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Short news

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Kari's mom gets bad news, Frank and Mikey come and see Kari, she makes a decision

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"Im sorry to break it to you this way but we think it is best if you decide when to tell Kari"

"But how? You said she had longer to live"

"The recent stomach pains she has been having are causing her to blackout, they will get worse and her body wont be able to handle many more of them, if they continue her body will be too weak to revive her"

"So how long does she have?"

"With the life support machine I would say about three weeks"

More sobbing filled the room as the doctor left, closing the door behind him. Kari's mom cried at her daughters bedside, wondering how she could break the news to her. Maybe she shouldn't, maybe she should just let her carry on thinking she has longer, let her be happy in her last moments.

There was a knock at the door a few moments later. It was Mikey and Frank.

"Come in, I was just going for some coffee" said Kari's mom as she wiped her damp cheeks once more.

"Are you okay?" Mikey asked

"Fine, fine, I will be back later" she said rushing out of the room.

Frank and Mikey exchanged confused glances as they sat down beside Kari. She was sleeping, breathing lightly. They thought she looked so helpless consumed by all those wires and machines, her fragile frame swamped by the heavy hospital bed sheets. They both sat for a few minutes, just watching her sleep.

She opened her eyes slowly and blinked a few times trying to get used to the light.

"How long have you been here for?" she croaked trying to sit up. Frank eased her back down, "Just rest, and not long"

She nodded and sighed heavily. The pain was eating away at her, she didn't know how much more of it she could take.

"Frank, what I said before I didnt..."

He put his hands up, "Consider it forgotten" he smiled at her.

She smiled weakly and they chatted about random subjects. Kari was fighting to keep her eyes open and she couldnt help but yawn.

"Thats our cue to leave" Mikey said as they got up. She smiled apologetically at them and told them to come back and visit her soon. They both hugged her gently, scared that if they held her too tight she would shatter. She was left alone in her room, she decided to write. She also wondered were Gerard was.

Back at the hotel

"Gee, you should of seen her, she was at deaths door" said Frank as they walked into the hotel room.

"And you care why? She doesnt care about us Frank she told us that" he said

Mikey sighed and stepped in, "Gee she only did that because she didn't want to have to say goodbye when her time came. She thought it would be easier to make us all hate her than for her to say goodbye"

Gerard sighed, he knew his brother was right. "I guess I can see why she did that, but I wish she just told us the truth."

A text beeped on his phone and he read it over.

Come visit me tomorow
All of you

He showed the rest of the guys and they thought nothing too much of it.


Kari sighed as she pressed the send button. She had finished writing and was now going to get some sleep before tomorow. It was going to be an emotional day.

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