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Sour skittles

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I don't know what to say just read.

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I woke up to the bright hospital lights again. This time I knew where I was and why I was there. I thought back to the events of last night and figured it was probably just a really weird dream. I mean why would PETE WENTZ want me to live with him? But what if it wasn't just a dream? Should I live with him? To much confusion! Candy came into my room and interrupted my thoughts. She was wearing bright pink hospital scrubs and there was so much lip gloss on her lips it looked like it would take her a whole day just to get it all off. She was also popping her gum, you know how all the annoying popular girls do. Lets just say that I wasn't that happy to see her.

"Good news. You get out today!" she squeled at me.

"That's great. When do I get to leave?" I asked.

"Well after we take those tubes out and you sign your release papers you can leave!" she answered.

"Good. What am I going to wear? I don't have close here." I said while watching her prance around my bed checking stuff.

She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me with a devilish smile on her face. I was officially scared.


I was in the lobby with Brendon and Patrick signing my release forms when I looked over to my right and saw merideth being wheeled out in a wheelchair. She was dressed head to toe in pink. I started giggling.

"It's not funny!" she whined and then slapped my leg which was the closest thing to her.

"Why are you in a wheel chair?" I asked while still laughing a little.

She pouted and answered with "Because they didn't want me to walk to much yet since I have been in bed for the past couple of days. And I don't appreciate you laughing at me."

She started signing her papers so she could leave when a loud shriek made her drop the clip board her papers where on. It slid all the way to Brendon's feet. He bent down to pick it up when a girl in tight jeans and a bright yellow hoodie ran right into him. She knocked him over and then fell over herself.

She was holding her eyes and screaming "IT BURNS!"

All of the nurses ran over to her. They helped her up and asked her name and what was in her eyes.

"My name is Sophie Martin and I have sour skittle powder in my eyes!" she some what yelled.*

By this point me and Merideth were both laughing so hard we could barely breathe. You could clearly tell that the nurses didn't believe her.

The nurses turned to Brendon and told him that he would have to wait here so that they could make sure that whatever chemical that she had gotten in her eyes wouldn't hurt him if it had transferred to him when she knocked him over. He nodded and followed the nurses to wherever they were taking him.

"Can I give you a ride somewhere?" I asked turning to Merideth. She looked at me then nodded.

Merideth's POV.

Pete rolled me out to his car and helped me into the front seat. Last night must have been real. Should I stay with him? I don't know what to dooooooooo.

Today of all days is the day Pete decides to be in my life! Really! The day I am forced to wear a baby pink sweater with a cat on it, hot pink jeans, and rose colored sneakers! I had no other option but to wear this! What was I supposed to do? If I didn't wear what Candy gave me then I wouldn't be aloud out! And I couldn't stand to be around her for another day!

"So where to?" Pete said while putting the car in drive.

"Um I guess my apartment." I told him the directions as he backed out of the busy hospital parking lot.

"So have you thought about moving in with me?" Pete asked while we pulled up to a red light.

"I'm sorry but I just think it would be kind of awkward cause we hardly know each other so no." I mumbled out while wondering if I had made the right decision.

"Oh...........Okay..........Still friends?" he asked while trying to keep his eyes on the road.

Let's just say that the rest of the car ride to my apartment was filled with an EXTREMELY awkward silence. We finally parked out front after about ten minutes of complete silence.

The road my apartment was on was completely swamped with cars. There where even a few fire trucks.

Pete parked as close to the apartment complex as he could then he got out and helped me out too. We started walking to the front of my building and I could tell that something was going on inside.

It was a little hard for me to walk considering I just got a cast but Pete held on to me so I wouldn't fall over. We slowly made our way to the center of all the commotion and I saw that my land lady was waiting out side talking to a firefighter.

I waited for her to get done talking and then I made my way over to her with Pete's help.

"Hey Mrs. Dubose what's going on?" I asked the kind old lady standing in nightgown and jacket.

"Oh hello sweety I'm so glad to see that your out of the hospital and okay. Who is this young man here?" she asked while patting my arm.

"Well thank you for being so consernd and this is Pete he is a friend of mine." I replied waiting for her to give me an answer as to what was going on.

"Oh not a boy friend?" she asked checking Pete out.

Oh man is this embarassing. I can feel my face going red.

"Hi I'm Pete Wentz and you are?" he asked.

"Oh sorry I'm Mrs. Dubose, Merideth's landlord." she replied while they shook hands.

"So what's going on here?" I asked trying to get more information.

"Oh........yeah......this. Remember the crazy lady who rented the room down the hall from you?" She replied while glancing around trying to make sure that the lady was no where around.

"Yeah Ms. Borger? What does she have anything to do with this?" I asked hoping nothing bad had happened.

"Well apparently she had been experimenting with gerbils in her apartment. She made a super type that are extremely smart and they got out of their cages and out of her apartment. They are now all over the whole building and they don't like humans. Ms. Johnson's son found one and they attacked him so his mom called an ambulance. Apparently his injury's were severe. Some how the fire department got involved and they evacuated everyone. We probably won't be back in for about a month. But the good news is that I grabbed all of your clothes before this mess started. I was going to take them to you in the hospital but I kind of got distracted with this mess." She explained to us.

"Wow now where am I going to stay!" I started freaking out.

"Um......I'll let you two discuss this but stay right here I will go get your clothes." She said to us before walking toward her car.

"Hey don't worry you can stay with me. Trust me you won't be uncomfortable at all. What do you'll be fun!!!" Pete said while giving me a side hug and rubbing circles on my back trying to comfort me.

"I guess I don't have any choice." I said while leaning into him.

He was being a great friend right now and I need that. My landlady walked back over with a few duffle bags.

"Here you go..........Oh I need to go talk to Tim........Well I hope to see you again soon Merideth and it was nice meeting you Peter." She said while scurrying off.

Pete and I walked back to the car and headed off to his house.

*this actually happened to me. DON'T TRUST SOUR SKITTLES THEY'RE SNEEKY.
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