in his apartment to leave.
Turning his thoughts back to the present situation, Gerard hesitantly walked into ‘his’ bedroom, and flipped on the light, giving the room a yellow glow. There were no windows and the only lamp in the room was so old it must have been purchased before Landon was born. Not that any of this bothered Gerard, though. In fact, it was a nice change, to have a nice, closed off space with no outlet to the outside world except a doorway covered with a tattered blanket.
Gerard began to walk slowly over to the wooden vanity, intending to see what Landon had hidden away in the room where Gerard had been sleeping these past few nights.
The dark haired man gently began to place his pale hand onto the brass, round nob, and unexpected rush of adrenaline shooting through his veins. Gerard opened the drawer slowly, and when he looked inside, the pervious night came flooding back to him.
Inside of the little drawer were numerous bags of dope, crank, and a million other substances that practically drove Gerard to the brink of insanity all of those years ago. Scattered among the bags were a shard of broken mirror, two razors, and a bong or two.
Upon seeing everything and taking a moment to digest what he was seeing, Gerard remembered the nightmare that had been plaging him since he’d met Landon. Lat night, iot had been particularly bad. Gerard then faintly remembered Audrey’s hand holding his, leading him out of his bed and into hers, whispering to him like a little lost child. The memory was blurry, but Gerard remembered. He also knew why Audrey had decided to keep the happenings to herself.
She wouldn’t have wanted to embarrass Gerard by telling him that he woke up yelling and covered in sweat. Though he knew he should’ve been angry at the girl for lying, Gerard shook it off and closed the drawer. She was just trying to save him some pain, after all.
But as Gerard turned away from the stash, an unspeakable thought crossed his mind in bold letters.
What if he just had one hit? One more time? Landon had so many drugs he wouldn’t notice.
No! What was he thinking? He’d been clean for years! Gerard shook his head violently, his dark, raven hair swishing in the air and walked as fast as he could out of the room, trying to shove the disturbing thoughts to the back of his mind as he washed the dishes for Audrey. Aft6er all, she’d be back with the groceries in no time at all. Then, Gerard wouldn’t have time to think about the grinding thought of all of the dope in Landon’s vanity.
Gerard kept scrubbing, the water practically burning his hands.
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