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I sat there holding her while she thought about my offer. I hope she takes it because it's lonely in my house since Ashlee left. Don't get me wrong I'm glad she is gone but I miss having some one around even as a friend. Everyone is usually at their houses in other states. They're here now because I was in the hospital but they are going to leave soon.

I also really feel bad about making her tell me. That's really a horrible thing to happen to such a pretty girl.

"I will think about it but now on to my question." she mentioned.

"Okay what's your question?" I asked.

"Well Brendon was explaining why they were here and said something about you and Ashlee. I asked Andy but he didn't know all of the details so I wanted to hear the truth from your mouth about what's going on with you and Ashlee." she stated while looking at me nervously.

I'm not mad just dreading having to explain the whole situation again.

"Well have you ever been so in love that you can't see how horrible the other person is? And no matter how many times someone tells you how horrible the other person is you don't believe them? Well that's how it was with me and Ashlee. I just couldn't see her MANY flaws. I thought I had found the sally to my jack. I was oblivious to everything she did until my friends came to me and showed me a sex tape of Ashlee and some guy." I paused to collect my thoughts.

I looked over to see Merideth staring at me just waiting for me to go on.

"I knew it was recent because she had the tattoo that she had recently gotten. I had been at a friend's house when they showed it to me. I went home to confront Ashlee. When I got there she was having sex in our bed with another guy. She freaked out when she saw me and I was mad so I started to cuss her out. She got mad as well and told me that she wasn't sure that the baby was mine and that the only reason she married me or was even with me was because I had even more money than she did. I told her I wanted to get a divorce and a paternity test so I would know for sure if the baby was mine. We went, got the test, and the divorce papers. We went to court to get stuff settled. While we where in court we got the test results back. It was my daughter. She tried to convince the judge to keep me from seeing my own daughter. She was saying that I had anger issues and horrible stuff like that. I believe that she slept with a lot of people because the judge gave her full custody of our daughter and I'm not aloud to see her. I can't get custody unless I can prove that she is a worse parent than I would be. And the worst part about this is that Ashlee doesn't even want her, she is just doing this to make me mad." I finished and looked over to see what Merideth had to say about it all.


WOW! I can't believe what he just told me. That is so horrible. I looked over at Pete he was sitting and staring at me waiting for my response.

Now that he is done he looks depressed like remembering it put him in pain. He is sitting with his shoulders slouched and a horrible sad expression on his face. He was no longer acting like the little kid he was before while he was poking me and that made me sad.

I felt terrible for making that go away and making him depressed. So I did the only thing I could think of first I said "I'm so sorry" then I gave him a huge hug.

I didn't really make him feel better I could tell.

"You know dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several people in my family died of tuberculosis." I said with a straight face trying to get Pete to laugh.

He turned to look at me with one eyebrow raised. I could see a ghost of a smile on his face. I could tell I would have to try harder.

"I bet the main reason the police keep people away from a plane crash is they don't want anybody walking in and lying down in the crash stuff, then, when somebody comes up, act like they just woke up and go, "What was THAT?!" I said while struggling to keep a straight face.

His smile grew a little so I kept going.

"If you define cowardice as running away at the first sign of danger, screaming and tripping and begging for mercy, then yes, Mr. Brave man, I guess I'm a coward." I giggled. I couldn't help but laugh cause I'm the clumsiest person you would ever meet and that would toatally be me.

Pete was smiling more now but It just wasn't the famous smile that everyone knows and loves.

"If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might if they screamed all the time for no good reason." I grinned.

He was smiling that smile that I love, now.

"Oh my god that's hilarious where did you get those? Please if you have more would you keep going?" he begged me.

He was pouting and doing the puppy eyes so I had no choice but to continue.

"The memories of my family outings are still a source of strength to me. I remember we'd all pile into the car - I forget what kind it was - and drive and drive. I'm not sure where we'd go, but I think there were some trees there. The smell of something was strong in the air as we played whatever sport we played. I remember a bigger, older guy we called "Dad." We'd eat some stuff, or not, and then I think we went home. I guess some things never leave you." I said.

He laughed that donkey laugh that we all know and kind of love.

"So you have funny philosophies, save my friends lives, and make me feel better what else do you do?" he asked sounding impressed.

"Well I do a lot of things, I do a lot of art, I play instruments, I make funny lists, and I do a whole lot more that I don't want to have to list." I replied to him.

"Funny lists?" he questioned.

"Yeah like top twenty church bulletin mistakes and top twenty things to do while ordering a pizza." I explained.

"Wow you would be entertaining to take on a tour." He laughed.

"Oh and I also speak French really well." I answered.

"I speak French too!" he said really excited.

"Cool! Hey when do you get out of here?" I asked him.

"I get to leave tomorrow when are you allowed out?" he said while shifting to face me.

Now we where both lying with our heads on my pillow. We where both small so we weren't cramped. He had his arm around me and I had an arm around him too.

"Um I think I'm out tomorrow as well." I answered.

I was getting really tired.

"Cool I think I'm going to go so you can sleep and I will come back tomorrow and see if you have made a decision on whether you want to stay with me or not. Okay?" he asked while getting up off my bed and walking toward the door.

"Okay" I yawned.

"Good night and sweet dreams." he whispered to me before he shut the door and I fell into a light sleep.
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