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A Change of Heart

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Peter has a change f heart. His fellow Marauders find it hard to come to term with his betreyal. (Rating for a scene where Wormtail loses his hand. But hey, it was worse than that in GoF...)

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A Change of... Heart
By stealacandy

Disclaimer: I don't know what I thought. Oops, I mean, I don't own Harry Potter.

A/N: But I still don't know what I thought.

This story's Pettigrew had a change of heart. Now he has to change some other stuff as well.

A Change of Heart
By stealacandy

"Sirius!" yelled Peter, "I'm sorry, I confess, I betrayed you, I betrayed James - and Remus - I've been spying on you for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named for the pst thirteen months!~ Please don't kill me, please! And if you must, please make it clean, Okay?"

"Haha, Peter, not funny, not funny at all." was the reply.

"I'm serious, Sirius,-"

"No, you're Peter, I'm Sirius!" interjected Sirius.

"Yes you are, and I am Peter, the Death Eater - here, look at my arm!" Peter rolled up his sleeves to reveal a tatto of a skull with a snake coming out of his mouth. "See this?" he asked. "This is my master's mark, I took it willingly, Sirius, I am so sorrym you must believe me, please don't kill me!"

"Oh, very droll, Wormy, that's no laughing material, rub that thing off before someone sees you and takes it the wrong way." said Sirius. "Really, James," he said, turning to his other friend, "You shouldn't have put him up to that. This is entirely in bad taste. YOu must refine your pranks, Prongsy, in better taste."

"Oi!" cried James, "my pranks taste great!"

"Yes?" inquired Sirius. "And who was it that set the cafeteria desert at the auror academy to flatulance chocolate?"

"Me," confirmed James. "Why?"

"That was very bad taste." said Sirius, victoriousely.

"What are you talking about, Siri, it tasted of chocolate!" arged James.

"Excatly!" yelled Sirius. "Chocolate is poisenous for dogs!"

"Oh, you're right." agreed James.

"So Peter," finished Sirius, "Don't listen to this git, this is a bad prank."

"But it's not a prank!" said Pettigrew. "Here, look - it doesn't come off, it's real!" he said, rubbing his Dark Mark.

"You went and got a tatto of You-Know-Who's Dark Mark?? Asked Sirius, bewildered. "Are you stupid, or just daft?"

"Err... yes?" agreed Wormtail.

"Then I'm afraid it'll have to come off." said Sirius.

Peter nodded. HE got off cheaply. He nodded. "Okay," he said. Trembling, he pulled out his wand in his right hand, and cast a "DIf... Difindo!" on his left. Torn blood vessals soon began to spray blood.

"Oh, Peter," said James. "This is absolutely disgusting. And we already did it in fourth year, Peter. Peter? PETER? WORMY?" But Peter didn't reply, as he has passed out from loss of blood.


A/N: Wrote it back in December, found it now in some forgotten folder in my e-mail account, thought I'd share.

By the way, I just posted 10 short Harry Potter character bashing drabbles on, if anyone's interested in reading them, I'n "stealacandy" there as well, and the story is "Bash!".

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