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Some Other Spring (super short)

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short, shitty chapter...sorry guys!

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Gerard heard Audrey running through the hall way, and heard her slam the door when she stepped in. He looked up, curious as to why she’s entered in such a fashion, but when he saw her, he wished he hadn’t. Her head was down, but her back was racking with silent sobs and rough, jagged breathing. She quickly set the bags onto the table, and strode to her bed room.
Gerard sat on the couch, confused and worried. Why was she so upset? Only minutes later, he heard loud sobs coming from her room. Then, after about five minutes, she screamed along with her sobbing at the brown haired girl turned up her music to try to down out her thoughts. Gerard finally decided to wait until she’s calmed down.


Audrey slammed her fist into the wall for what seemed to be the millionth time before it started to left smudged, dark red marks on the white washed wall. She was only lucky the neighboring apartment was currently empty. Atreyu was cranking out of her stereo at full blast as she screamed and sobbed to a beat of her own.
“HOW COULD THAT BASTARD DO THIS TO ME?!” she screamed, so loud it seemed her lungs would burst with the effort. Audrey slapped both of her hands to the wall, and rested her head in between them, sobbing, and letting her anger and hurt pour from her eyes onto the floor.
Suddenly, Audrey felt arms wrap around her, turning her body away from the wall and into the arms’ owner, Gerard. He held her shaking and crying figure against his chest, rubbing her back and whispering into the top of her head, occasionally kissing her hair lightly. Gerard held her there for what seemed forever, until Audrey had calmed down.
She pulled herself away from him, and walked over to the stereo, turning the blasting music off. She sat down on her mattress, and motioned silently for Gerard to do the same. He did, and draped an arm around her slight figure.
“I’m so tired, Gee.” she whispered, using Gerard’s nickname.
“Do you want to sleep for awhile?” She nodded, and laid down. The raven haired man laid next to her, until he felt her breathing even out, and she had faded into sleep. He put her blanket across her, and as he left the room, Gerard shut off the lights, leaving Audrey in darkness.
It was going to be a long day.

people, i am sooo sorry this was short and just terrible!!!!!!
i have been in the middle of a writers block, so i figured id put this up to let yall know im still alive!!

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