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Chapter 23 – Of all the gin joints in all the world

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Wooooot! Akcohol! But as you all know, alcohol can lead to veeeeery bad things.

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Chapter 23 – Of all the gin joints in all the world

“Ryro?” Brendon called out that evening. “‘Cause it’s our last day, do you feel like going to the bar? I want some alcohol!”
“Yeah, sure, just let’s not stay too long. We don’t want to miss the flight in our drunken state,” said Ryan seriously, fighting to keep the humour out of his voice.
“What? Moi? Drunk?” replied Brendon in mock outrage. “The cheek of some people!”
“Okay, slight tipsy-ness then. Is that better?”
“Perfecto! Let’s go and get drunk!”
“Hey, I thought you just said…” Ryan started but was cut off by Brendon grabbing him and marching him out the door.
The bar was modern, totally out of place with the rest of the hotel, but the fact that it sold alcohol stopped the two noticing anything, but the barmaid.
“What’ll it be, boys?” she asked, as they stepped up.
“Vodka shots” Brendon replied quickly before Ryan could get a word in.
“Coming right up,” she said and turned away.
“I was thinking more along the lines of alcopops to begin with, but if you’re sure. You don’t wait do you?”
“Ugh, who wants to go slowly?” Brendon laughed, as two shot glasses appeared on the bar. “Down in one?”
“Of course. Bottoms up!” Ryan said, downing his shot and slamming it on the bar. “Okay, it’s my turn to choose now. Hmm, I know, we’ll have peach and lime daiquiris. Have you ever tried one?”
“A peach and lime what?” Brendon asked stupidly.
“Daiquiri, Brendon. They’re amazing and extremely alcoholic.”
“Alcoholic, you say? Well, we’ll have tow of them whatsitsnames.” Brendon shouted, and a few minutes later, they appeared on the bar also.
“Ooh Ryro, that tastes prettyful, all peachy and limy and daiquiri-y-y-y, hehe” Brendon giggled after his second of the same.
“Are you drunk already, Brendon? You lightweight.” Ryan asked.
“Noooooo, silly. Love you. Hehe”
“I think you are, and I’m not drunk enough. I want a double, please.” Ryan ordered, handing over his money.
An hour or two later, Ryan and Brendon were still at the bar, surrounded by empty glasses.
“Ryry, I'm sleepy, I wanna go beddy.” Brendon slurred, closing his eyes.
“Oki Doki, Hokey Cokey,” Ryan said, humming the Hokey Cokey under his breath. He got up; nearly tripped over Brendon and they both made their way to the door.
They were almost at the top of the stairs when Ryan asked “Bren, are you ticklish?”
Brendon turned stopped and turned around.
“Oh noes” was all he had time to say before Ryan pounced.
Brendon screamed and pushed Ryan away.
He lost his balance…

Oooooh a cliffhanger hehe, you'll just have to wait...
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