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Just Aint Living

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I think you all know what is coming....

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The next day Kari awoke early so she could plan out the day. She had a large enevelope in her hands, ready to be filled. She put in six small folded pieces of paper and licked it shut, instead of writing on the front she left it blank and scribbled a short message on the back. The envelope was placed under her pillow and she pulled out a small box from her bedside table. It contained a mixture of tablets, she didn't know what they were but she knew they weren't meant to be mixed. Kari quickly swallowed them down, all five of them before her mom came into the room.

"Hey hunny, how are you feeling?"

"Im okay mom, do you think you could go out and get me some coffee, just while the guys visit me"

"I sure will, starbucks?"


"Be back soon Kari"

"Mom wait!"

Her mom turned around looking confused. Kari beckoned her over and pulled her into a hug, kissing her. "I love you" she said. Her mom inhaled sharply, choking back tears.

"I love you too, no matter what" she said and walked out of the room. She never did go for coffee, she knew what was going on and it killed her inside.

Kari waited patiently until the guys arrived, they all gathered around her bedside shocked at how much more weak she looked. Kari knew she didnt have much time as the tablets were starting to take their effect on her body. They all talked and laughed about nothing in particular, soon Kari started to feel drowsy and she knew it was time.

"Guys, Im getting sleepy now" she said, trying to hold back the tears.

They all nodded, hugging her. She held onto them all for that extra bit longer and she even kissed them all on the cheek.

"Im so thankful for you guys being in my life, even if it was for so short" she told them.

"It is our pleasure" said Bob.

"Please know you have made me so happy, and I love you all so much" she said

They all smiled, "Dont worry we will see you again, we will come back and visit you tomorow" said Mikey.

She tried to laugh slightly through her tears, "Yeah Mikey, tomorow" and she closed her eyes, letting the pain take her.

A/N- There I did it. I killed her. I hate me!

I actually cried when I wrote this, probably because I know what is coming next and because I was listening to Cancer.

Dondon xo.
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