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They're Never Gonna Leave You Alone

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gerard and landon get high. bad things happen (srry for the stupid summary)

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The next week passed uneventfully. Audrey dragged herself through the days, quiet, pretending everything was okay. Gerard, strung out half the time and guilty the rest, watched over her, even though it seemed like they were in a separate world.
Then, on Sunday, after Audrey had gotten home from the grocery store once again, she came home to find Landon sitting on the couch, next to Gerard. They were laughing at the TV, not noticing her small self slink into the kitchen, set the bags on the counter and head to her room.
“Dammit,” Audrey mumbled to herself, resenting the fact Landon had come home once again. Only this time, it looked as though he’d be here for awhile. Already growing in her stomach, the brown haired girl had a feeling this was not going to turn out okay. Especially when Landon decided it was time to get hammered- or stoned, whichever held his fancy.
Plopping down on her mattress, Audrey pulled out her cell phone (which her sister, Heather payed for, being a well to do sort of person) and began to text her friend, Lucas.
hey, whats up?
Audrey and Lucas had met one day last year at the old grocery store, the one that was burned down by a local gang. They had been standing in line, waiting to check out, when three men came in, guns in hand. One began to shout at everyone to get down, but Lucas, clad in his customary black shirt and baggy black pants with chains and leather boots, grabbed Audrey by the waist, saying to the robbers,
“Let us go out first. My girl, she’s pregnant.” Audrey glanced up at the tall, gothic man standing next to her, then realized what he was doing. She shrunk into him and nodded, praying that they would let them go.
“Call the police, and your dead. Go.” On man, who had a green paisley bandana tied around his mouth said. Lucas kept his hand around Audrey’s shivering figure, and lead her out side.
They said nothing to each other until they were around he corner, and a few blocks down. Then, Lucas let go of the younger girl and said,
“You alright?” Audrey nodded and managed to get the words, ‘thank you’ to tumble out of her mouth.
“Anytime. My name is Lucas, by the way.” He held out a large hand, fingers clad with silver and black rings. Audrey took it.
“I’m Audrey.” she replied, voice still shaky and unsure. Lucas smiled. Audrey now took the time to look him over, to evaluate her rescuer.
His hair was long and black, with a slight wave to it. His face was pale, and around his eyes, smudged black makeup brought out they’re deep hazel color. His lips were ashen, but remnants of black lipstick lingered, and his teeth were white. Lucas’s clothes matched his hair and makeup, a black t-shirt with a band Audrey had never heard of on it and pants that were black, with red straps and chains adorning them.
They had been friends ever since.

Moments later, the phone vibrated, pulling Audrey out of the fond memory. She flipped it open, and read the message:
nuttin much. u?
Audrey replied,
some guy is staying with landon and me. His name is gerard. Just worried about landon being an ass to him.
She sent the text and honed her ears onto the conversation in the other room. Gerard’s voice was definitely quieter than Landon’s but they had turned the TV down finally, and she could hear them both.
“. . .pretty cheap stuff if you ask me. . .” Landon. Gerard replied,
“Hey, coke is coke. . .” mumbles follow. Landon again.
“Should we go see if Audrey wants in on the fun?” They laughed. Then, Gerard said,
“Naw, she doesn’t need any of that shit.”
Audrey felt liquid anger beginning to rise in her chest. Landon and Gerard were going to get high, then expect Audrey to sit in her room like a good little good? No way was that happening, Audrey thought, taking a calming breath so that she didn’t burst into tears. Before she could get up to yell at the two and go stomping out the door, the cell phone began to vibrate once again, next to her. Lucas’s text read,
if anything happens, text me and I’ll come get you. Don’t let them give you any shit, aky sweetie?
Audrey blushed. Lucas was like an older brother to her. Calling her sweetie and always looking out for her, trying to be hero just for a girl he met on the street. That was so typical of Lucas’s personality. Caring and ever protective. Audrey laughed to herself, then the flood of worry and anger washed over her again as she heard footsteps of the two men coming towards Landon’s room.
Deciding against her earlier plan to say something to them, she sighed, and waited patiently for them to retreat into the blonde man’s room, so she could make herself dinner, and have a closer proximity to the door, just in case. Then, remembering her open phone, Audrey texted back to Lucas, saying,
ok. thanks lucas. See ya later.
She closed her phone.

