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April Showers

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Senna is lonely. Will she find love, or will it kill them both?

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The wind blew, not a strong wind, just a slight breeze. I lifted my head and sniffed out the best of all the scents in that little gust of wind. I rose to my feet from the position i was sitting in, and began the trek to my next victim.
I stood outside of the small house where the humans slept soundly, un-aware of my presence. I opened the small window and quietly, almost so quiet you could hear a pin drop, walked through the house and towards the smell that had me hipnotized. When i reached my destination, i stood outside the door for quite some time.
When i gathered enough courage to kill, i entered the room. Sleeping on the bed was a teenage boy, not old enough to be living on his own, but close. I sat there, staring at him for quite some time, until i decided to go for it. I leaned down over the boy and gently touched the base of his neck with my nose. I inhaled sharply. The aroma of his blood was so compelling, so wanted, so delicious, yet i couldnt bring myself to drink.
I slowly backed out of the room, a single tear falling down my cheek and i climbed back out of the window. I walked along the small path until i found a deer, that would suit me for a few days, a week at the most. I sat in a tree, near the old farm house as the sun rose. The young boy was the first out of the house in the morning. He walked to the barn, smiling the whole way.
My ears caught the sound of four or five large animals moving in the barn. I heard a gate open, then the boy yelled "Go on! Get outta here!" I sat in the tree and watched tha large hoofed animals run very fast out of the barn. I was compelled at how they moved, their muscles tightening and relaxing with every stride. One of the large animals walked over to the fence near me and, to me it sounded like a scream, neighed at me.
The boy walked out of the barn, with a leather contraption in his hand. He whistled and one of the large animals, a grey one, ran back to him. He put the contraption on the animals head then hopped on its back. He dug his heals into the animals side and it sprang forward. The boy screamed in delight as the animals stride grew longer and longer.
After the boys ride, i continued sitting in the tree, the large black animal, never leaving the fence nearest to the tree. When the boy called the animals back into the barn, all went, except for the black one. The boy walked over to the animal and scratched behind its ears.
"Demi, whats the matter boy?" He asked the large black animal who merely looked at him then back at the tree. The boy looked over at the tree, then slowly looked up. When he caught his first sight of me, his eyes widened in shock, or perhaps it was horror?
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