About an hour later, Audrey sat in front of the TV, volume up louder than usual, as she ate a bowl of cereal and tried to ignore the loud laughter from Landon and Gerard’s party of two. It was obvious that by now, they were as high as high could be, and they just kept trying to get higher. It was like some sick joke that they seemed to think was funny.
Disgusted, Audrey threw her cereal away, and laid down on the couch, her eyes closed, trying to compose herself, seeing as she was steadily growing more and more pissed each time she heard the two men’s voices. She drifted off into a forced, uncomfortable sleep.

Audrey awoke to feel someone straddling her, their face so close to hers that she could feel they’re breath. It smelled sweet, like pot. Audrey opened her eyes, and the moment she did so, she felt Landon’s lips collide painfully with hers, his tongue almost immediately forcing it’s way into her mouth. Audrey tried to scream for help, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t even breath. Landon took his heavy mouth off of her’s for a moment, and Audrey got a chance to scream for Gerard. Then, Landon slapped her, saying in a low voice, his speech slurred,
“Gerard don’t fuckin’ care, bitch. You’ll get your turn with him later.” And then Landon laughed, loud and vicious. Audrey closed her eyes, and tried to shove the older man’s body off of hers, but she couldn’t do it, he just kept laughing and took off his shirt, then Audrey’s shirt. He kissed her again, harder, and bit her lip. As he sat up to unbutton her jeans, Audrey felt blood welling up on her swollen lip, coppery and warm. She tried to scream again, but this time, nothing left her mouth. Landon’s hands now worked on his own denim, and she squirmed underneath him, crying now, wishing she had told Lucas to come save her. Landon hit her again, and Audrey felt something in her face crack, but she kept her sobs and screamed inside her now, in fear of another bruise or broken bone.
Eyes still shut, Audrey felt Landon’s hardened manhood rub against her thigh as he began to kiss her again. He unlatched her bra and slid off her panties, throwing them across the room. When his cold hands started to move down her body, Audrey gasped at his cold touch. Landon let his mouth follow where his hands had already been, and bit Audrey, hard, and broke the skin, leaving cuts and bruises everywhere. Landon now slid off his boxers, and stood up, over Audrey, who kept her eyes shut and continued to bite her tongue so hard her mouth was filled with blood. Moments later, he was back on top of Audrey, who was bleeding and bruised, and this time, he began to force himself into her. Audrey once again tried to scream in pain, but sound had evaded her, and all she heard was Landon’s moaning. He gripped her waist, squeezing so hard that she knew there would be bruises, and pumped himself in and out, harder and faster until she felt him cum inside the condom, and he pulled out of her. Silent sobs racked Audrey small, broken body, and she let a whimper pass her lips as Landon stood up and shoved her off of the couch, and kicked her hard int the ribs. Then a thought occurred to her. Where was Gerard? Surely he had heard her scream the first time, then Landon’s sick moans and yells. He kicked her again, breaking into her thoughts, and screamed,
“You fucking whore!” This time, Audrey heard- and felt- ribs snapping and she cried out in agony, begging Landon to stop. He kicked her one more time, not quite as hard, in the stomach, and left.
Audrey cried, and then crawled over to her clothes, putting the on as best she could with her broken bones. Then, the girl found her phone. Opening it, she texted Lucas, saying,
i’m fine. they stayed in landon’s room. Love ya, good night.

Audrey passed out, bleeding and sobbing, on the floor.

okay, that was a pretty good sized chapter. sorry if there are any mistakes, i didnt really have the motivation to check it over much, but reagrdless, i hope you like it.
now that i think about it,. this story might be over very soon. it's going to get really good now!!!!!!

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